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    Hey all, I received these klipsch lascala cabinets for free. Unfortunately they didn't come with speakers installed and it's not worth it for me to store them and fix them up. If you're anywhere around Central Florida you're welcome to pick them up. Otherwise I'll have to toss them to make space in the garage.
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    How DO you survive all of that excitement??? I'm having trouble wondering when I'm going to find time to fuel up and save 60 cents a gallon using my Kroger fuel points. 2 days left so I better suit up and git er done. Right after I dive on some chicken & noodles I cranked out yesterday.
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    Yesterday I pulled up all the 3 year old carpet and pad in the media room. Quite the task for a 71 y/o. The oak strip flooring goes in Saturday and two coats of finish by the end of the day Sunday. The oak is here acclimating to the house temp/humidity. Next will be a new equipment cabinet. I'm liking the Salamander cabinets and plan on hiding most of the gear like folks did in the 80's. Then an area rug.....put LF in charge of that project. Then some wall sconces and maybe some Zero Degree chairs that Chris A. turned me onto. Maybe some new gear too....... Washed the bubble this morning even though there was frost on the roof of the house. Bubble is going in for new spark plugs today. $215 for six plugs installed. When I was a teenager (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth) plugs were about $1.50 each. I did kick it with a Porsche Boxster yesterday morning and pulled away from his silly butt😊 So now you're all up to date..........
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    I lean toward the latter. This whole place was built of reclaimed materials. Most all of the surprises I have found were not happy ones. Finding redwood under the 3/16in panelling has been the only pleasant surprise.
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    Mornin' all I tend to think this "leak" is deliberate. Didn't do any digging yesterday. How much water is going into the line? About as much as a 1/2in line will give. Why it was done? I dunno. I do know that with the place continuously occupied, the tank will fill in cold/wet times. Gathering wood may have gotten easy. The wildlife refuge is clearing off dead wood as a fire reduction measure AND they are giving away. All I have to do is go get it. I plan on getting what I can... green or not, as long as it's not rotten/pithy. If I can't burn it this season, it will be ready after a summer of "seasoning". I may need to split some. The stove will take 10 - 12 inch diameter. Bought some tickets to a hospital "mega raffle". Better than 1:20 chance of winning a $100 prize. Grand prize is $625,000. I bought 3 tickets to the raffle and 15] 50/50 tickets ... so, I have a 1 in 7 chance of getting 1/3 of my money back... lol My luck, we will win a trip to Mexico. Where these things are concerned, I am usually a donor. I'm not holding my breath for a big win.
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    Here is a pic of 20's I did. Stripped the OEM Black and refinished with Satin Black Lacquer and Clear Satin Lacquer. Turned out nice using the method described above.
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    It's been nearly 8 yrs since I have posted on this forum. I have an old pair of black satin KLF 30's. I can't tell whether it is a vinyl finish, a very thin painted wood veneer or something else. I was hoping for a light walnut color and am not sure what my options are with these. Thanks in advance. Norm
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    We are peas in a pod. If I can't get an end parking space and pull way over then I don't park.
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    And I thought I was bad @ 770 miles a month average. You're @ 300 or < a month. Must be your sunny day only touring car. My Camaro is my only vehicle, I hand wash it, and wax it annually. It doesn't have a single door dent on it. I don't mind walking and if I cannot park away from others, I don't attend/park. Kills me how people drive around looking for the closest parking spot to the door, then go to a gym to work out or walk/jog for exercise. People and their peculiar behaviors.
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    The "Bubble" is a 2012 BMW Z4 35is. 335hp and only 27,000 miles. Ceramic coated 1000 miles ago. Nary a scratch on it. The mechanic was gone a long time "test" driving it😑 I do a "touchless" wash that goes......wet down, foam cannon, rinse, dry with leaf blower. No touch means no swirl marks.
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    Alright so you've got more testo.... in ya today than me! Mine's got a six... well when it goes over 4K rpms the right bank of the V opens up and it's six. Otherwise it's like a vw with 3 cylinders. Cars are just too darn delicate now days, I baby them or is that back to the coreg zapping my... uhum energy. Keep that hot rod clean & keep rockin' HWY 74 does have some long flat straight stretches of road west of New Hanover Co. this song ain't for daises, careful now!
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    Thanks all for reaching out. I've got a few people in line that want them. If someone bails I'll go in the order received. I didn't know these would be so sought-after. They've just been sitting in my mom's garage for 3 years. I'm a young audio guy, and more in the home recording studio / small club & house of worship live sound world. So forgive me for my ignorance on these lol.
