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    === spoken like a true Southern Gentlemen 🎩 He should have added a "bless your heart" at the end.
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    Awww H*ll a half foot of near mint lps to go through😥 The feat were about the band... not four sets of `em crossing Abbey Road! Just got back to seeing the one that has been the matriarch of our family for a while removed from ICU and put in a regular room. Not ready to sleep even though I'm tired and I couldn't even if I lay down. Never had too many by them, but this one sounds so good, the silly title track, Perfect Imperfection, Kokomo and especially Feel the Groove make me smile and I feel like it tonight!
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    Was thinking that as typing it... Friend would be freaking. .Saw Taste at Lake Eola Bandshell, in 70, Orlando daytime concert...yes...Rory,. thanks Still under the radar for some but, Isle Of Wight helping along with Free...
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    It was the same thing with jazz music. By the Seventies, you could hear who had got stoned and who had not. In some cases, it was obvious years or decades earlier.
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    don't want to sorry... it was too easy ... was listening [quietly] to some music. Wife is looking out the windows. "Do you hear a dog?" "Yes" I had Animals on.... poor woman
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    Wait. You can pay people to do things for you? What a novel idea.
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    They don't call me the hammer for nothing.
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    === and for one of my most hated Forum quips - “pics or it didn’t happen” —
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    "Calling Card" from 1976. Thread? There's a thread here? Plenty of room so have at it!
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    Now don't get jealous Rich......you're cute too. Not Tarheel good looks but okay.
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    I modded up a set of K's a few years back that have kept me content. I did buy a new Pre/Pro a few months ago that did add a little magic. As far as new speakers go, I think I am done unless I find a set of Jub's at a flea market 😀
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    Tried, but gave up. I just couldn't pretty you up, no matter how hard I tried.
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    You should try to challenge yourself.
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    Cool and listening to. .. edit... pretty nice venue also. Thanks
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    Looks like my next comment got lost. It went: If you like Teenage Head, you might like Goddo. The frontman's name is Greg Godovitz, thus the name of the band. The guitar solo in the second song rocks pretty hard. This was the Toronto rock scene around 1980.
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    Have been very fortunate to have been to various concerts in my life so far, will say, alot of the bands I still listen to Even with my and my .bud'sefforts, I missed some of my favorites...and no doubt... yours... Nothing quite like the seeing...sure from my reading those missed you all saw...
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    Have a listen to The Head. The link's in my previous comment.
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    It was a decent experience yes...ran into Gary on YouTube of all things awhile back but do remember... another under the radar based on my memory of....thanks
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    Wow! I envy you. That must have been a great experience. Are you familiar with Gary Moore? He was a great blues guitarist, but from Belfast, in the North of Ireland. I did get to see the Buzzcocks at Ulster Hall in Belfast in 1978, then I saw them play here in Victoria in 2004 or so. They seemed much jollier and less confrontational than they had in '78. I guess you can't be a punk all your life. Frankie Venom of Teenage Head did his best, but he died at age 51. I saw him perform a few months before he passed away, and he seemed like he was 75 years old, in the way he moved, and the way he had to stop to rest after every couple of songs. It was sad. Teenage Head -- Disgusteen:
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    That's Rory, not Roy. A master guitarist and bluesman.
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    Speaking of Taste Roy Gallagher...)
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    One of my favorite Kinks records. Thanks!
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    Some yes, and some just like doing it, except weed eating, I don't. I have one but never even started it in years. I shaped all the gardens so I can cut around it when mowing and I spray off rings around trees. Other tools like woodworking I enjoy, mechanics tools I only use to fix things besides cars, don't like fooling with cars.
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    I have to say this thing is very efficient, firebox is on the small side, this is the fire using about 6" long pieces of wood. I can smoke for 10-12 hours with one of those plastic milk crates filled, if I keep it @225.
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    === Carl hasn’t realized the difference in having and using tools vs. being a tool — 🔧🔨⚒
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    Was gonna call it a night til I peeked and saw this gem! Psychedelic surf-rock from 1966! Could NOT believe I found this great album! It's a keeper fo' sure! Not stellar by any means but so representative of the California psychedelic sound.
