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    • The magic of the La Scala AL5 and Tubes sometimes things just come together if your open minded.   They appear about 1:45 in the video and you can tell they are still like little kids having fun with this audio stuff after decades in this hobby.   miketn    
    • Thanks. Name not listed, address must not be an issue.
    • @merkinI'm in the Denver area and have an Academy I'm not using. You can PM me if you're interested in it. 
    • The only one currently on ebay is $460+82 for shipping. 🤯. I'll definitely keep an eye out for one.
    • That sounds very logical and understandable. It proves what philosophy PWK had in terms of loudspeakers. They were certainly not mini monitors that you put on the mixing desk. Ok, they also have their justification, but it was not PWK's intention. PWK wanted to reproduce the authentic sound of an acoustic event in your own home with as little loss as possible. The same loudspeaker could also be used outside the home. Of course, you have to adapt the sources, you have to use compressors at a live event, just as you have to do with a vinyl record or CD. So this is also the same in both cases. There's no difference between home recording and public address in terms of not using the same best speaker.
    • In my opinion, that amp is a bad pairing. 
    • I'm sure that many of you can relate that this "audiophile" hobby can be very much about churning through various audio components ---- we have all been guilty of it from time to time. But that being said - this amplifier has been the one item of audio I have owned the longest. I believe I purchased it around 2007 - almost 16 years ago (maybe even earlier?). That's a long time to own something in this hobby. I have owned many other amplifiers over the same period .... but to my ears, this amp always sounded the best. It has the brute strength of a Class A solid-state, and yet still possesses the musicality of the nice tube amplifier. It does equally well with high-efficiency systems (e.g. Oris horns, Klipschorns, JBL 4345s, etc) as well as low-efficiency (e.g., various DIY speakers I've built over the years). I have preferred this amp over the following amps I have owned during the same period: 1) McCormack DNA 0.5 Delux 2) McCormack DNA-2 3) Eico - Rebuilt Tube-MonoBlocks 4) McIntosh 7270 5) Welborn 300B DRD 6) Krell KSA-250 7) Music Reference RM-9 😎 Bryston 2B LP 9) Don Allen 1626 10) Baldwin Tube Amplifiers 11) others? I had listed it back in 2016 - but decided to back out after not being able to find a better replacement. There is just something special specifically about the MKIII version of this amp - just take a look at reviews on audioreview.com, or other forums. But now I am at a point when I will be simplifying my system. It is in excellent condition and has performed flawlessly, without a single hiccup, in my almost 16+ years of ownership. I don't know what is a fair price, but I don't think you will do much better than this amp at my asking price of $1,750 - and I'd like to stay firm on that price for now. Due to the size and weight - I am listing this amp for local Washington DC metro area sale only.. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
    • "Need" sounds as if it wouldn't be complete without a subwoofer, as if a sub would have to be added after two days at the latest. In my experience, this is not the case. Unless it's lowest pipes organ music or earthquakes in movies, I personally don't see a compelling need for a sub. You can certainly add a sub, sooner or later. But when I listen to jazz, rock, classical or pop music, I don't miss anything, at least in the rarest of cases. Buying a La Scala is a complete and well-rounded choice in itself. Familiarisation and musical preferences play a role. By the way, apart from the lowest organ pipe registers, organ music sounds absolutely goosebump-inducing on the La Scala.
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