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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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ok awsome set ups gang just wow so many systems i would love to come hear a few of them. So his is the first forum i have tried to start keeping up with... and have come to the realization i have no idea how to post a pick. Sad yes but i have pics on my phone but cant seem to figure out how to attach it. If anyone could help me out would be awsome. Try not to make too much fun of me... if you can't contain yourself though i understand. LOL thanks

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My Temp center channel!

Center channel, I thought that was a bump in the paint.[:o]

Just kidding, very nice ,it just looks so tiny on the side of the others. What the Rf's lost in width they sure make up for in depth that's for sure.

Nice room.[Y]

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Nice setup smokarz! Put on Tron Legacy and move those fifteens!

How do you like the CS-1? Read and dreamed about it more than once.

I really like them. They have very good details/dynamics, and the midbass is loud and tight (after about 100hrs). They measured down to about 35hz in my room (mostly room gain) and falls off around 14/15khz.

and with 4 15' subs taking care of the lfe, i don't miss the cornwalls at all.

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