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    Marathon day today I'm thunkin! May as well. I've GOT to get thru this tub! I got quite a few doubles since he said only played a couple times. Going thru them all! 6 inches left and it's almost July! Suck it up buttercup!
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    But the monkey's not watching He's slipped out to the kitchen To pile the dishes And answer the phone
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    In Cali we're too busy filling holes with pot.
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    Don't forget Mike (dirtmudd) and his son....
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    I've always had Stihl and bought a Kombi motor and attachments about 8 years ago with blower, edger, pruner, weed eater, tiller and sweeper and it just never misses a beat. I gave away my 15 year old Stihl weed eater that started as well as when I bought it. It doesn't have the automatic string feed on the weed eater head, but after so many years with Stihl, I can load a spool in about 2 minutes without any trouble. I have chain saws and a full pruning saw as well and they never have given me any problems at all. Great equipment.
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    They wouldn't let me wear them with my Navy uniform.....
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    I bought a pair in 1986, never wore them.
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    === spoken like a true Southern Gentlemen 🎩
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    === oh Jeez. First Carl 🥰, now Eric 😍. I’m beginning to worry ‘bout you -
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    All I got is Greatest Hits and Sleepwalker on vinyl... Dang Mossy Bottom, and Dave,etc... alike in our like of taste here. You really got me going...
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    Small end of the pork loin (right) is at 127 degrees, 7 more to go, then check the other bigger piece and then the chicken, not to much longer. Hickory and cherry, and a little oak might have been mixed in.
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    IME, “good product(s)” (i.e., recordings captured and mastered in a “hi-res” format) that are delivered in a hi-res consumer format (e.g., Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray, Pure Audio Blu-ray, 24bit/192kHz FLAC download, SACD) generally sound the best. The $64k question is this: What is your benchmark for the audio quality of the recorded music that you listen to in your home? Because I listen to classical music and opera, my benchmark is clear: The live performance of classical music in its intended venue - i.e., a symphony hall or opera house with world class acoustics – where no electronics are employed. (In other words, no sound reinforcement system is used when classical music is performed in its intended venue.) OTOH, for some electronically produced music, there never was a live performance, and no one knows how the music “should” sound. In which case it seems to me that the concepts of “hi-fidelity sound reproduction” and “accurate sound reproduction” are meaningless. For me, “the music that sounds good” is the live performance in the symphony hall or opera house. That’s my benchmark for evaluating the quality of sound reproduced via recordings and my home hi-fi system. IME, modern recordings that were captured and mastered in a hi-res format, and delivered to the consumer in a hi-res format, are usually best at creating the illusion that I’m in the symphony hall or opera house.
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    I'm now off the gear-go-round. Unless something breaks and it isn't worth repairing because of age, I think I'm done and very satisfied with what I have. It only took forty -five years! It feels good to "gear down" so to speak.
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    Start of system #2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I know I have alluded to spending hours weed whacking around the homestead. A fortunate thing happened this past week. My trimmer got so jammed that I had to take arc joint pliers and a hammer to it to get it apart. The head got damaged in the process so I went to buy a new one. Well low and behold someone finally invented a better mousetrap. The new head is much easier to load with line and it self winds the line with the perfect lay it needs to not jam. I was skeptical as the guy in the store was explaining it to me. But I have now used it on the rockiest portion of my property for several hours without 1 jam. Yea! On this portion of my property I would in the past had at least 5 jams if not 10 or 20. And every time thinking (or screaming) Somebody has got to be able to come up with something better than this! Well I think they finally have.
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    How BOUT those Muswell Hillbillies! Great old LP! First one on RCA from 1971
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    I bought mine from @richieb a couple of years ago. The were rebuilt by Dave of Fastlane Audio fame. They have Dave's tractrix squawker horns, and non stock tweeters. They came with ALK steep slope X-Overs. I bought a set of Dean G's AA X-Overs with the flat stack caps from @Schu and like them a little better. Using a Decware Rachel amp, sounds sweet. My my wife said my man cave looks like my dorm room from the 70's. I said that was exactly what I was going for. 😎 Cincy
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    Chris and Kevin, Thanks for your help. Moved everything around yesterday and am pleased with the results. Here's a pic of the new location: Thanks again, Cincy
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