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    This is an open letter I sent to the company today...I wanted to share here too. Happy Birthday Paul W. Klipsch! I would love to tell the old man that a few more times. I have been to a few of his birthday parties. I think my favorite one was his 96th. My wife at the time and myself were invited to visit them at a friend of theirs home in Hot Springs. We met with Steve and Becky Phillips there. They had just been to Hope for the first Pilgrimage and received the invite from Mrs. Valerie. Once we all were there, we ate, talked and listened. That’s right, we set and listened to Khorns with PWK on his birthday. In my book that has a supper high cool factor. Not long after that, Klipsch offered Steve a job and he and family moved up to Indy and I made a new best friend. I would like everyone to take a min. to think about their job and that PWK made that posable. We owe a ton to that man and I for one am very thankful. When Paul passed, I told Valerie that Gabriel needed help with his horn so they called Paul up to help. I look forward to hearing that horn someday. Trey Cannon – Systems Engineer
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    I had five cups of coffee today. I hope you are all proud of me.
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    is that what Granny Clampet would call “Vittles?"
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    I would have some coffee, but it will keep me up. or can/has/might We fine dinin' tonight. Bluegill fillet rolled in cornmeal and deep fried in olive oil. It don't get much better 'cept for want of a cuppa
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    you don't need my reassurance.. you will figure it out on your own
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    I have two signs: one is for Rancho Chupacabra, our first house in Az, the other is "Rancho Twopacabra" our current abode.
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    Greeting from Tucson, The clock says 7:55 am, but my EST-zone body says 9:55 am. Yesterday was mostly spent in the air. First Detroit to Dallas, then Dallas to Tucson. Air travel used to be a pleasant adventure, today it’s drudgery.
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    Jethro also studied GOZINTAS......2 gozinto 4, 4 gozinto 8.....
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    young people today wouldn’t appreciate the brilliance of Green Acres.
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    what did you eat in the galley every Friday?
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    --- Yep, served on the "fancy eatin' table". Or billiard table ---
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    the lake has nice ones. the ones I brought home were 6 - 10in. the dinks [6 inchers] swallowed the hook.
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    That sounds good, my wife likes them whole, I can't handle the bones. Must have been nice size to be fillets.
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    i just found out that today is Thursday -- i thought it was Friday. That’s okay, it’s not the disappointment that it used to be when i was working and suddenly the work week felt like a day longer.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!! Cheers to all FR...
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    After a long day of cnc programming my wife sends me this message.. Honey we need a gallon of milk if they have bananas get 6. After carrying everything in she asks "WHY did you buy 6 gallons of milk?" I replied... they HAD bananas. I'll never understand her logic Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Order placed on Monday, arrived on Thursday, can't beat that. First impressions, man these things are beautiful. A timeless classic look that no modern slim tower can compete with. Only had an hour or so to listen, but so far, I'm very impressed.
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    DizRotus, flying is an ordeal now. I was groping for the word... That's why I am renting a vehicle for my road trip. I can get from here to Chicago in 30hrs of driving time.... and not have to search for bags it still a bit fresh down here. It's about 10` cooler in the AM. Callin' for 80`. Nice for your trip. Chance for rain Sunday. I think Sat night/ early Sun... have a good time.
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    --- That there is what convinced me to retire. "Flying the friendly skies" ain't all its cracked up to be these days. The light bulb came on for me when due the ineptness of a field salesman I was asked, told, to fly to Buffalo in December. Yeah, that sounded like a well laid plan. So with a weather delay to Buffalo, imagine that, I'm trudging through the Detroit airport at 11:30P with still a flight to catch. The lightbulb burned a hole through my head and I said, that's it, I'm done. And a few months later, I was.
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    We are gong to convert our redwood two hole outhouse into a sauna. Much of the building materials for this place are reclaimed/recycled. The redwood and windows [the glass has wrinkles] came from an old railroad station. The aluminum "siding" on the back of the house, is old litho plates. Interesting place. We got contents, too. stuff ranging from leghold traps to a RadioFlyer wagon. A converted truck bed "trailer" that has wire spoke wheels. The bed is rotted away. I have no idea where the pumpkin [rear end] came from. A friend said it looked like a tractor. We bought half a museum... pieces of mining equipment in the yard. All things the original owner dragged here. I keep expecting to run into a lockbox when I am trying to dig. The garden was almost an archeological dig. I have pulled up woodstove parts, sash weights more crap than I can recall....