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    Sorry I missed the talk about septic yesterday. I was outside building a wall. So you have a half inch water pipe that is ALWAYS on going into your septic tank. And no trap between the line and tank? WTF? How much is your water bill? How big is your leach field? This makes no sense to me.
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    HDMI is digital, RCA is analog. You need something to convert it with like a DAC.
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    Load up on the aspirin now to avoid the rush later. lol FREE is ALWAYS good. Especially if you have free wood you can burn. PITA loading it up but at least the FREE makes it a bit lighter or does it? lol Better you than me! Jeans today?
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    y'all might wanna mark this date on your calendar I have an "on topic" post Got HDMI to RCA cables. No audio out...The computer is outsmarting me. Trying to follow direction and "open a terminal"... No go So, put the headphone to RCA back. Test run.... my intermittent is back. Lasted long enough to find the source. Swapped channel [L/R] wires and it followed. Popped the plugged in/out at the headphone jack... problem solved. mechanical connection. I hate intermittents Hey Dave. my excitement is fetching some free firewood. I'll pay for it tomorrow .... when I try to get out of bed. That's if it waits that long
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    So what is a "bubble"? 6 cyl no doubt. Was that a hand wash in the cold? $215 is mostly prob 65% labor. My 2012 camaro plugs are good for 96k miles, still in there - platinum tips, like $7 each @ amazon. I'll be replacing em myself when its time (very easy to access, hemi head, dohc). Fixing to do the auto tranny fluid and filter in a couple weeks myself. 67k mileage.
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    That should be a sticky and with the terms and conditions for the newbies when they sign up.
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    At Pilgrimage, Luther ward won them and turned around and put them up for auction with the money going to the museum. Carl May outbid everyone to own them.
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    Duratex is not to bad... I bought a quart for my Dayton Audio flat pack that I used with the Ultimax UM 18-22. Here is a link. https://www.parts-express.com/acry-tech-duratex-black-1-quart-roller-grade-cabinet-texture-coating-kit-with-textured-3-r--260-111
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    Terrible paint job before I refurbed them on left.
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    Hi Normo, The KLF line are wood veneer. The paint is Black Lacquer. I have refurbed several pair of 20's but the line is all the same. The paint is easily removed using Lacquer thinner applied with 00 steel wool. Lightly sand with 120 / 220 grit. Stain whatever color you want. Feel free to PM me if you need advice.
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    I could see why some people would want just a placard signed but I wanted the speakers signed just like a guitar would be signed by the artists and it was the first “museum “ speakers. The signatures are a part of the finish from when there were built. The people who build these are artists in my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Those speakers are beautiful. I regret ever selling mine. They love to be pushed at high volume with clarity.
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    I just saw the 1500 on sale everywhere. Very good price. I started ordering everything from Sweetwater, they have excellent service.
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    The F-20 is by far the easiest build.
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    As in all paint jobs, prep work is more important than the actual painting. Specifically to your question no removal required. 3 cans per pair. 3 Ultra light coats each. Leave the last 5% in the can to avoid any potential low pressure spitting. Above 60 degrees less than 70% humidity. Here is a handy pdf I found for you. application-tips.pdf
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    Get your tickets now. Early Bird Discounts expire Sunday February 2nd. See you there.
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    Thanks for the information. Keep me posted on your CF-3 refurb. Feel free to contact me if needed. Take care.
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    Maximus89, PM me if you need tips on refurbing the CF-3's. I learned a few tricks along the way.
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    Hi Maximus89. I just refurbed a pair of CF-3's that were painted black back to OEM Medium Oak. See my thread here.
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    } You’re obviously taking early advantage of Missouri’s new marijuana laws - pain for your knee, right -😏
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    } This has great possibilities - LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE — LET THE BIDDING BEGIN — 🤑
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    I have first dibs after Richie. If he backs out, you are detouring to StL on you way down (dont trust they would make it back)! Rockhound has more speakers than he knows what to do with and he was seen sniffing around the MWM post in the garage sale section. So he's out too. It's Richie, then me, then.......nobody cares who! 😉
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    The way I look at it....even if I lost a little bit of sound quality, I more than made up for it in practicality and comfort. My home looks much more modern with one large room instead of two smaller ones, and being open into the kitchen makes it seem even bigger. I bought laminated flooring and installed it myself, I actually did all the work myself. My living room now is 28'x24'. I even built the wood mantle on top of a new cultured stone fireplace front.
