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    Eliptrac 240 FC 240hz Frequency Response ? Nickname - BATII Type: Elliptical Tractrix Size H-W-D 13x24x15.25
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    I thought I would start a thread for Craigslist finds... Here are some La Scalas http://monroe.craigslist.org/msg/4235404666.html
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    For reference, I sit 14' away from the drivers. The most I thought my house could stand was 110dB @ 10Hz. The measurements were taken at the seated position using the correction table for the Radio Shack meters. Cutting that in half would be around 100 dB@ 10 Hz, roughly 110 dB @ 20 Hz. I'm sure someone could figure out just how loud that is at the drivers but it was crazy in the house. Any doors that were shut were shaking like someone was trying to get in. The windows in the back of the house were bowing visibly, the ceiling fans in the adjacent room were actually turning slowly and that's with the drivers I have. Yours will displace about a liter more (for the set) and have about 3mm more Xmax.
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    I suspect that the low power chip amps would also have a difficult time driving the DTS-10s or a wall full of 18s too as your last sentence seems to imply, different tools for different jobs can bring the best of both worlds. I found the picture on Audiokarma posted by Sheltie Dave. His description, "I forget the exact number, but I think it was a little over 700 watts at 1 ohm, 510 at 2 ohms, and near 300 watts at 4 ohms. These Dukanes use 8 8417s and weigh too much. The power transformers are almost as big as my feet, the chokes are as big as the transformers on my Scotts." I suspect the Dukanes would drive the DTS-10s..... Agreed. In general, I suspect that it really takes as much effort to engineer great solid state electronics as it does to engineer great tube electronics and that the great solid state electronics price will be somewhat comparable to the great tube electronics prices. However, I suspect that if you calculate the amount of engineering-hours spent in development of either technology today and converted them to dollars, most companies today find it hard to believe they should make that kind of investment today. In some respects it seems that most circuits are out of the device application notes or were inspired by other working gear, whether it is solid state or tubes, and if it works, company management believes it is good enough to turn over to marketing and there is no justification to spend more engineering-hours refining and testing. There seems to be very few innovators out there today and when you find them, it costs. Take the Harmon Kardon Citation 12 as an example in that it sounded good for its time using a circut straight from the RCA manual for the device; however, look what a little innovation by Nelson Pass did with his mosfet modifications. I've listened to both and have found the Pass modifications to make an average to good amp into a great amp in my view. When selecting gear, whether it is solid state or tube, to me it's not the function of the electronics to cover up defects in the recording or defects in the speakers and it is not a function of the speakers to cover up defects in the electronics; however, most of us realize that there are recording weaknesses and speaker weaknesses that cause problems in the electronics to sound a lot worse. I believe that in these cases the electronics may have engineering flaws that have revealed themselves. Similar to Anarchist I have various solid state gear and various tube gear that serve different purposes in my overall system. To me it seems that a really great system, whether tube, solid state or a combination of both, involves over engineered gear that reveals enough information buried in a recording to bring across the emotion of the music. The gear doesn’t enhance the recording or change the recording; only better reveal what is already there. In the end, the poor recording can become listenable and the good recording just may sound spectacular.
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    'Expensive' is relative; so is 'sounds incredible.' I own a number of tube amps and a number of SS amps including a class D Pioneer Elite. They serve different purposes and different tastes. Period. One is not better than the other unless placed in the proper context.
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    Looking down the driveway on a foggy morning.
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    Top notch! That hasn't been said in awhile.
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    Hey this is my thread if you don't like what I have to say you can take your side kick and pop corn make like a tree and get the heck out of here.
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    I quickly looked up 'Pioneer class D receiver' and found their SC-05 and 07. Then went to Amazon for a quick price check on the 05. Um.....the picture of the 'Pioneer' doesn't seem right. So, what were we talking about? Something vs something else......I forget. http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-SC-05-Elite-7-1-Channel-Receiver/dp/B001GBYVB6 Added to cart and wish list!
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    You know that plywood has the potential to delaminate and warp and mold when it gets wet, right? And looks like *** with big gouges and chips and scratches, right? Along with everything else in your living room/music room that's not waterproof and affected by the same flooding force that ruins your speakers. I was thinking more in terms of spilled drinks, children, and other smaller mishaps. I don't expect any audio equipment to do well in a flood.
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    There's different grades of MDF as well. Cabinet grade is pretty tough is very durable and has an extremely hard surface. MDF from Lowes for example is much softer and flakes easily. When I get MDF, I always get it from a cabinet shop. I guess the moral of this story is whatever you use, don't get it from Lowes.
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    I owned a 300B tube amp for years and it was absolute magic with my K-horns. Bought a relatively modestly priced Pioneer receiver with class D amps and it smoked the 300B, and at 1/4 the price. It is hard to argue the price benefit ratio of modern SS vs tubes.
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    Cost is getting close but I'm not following the logic. I would understand if one DD15 was equal to the (4) 18's he is considering. My guess is 1-2 of those 18's would best the velodyne
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    Send the seller a PM messenger top right of page. Good Fortune!
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    Some of the older caps have aged and their ESR has increased to the point where the voltage going to the drivers inside the loudspeaker is not correct. This affects the crossover point and the lower voltage results in a muffled sound. Replacing the caps restores the loudspeaker to factory new specs. Some people want a crossover with steeper slopes that may result in improved performance and will offer better driver protection. Some people like to spend money on expensive components, feeling that if they pay a tithe to the gods of good sound they will surely reach Sonic Nirvana.
