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    Was thinking that as typing it... Friend would be freaking. .Saw Taste at Lake Eola Bandshell, in 70, Orlando daytime concert...yes...Rory,. thanks Still under the radar for some but, Isle Of Wight helping along with Free...
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    don't want to sorry... it was too easy ... was listening [quietly] to some music. Wife is looking out the windows. "Do you hear a dog?" "Yes" I had Animals on.... poor woman
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    Wait. You can pay people to do things for you? What a novel idea.
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    "Calling Card" from 1976. Thread? There's a thread here? Plenty of room so have at it!
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    Looks like my next comment got lost. It went: If you like Teenage Head, you might like Goddo. The frontman's name is Greg Godovitz, thus the name of the band. The guitar solo in the second song rocks pretty hard. This was the Toronto rock scene around 1980.
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    Have a listen to The Head. The link's in my previous comment.
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    One of my favorite Kinks records. Thanks!
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    I have to say this thing is very efficient, firebox is on the small side, this is the fire using about 6" long pieces of wood. I can smoke for 10-12 hours with one of those plastic milk crates filled, if I keep it @225.
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    In Cali we're too busy filling holes with pot.
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    I've always had Stihl and bought a Kombi motor and attachments about 8 years ago with blower, edger, pruner, weed eater, tiller and sweeper and it just never misses a beat. I gave away my 15 year old Stihl weed eater that started as well as when I bought it. It doesn't have the automatic string feed on the weed eater head, but after so many years with Stihl, I can load a spool in about 2 minutes without any trouble. I have chain saws and a full pruning saw as well and they never have given me any problems at all. Great equipment.
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    I bought a pair in 1986, never wore them.
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    === oh Jeez. First Carl 🥰, now Eric 😍. I’m beginning to worry ‘bout you -
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    Small end of the pork loin (right) is at 127 degrees, 7 more to go, then check the other bigger piece and then the chicken, not to much longer. Hickory and cherry, and a little oak might have been mixed in.
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    How BOUT those Muswell Hillbillies! Great old LP! First one on RCA from 1971
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    I bought mine from @richieb a couple of years ago. The were rebuilt by Dave of Fastlane Audio fame. They have Dave's tractrix squawker horns, and non stock tweeters. They came with ALK steep slope X-Overs. I bought a set of Dean G's AA X-Overs with the flat stack caps from @Schu and like them a little better. Using a Decware Rachel amp, sounds sweet. My my wife said my man cave looks like my dorm room from the 70's. I said that was exactly what I was going for. 😎 Cincy
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    Chris and Kevin, Thanks for your help. Moved everything around yesterday and am pleased with the results. Here's a pic of the new location: Thanks again, Cincy
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    A cast of the 'muleteer' seen Pink Floyd at pompeii 1972 and David Gilmour 2016
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    Went to the can, fell asleep, and what the hell, there's a whole new page of comments. This is one lively thread.
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    Never used it and really would depend where the hole was located. If its in a hidden area try clear caulk. If not hidden use wood filler of similar color.
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    Nails are there to keep the panels together and aligned until the glue dries, pull it out if you can twisting with vice grips to minimize splintering of the wood finish. Cant see really but if the nail goes into the driver cabinet be sure to seal the hole to avoid leaks.
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    What size shot glass---regular or Montana? JJK
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    Excellent sounding amp. In fantastic shape. Only selling because I needed to upgrade to a 5ch amp. $650 plus ride
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    Did you watch this yet? What are your thoughts?
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    I figure that's the AB-3 crossover as you can see the sand resistors on the right side of the board. Yep....definitely looks good. Who was it here who got the Mahogany Klipschorns? This would make a great center speaker!
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    Actually No I liked the Joilda so much I bought a Dennis Had Inspire tube amp. This Jolida is sweet sounding and a bargain. I miss those CF4's!!
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    Navy had their own. I have my dad's wool bell bottoms.. on the "news" a recall of women's razors because "They are too sharp" Excuse me?!? You realize that goes for men's razors, too. Not getting as many shaves/razor? Now you know.... pre-dulled blades Stihl makes a good product, based on what I saw of the old stuff. If/when you wear something out, parts may be an "order only". The powerhead will out last the attachments. My poor little 14" trimming saw cuts a cord of seasoned oak/mesquite per year... abuse? maybe a little. lol it's 15 years old now
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    Okay, last one. I don't want to monopolize the thread. This is my favourite Teenage Head song. It's called Infected, and came out in 1980, on the album Frantic City. It's just audio, no video, so turn up the volume, lay back, and close your eyes, while Frankie Venom asks "Where do I go to get infected?"...
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    Okay, that makes more sense. Thanks for the info.
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    Ohio just implimented a 9 cent tax hike to fix the roads. But prices have been fluctuating so much around here nobody can tell the difference.
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    I have the Anthem 5 channel if you are interested. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    The Crites titanium diaphragms will help with the treble brightness. They are much smoother and not as bright imo. I just put them in my Chorus II along with new crossovers from Crites. The crossovers smooth out the midrange too but I find the change to be more subtle than the tweeter change. Also to help reduce the brightness, what works for me is to make sure the speakers aren't aimed directly at your listening position. Mine are angled in so that they cross a couple of feet in front of my listening position. I get a nice stereo image and a little bit of depth.
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    PNW is out of control on pricing. Want some CWll's for $2500? And that's REDUCED from $3000. I've seen others joke here about owners being men who put up for sale to please the wife and purposefully over price so it won't sell. I can't help but think there is a lot of that going on.
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    Clare Torry is just amazing on Great Gig in the Sky.
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    Well, it's whatever Bob says it is. It started out as one thing, and evolved into multiple, and quite poplular designs. If one is curious about the different configurations, all it takes is a visit to his website. Someone said it's not "a brand". I don't agree with that. He may run a small shop, but he's pretty well known. That shop builds a nice box. Bob chooses drivers that are linear in their behavior and don't require much if anything in the way of correction - very much in the spirit of vintage Klipsch. From the pics, all of the parts look like they were bought from Critespeakers - including the network. I think the asking price(s) sound fair, and they probably sound great.
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    Lighthouse. Trying to embed a photo.
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    The other side of this lp opens with The Other Side Of This Life... And a shot of The Other Side Of This Album Jefferson Airplane - Bless it's Pointed Little Head.
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    I did some looking yesterday and saw mention of 500 ms due to all the filtering. Sounds excessive to me but if true, you're SOL on that front alone, nevermind the hookups.
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    Crazy Leon making the girls laugh, he told me get ready to take a pic, and that's what he did.
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    Told you there was alot of flying, Carl and Windashine, and Carl and Brandon.
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    Maurice.....nice hat!! Best Regards, Jimbo
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    Worst post ever. What kind is it?????!!!!!
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