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Have audio-related equipment to sell? Post here!
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  • Public discussions concerning transactions or disagreements are not permitted. You must contact the seller directly.
  • You may post a link to your item on sites such as eBay, Audiogon, and Craigslist, however discussions/disagreements concerning these sites or any payment site (i.e., PayPal) are not permitted.
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  • Continued abuse of this section will result in its discontinuation without notice.

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    • I've always had a thing for speakers and I must say that yours are some of the most beautiful I've seen.
    • 😂 the next autumn and winter is coming for sure , they don´t run away 😁 
    • I have five different sets of stands for my Heresy II.
    • To busy to play a record but not to busy buying new cartridges hmmmmm 🤯🤔 Wishing you have a successful surgery when it’s scheduled 
    • I’m looking at this one. High end components? This may be a good trading item. Price I get. Not an issue. Just seeing if there is something that you can use. I’m talking today to someone. Can have a response by this afternoon. High-end? It’s a television station in the community. Has gear that is unused. I think you know what I’m saying.    Their board will want to ok this. But, once approved You might have a much better deal.
    • Tja buddies ..got a further new cartridge in my collection 😇Couldn´t resist     It´s a japanese Glanz MC cart , 0,3 mV output with a fine line needle grind , not in operation now, as I´m still waiting for the new headshell that I ordered for this cart as well, an original Micro Seiki H 77N , ordered both in Japan and will take a while till arrival       Btw ..we have summertime here , I don´t listen a lot to music or spin some vinyl at the moment . Got lot´s of daily things to manage keeping me busy and I´m still waiting to be scheduled for the first surgery in my back in the hospital .    Have a nice day everybody ! 
    • Would the RP-600C center be as decent a match as could be made with my RB-5’s ? Or ? Thank you 🙏 it seems to be really well made and gets good reviews for dialogue intelligibility and effects based on what I was reading on Crutchfield reviews.   Even tho my RB 5s are older I would hope I could still get a halfway decent match.     The only thing is I have Infinity Entra .5 rear speakers but I would think I could get away with mixing those for awhile with the Klipsches. They fit perfectly behind the couch.     
    • Watching your fm tuner reminds me to tell you that I have an analogue fm tuner in my set up as well . I took out my Marantz Networkplayer from my set-up and put the fm tuner into it . As I´ve been always a fan of vintage tuners I bought a couple of weeks ago a fully revised Kenwood KT 1100 . What a soundmachine !      
    • Howdy all, Speakers were the last thing I upgraded on my component stereo system back in the early 90s. I was living in San Francisco and purchased a new pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers at a high end shop downtown. They were woodgrain cabinets, oak I think. They had a port on the back above the wire terminals. The salesman mentioned something about the tweeter being made of metal, or had a metal core for really crisp highs, or something like that. The big selling point was testing them against a pair of big floor speakers that cost 4 times as much. He said to stand back a bit and tell him if I could discern the difference between the little Klipsch speakers and the big floor speakers. I could not tell the difference and both sounded great, so I took the Klipsch speakers home. A couple years later I was moving and needed money to finance the move, so I sold the Klipsch speakers among other things. Within a few years all the stereo equipment got boxed up and put in storage as the digital age and iTunes played through the computer. However, now 30 years later I want to get the band back together. The only thing missing is the Klipsch bookshelf speakers. I was considering a pair of new ones, but thought if I could find a good pair of those ones I had in the 90s that would be sweet. So I am here to ask what model these could have been so I can start searching for them? Thanks so much to anyone who can help identify the model!
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