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    Tube amplifiers and steam engine cars have shared the same fate...both have certain advantages and both have been rendered obsolete by more modern technology. However, there are afficianados of both who will spend large sums of money to own these relics, people who want to own a piece of history, people who don't mind the hassle one has to put up with to use these antiques, people who will ignore the limitations of old equipment and are willing to pay for it simply because they don't care. It's about the history, not the technology.
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    They appear to be in real good condition too... If I had the cash I would grab them!
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    I've been rewarded, at least I think so, for passing on to others deals, for whatever reason I could not do at the time.
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    heres the link http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/4271231112.html
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    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/4275660353.html Klipsch La Scala Speakers, no Woofers - $780 (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)
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    If times were different i would have jumped on these myself, as things are i felt compelled to alert the forum
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    That is a great deal, not far off of the PA turnpike.
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    wow... that is a great starter pair! they look very solid and very presentable.
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    I'm a terrible singer...but if that's what it takes then count me in! We'll sing them into submission!
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    Hope Mrs V is doing well. After having the chance to meet her with a group I was with she was very nice, and I left with a great appreciation for the chance to meet her and her desire to keep Mr Pauls Legend alive. Thank You for letting us visit a few year ago, you have no idea what it meant to everyone there. She may be tiny but do not mistake that for weakness, she is as tough as nails. Mrs V and Tony R in the glass room of the museum 2011.
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    Tube amps are not made 5,000 at a time on an assembly line. That pushes the cost up.
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    re the tweeters Vs mid ti diaphragms there is no question in my my mind that ti mids or in your case Bob's new phenolic mids will have a greater impact upon the sound quality than ti tweeters will. If you recall that the tweeters reproduce all the frequencies above 6KHz which makes all that information harmonics while the mid driver reproduces almost all the rest of the sound from about 700 Hz up to 6KHz. which make all that information fundamental notes. The combination of ti mids and ti tweeters make for an excellent combination which a stock Klipsch simply cannot match. You can kind of think of a three way Klipsch as a wide band mid driver with a helper tweeter and a helper woofer there in lies the magic getting as much of the most important information coming from one driver with the crossover points spaced away as far as possible low and high. Best regards Moray James.
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    If good imaging is the only thing threadstarter is missing, it can easily be obtained with acoustic treatment. The earliers reflections are the most detrimental ones. Use a minumum of 4" thick absorption panels.
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    FYI. The cornwalls are walnut oil.
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    Nice LaScala's: http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/4255427046.html Cornwall Cherrywood Consecutive Serial numbers in Mint Condition http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/4246717499.html
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    Sorry, I didn't look at all his pics or I would have noticed that they were the same ones listed already.
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    At least with a CL thread you know that they might be gone already instead of looking through numerous threads to find deals. Hopefully this will help people find stuff easier. I use Searchtempest for searching and it does pretty good for searching all over at once.
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    I have the k31s loaded. JC loaned me some tweeter horns to try out. I have an Ashly xover I bought on the trip for the snails. My shopping list includes a horn that crosses over at 300-350 so looking at 100hz-175hz tractrix round horns. Also need a pair of JBL 2482s. This project should be wrapped up next year. I'd love to hear a three way eliptrac system on top of a big bass horn or khorn.
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    Could you post some curves here or on your site?...... Might fit on these.... Thought about a 150hz version?
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    Rick, If you think he was the best president that is just fine, But geezzz at least spell his name correctly it is Clinton..... My take; good president yes, since he was about the most Republican Democrat in history....the best not even close....IMHO. I always did and do like the guy. What a public speaker and top notch career politician......the later is not a good thing.
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    duder1982: Please forgive the grainy photo, but here is our little home theater, full service bar that seats 3 people on counter chairs instead of taller bar stools. All thrree people can clearly view the screen and hear the Klipsch 7.1 reference system.SInce our theater is only 10-1/2 feet wide by 19 feet deep, I decided to scale things down without compromising on useability. The entire counter height is kitchen counter heigth: 36 inches rather than bar height: 42 inches. I used a standard oak arm rail and stainless steel footrail just as you'd see in a larger bar, yet the counter and stool heights are kept down and more comfortable than bar stools becasue you can still rest your feet on the floor it you wish. There's an under-counter stainless steel bar fridge, hand-made storage cabinets and to the left, a hot sauce collection. The Yzerman jersey is signed and our theater has a Detroit Red Wings theme. You can see the rd recliner theater seats just in front of the bar.The back bar liquor bottles sit on top of a clear plexiglas shelves with a 4 foot flourescent blacklight bulb beneath. There's a high-quality stanless steel barsink in the main counter. BTW: There's an RSW-15 sub beneath the bar counter (below the microwave). Lighting is VERY important! I have a mixture of line voltage and low voltage (12v) fixtures and they are all remotely controlled via the theater remote. Our entire theater contains 12 independant lighting zones that are remotely-controlled. -Glenn (click on the photo for a large view)
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    Im not cracking on any one person, but to me, If im taking pics of my setup to show all the fourm members, I am gonna make sure that everything is dusted, clean looking, my underwear is off the floor, shoes are put away, wiring doesnt look like spaghetti, etc... Just a quick note for some of the newer members. Setups look a alot better without these things.
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