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    I’m sure she would trade the ring for her daughter, Gianna, if only that were possible.
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    Agree on all counts. I am also a fan of D' Appolito designs. My CF-4's are my main computer speakers. Your Zu Audio cube is a perfect example of what I preach, that the key to getting the proper center channel is to get QUALITY. You have a two-way with a dome tweeter sitting between a pair of La Scala's and from what you wrote, you are perfectly satisfied with the results.
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    Since I’m new here and also new as a Klipsch enthousiast, it is nice to share my Home Cenima setup. Only just last week finished, for now, my rebuild and change over from Jamo to Klipsch, only the surround rear speakers are still Jamo S60 Sur and my new subwoofer is Jamo, due to the small size which was the only thing my wife would accept in our livingroom. RP-600M as front left and right, bi-amp in use RP-500C as my center Jamo S60 Sur as surround back speakers Jamo S810 as my Sub Onkyo TX-NR676E as AV Receiver Samsung 55 inch 4K tv I’m still amazed every time I play music or watch movies of the Klipsch speakers and their great sound. And to be honust, the Jamo S810 Sub has more then enough punch on -10Db on my Onkyo. RP-600M are crossed over at 60Hz, the RP-500C at 80Hz and the surround backstage at 120Hz.
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    I watched the whole Grammy show last night and basically tried to identify who was really performing live and who was not. I hate fake performances. Lip syncing, etc. But for Aerosmith that was just sad. I haven't seen them live in a while and that simply sucked. I feel badly for Joey Kramer too. He surely has to come out better for not being there. My personal feeling is that Brad Whitford has always been a better guitar player than Joe Perry. The solo in LAST CHILD not Joe Perry. Brad. I have seen that live as well. Joe is a poser. Brad never made a big deal about it.
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    Tyler and Perry are STILL fighting over who should be loudest on stage. If I were Kramer I would feel fortunate. That was the biggest waste of time all night.
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    The key ‘take away’ here is that if your breathing becomes impaired you will absolutely be overcome with anxiety and regret. But at 86 Willie’s dear olde lungs have done well given the abuse he’s put them through. On the other side of that imagine how freaked these young vapor victims are when they learn that they’ve destroyed their lungs very early in life. Remember that your lungs evolved strictly for breathing and do not like being used for anything else. Your gut is for the intake of ‘stuff’. Cherish your lungs and eat for your pleasures. There’s no good reason to take chances with your breathing and you will truly hate yourself if you screw up your lungs. Just ask Willie.
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    True he came back and said he just would not smoke. He smoked so much over the years if he completely quit he probably couldn't even remember how to play the guitar or sing.
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    Hello there, Attached are pictures of my Klipsch RP setup with Onkyo TXRZ830 and optoma 4k projector. I was going to buy Bowers, but then I found out the Klipsch product, described as the best home cinema product. When I saw that huge central speaker in the store, I knew that this is what I want. My wife did not liked the look of this set, she liked white speakers more because "white speakers will look beter in this room and gold looks cheap". I do not know how it works in US, but here in Europe (Poland) most of our wives never understand anything about it and they sometimes think that we are like kids with toys. Coming back to this setup. On the beginning I was using many settings, until finally I switched my ONKYO into a mode, when it is only passing the signal. My source is Apple TV 4K. And then it played... I was really blown away. I started with Hans Zimmer live, I was actually personally on this event and WOW, I have them in my home... The quality of the sound is so natural, so raw and bright... The feeling is like I have the real instrument just 1,5 half meters from me. Then I started Depeche Mode live in Berlin - wow, just wow. Then movies - blade runner, inception... The sound is fast, agile and alive. Bass is strong and not too strong, feels the room in a perfect way. The only thing I have doubts are my back speakers which You can see on last photo. I choosed them to have better immersion, but to be honest I think that regular speakers would be just fine. Those which I choosed are maybe better for the surround left and right, not for the back like I am using them. But what can I do I bought them so they are here makes no sense to return them 😉 To summarize, I can really recommend this setup with Onkyo as a killer-combo for the sound quality. Thank god I did not went for bowers. I was so close to buy them, that I allready purchased stands for bowers m-1 speakers - I am using them only as a stand for my surround back as You can see on the picture.
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    === I traded a wife for another wife. Jubilees would have been Far less expensive - and in retrospect, more enjoyable —
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