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    Hi USNRET, it could have been worse [for you]. Wasn't S.O.S. or is creamed dried beef on toast still in favor in the Navy? Are you guys funnin' at me? Just cause I cool off by taking a dip in the horse trough? HaHaHa
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    That is exactly why I reached out to Klipsch back in November about reviewing the RF-7 III since everyone was asking how different were they from the RF-7 or the RF-7 II. I own the RF-7 and RF-7 II and Klipsch thought it was a great idea so they sent me a pair to review. After moving them into the theater room, I realized reviewing the RF-7 III for home theater without the matching center would be weird so they graciously sent me RC-64 III to review as well. My goal is to provide as much info as I can on them during the time that I have them.
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    Yes, I had the RC-64 with RF-83 And my son has the RC-64 II with his RF-7 That I bought with this package
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    naught and naught is naught, carry the naught I bet Ms. Jane would have worn him out; battle to the end
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    --- yes they did. While Jethro was studying to be a double-naught spy ---
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    for a pic-a-nic they served out by the cement pond
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    it will still make a turd.
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    ROOM, ROOM, ROOM My beloved Belles fell short in this house New KHorns didn't work (even with enclosed backs) Cornwall IIIs are working pretty darn good What would Forte IIIs do? I wonder.
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    Here is a picture. I cannot get it to flip correctly. I just use white flour. I should try whole wheat.
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    Ceptorman, and wvu80 are right on. Someday I will upgrade to the RF-7/3’s. I called a Klipsch Rep and he said they’d sound great with the RF-7/2’s, or at least be the next closest thing to the RF-64/2’s. He said the new 64/3 center channel sounds better than the 64/2. I’m with wvu80, and want to get the best center channel I can. And right now the 64/3 is the best center channel Klipsch makes for HT.
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    My Mother always told me the truth. Especially when I didn’t want to hear it. She tried her best to make sure I did the right thing. Unfortunately, she taught me to question things and I applied that by questioning if the right things were truly right. She didn’t always appreciate my application of her teachings. Anyway, I think, part of the demise of intellectualism is the lack of questioning the information we are presented. And the respect we gave those brave enough to appreciate both sides of an argument.
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    --- Hope he can hear you in the middle of the Pacific, swimming for all he's worth toward land, any land ---?!?
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    I find that if you use a trantik emulation, supposed upon a third order divergence, coupled with a good lyric such as "Hey, Hey, Good By" your inner gestalt will express itself in the middle of the astral plane, thus rendering "Louie, Louie" into the ultimate sonic expression it truly is. If that's not too obtuse for you.
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    I make the dough from scratch. It needs to age for several days, be pushed down, raise again, etc. to get a great yeast flavor. The crust is better than the middle. I'll try to post a pic later.
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    Thanks Gilbert. That's a beautiful self portrait. Spurned again! Oldie, you are the Spurn-inator!
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    Moray, I can't agree with this. Differences in sound when trying the various impedance taps are caused by a slight shift in output stage distortion characteristics since the speaker impedance variations are reflected back to the opt primary. In the case of the HF-81, the global fb loop is taken from the 16 ohm tap so that almost the entire secondary (there is also a 32 ohm tap if I recall correctly- please tell me if that is inaccurate) is "active." And, of course, the nfb does make the output stage fairly immune to the impedance variations anyway. It's simply a matter of using whichever tap provides the most pleasing sound with a particular speaker. Maynard
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    The SVS SB-2000 is a very capable subwoofer with a small footprint. Contact @MetropolisLakeOutfitters and Cory will hook you up. I ran my dual subs with KG 4 mains and they worked awesome together.
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    oh the nights spent at the Hollywood Bowl ... David Gilmour this particular time.
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