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    Almost a year without a dog. So hard to put them down and say goodbye. Today is pretty exciting. First non-greyhound in 20 years
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    How is everyone?
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    Can you reopen the BS forum?
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    it looks like I can still edit everyone’s posts, so I suppose so 😂
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    From the ad: "Four way speaker system early 70s. klipsch Zirconia, NC · 4 days ago $5,000 The best. The most powerful. The best clarity speakers I've ever heard" Linky
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    What's so ironic about that? I used to own Klipsch speakers, now they own me.
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    I wanted Sid, wife said no to Sid Vicious I wanted Pete, as in Townshend - Rejected I lobbied hard for Marley (Ya Mon) she said too close to Barley the last dog we put down I tried Jimmy (Hendrix, Page, McGriff, the list goes on) - Nope I knew Edge would not fly so did not even float it as a possibility Since he made his way to us via a great rescue nabbing dogs from Kill shelters down south (Alabama in his case) we though a southern gentleman's name could work, nothing came to mind that stuck. We briefly though of Bear but passed....Roll Tide! Eventually we agreed on Bo, no lie. She thinks it is a good southern name, possibly even short for Bocephus. She likes to say "Bo Knows Cute!"....But I sleep well at night knowing it is the precursor to Schembechler, or possibly short for Bono. I'm sure with a puppy we will say many, many time Bo-NO! 😎
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    Thanks for stopping by to say hello to this bunch of misfits and miscreants! It's amazing how many people are needed to do what you single handedly did so well around these parts so many moons ago...
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    That’s it. You’re banned.
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    After having finished Bernard Allsion " Chills & Thrills " CD a couple of minutes ago , I´ll continue with my old friend Peter Gabriel 3rd. Solo Album , got the first and second Solo Album anyway....
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    Like it hot ? https://www.yahoo.com/news/relentless-heat-wave-bake-u-133848938.html
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    I’m still hoping to amortize a vasectomy.
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    All on board with a Linda Ronstadt ‎selection This will go into the weekend
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    see , how good of a Dad , you were -----we all are , it's the kids that make us do it - family first -
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    I got fixed and look how I turned out ... well, maybe I'm not the best example.
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    I could imagine. It would surely change mine. .
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    What was the cutoff for entry. 5k posts? At my rate I'd have been eligible in just 27 more years...... I'd have been talking smack at 88 years old........."Matlock!"
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    not only do I not know what day of the week it is.. I've lost AM/PM a couple times. whew.... got enough rain to do some good. Aside from it meeting [if it was snow] blizzard proportion, knocked 35` off the temp. It's warmed back up a little. Guess it's 75`.. was raining good............. and horizontal. Visibility dropped to ...if you were driving, you would have pulled over... Someone, in town, was saving fireworks from the 4th and had the sense not to set off because of tinder dry, ... was at the park, letting 'em off before the rain had even quit
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    I’d like to! I’ve missed you guys. We are well...Steven actually did get Covid a few weeks back, but barely any symptoms. I’m glad it didn’t seem to affect him. I managed to avoid it! Knock on wood.
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    CC@C How about P? I know it's a very long shot 🍻
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    great idea, everybody wishes for what you have , but few ever dare to live freer-
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    Something for lockdown listening
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    Well looks like more big changes on the way. The Supreme Court decided to honor the physical boundaries promised to the amerindians relocated to Oklahoma by treaty. Roughly 1/2 of Oklahoma will now be considered Indian reservation and this includes the entire metropolis of Tulsa. As far as I’m concerned it’s about time. If there’s one group of peoples thoroughly plowed by colonial America and the nation of America it has been the indigenous natives. After this ruling there will surely be other suits brought by other tribes whose solemn treaties got somehow vacated. Should be interesting. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53358330
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    well Wash my mouth with whiskey ....as we used to say on my drive to pick up the wife It was mid 80's all along the way ... to a certain point. Had the windows open. At that certain point, it felt like I went for indoors to out. Temp jumped 10 degrees in 5 miles. I guess the sun been shining there.
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    I thought I noticed a wonky thought pattern.
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    In the case of a Russian attack, this would change immediately. We should regard political structures that are on the way to being constituted in the United States of Europe as a normal development and not as a cheese with holes.
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    it's funny tonight, all the records have such a short playing time. And I'm not spinning them at 45 RPM ....LOL Jan Akkerman´s third Album " 3 " Atlantic Records 1979 , very soulful and funky stuff .....
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    You found one with small fingers?
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    Hello Amy. At first, I thought that I should avoid posting in this thread just to save you the trouble of locking another one..........but I couldn't resist chiming in. Glad your doing well! I have been posting a bit more lately but feeling embarrassed that my like vs post ratio was so low. But then, I saw that you even have fewer likes than I do (snert 🤭) - I feel better now.
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    You cannot use the ALK Universal network the with the adjustable taps in the Cornwall you need his Type B that he no longer offers I attached the schematic for you. I have them in my '80 Cornwalls and they are very, very nice networks. He stopped offering them because not to many people wanted to invest $500 to $550 in networks for their Cornwalls.
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    My EVO 400 has been using 8ohm connections for cornwall IV's so far, with no sub connected for music - just to get a good feel of the sound. Next week I'm going to try the 4ohm taps and compare. I'm taking my time - I still haven't tied a sub in with music...but that's coming. For me, PL has opened up music like I've never heard it before. Only 10 days, and still getting warmed up!
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    I've put a prefinished oak floor down. Was work, but I enjoyed it (in perhaps a twisted way). Don't have a joiner but have a 3 1/2 HP router which could do the edges. In truth.... I'm trying to get her to vacate the idea of this extra room. The last four rooms we (she) added.... we really only use two of them. I don't see this one getting much use either so, why spend the funds to build it, then heat/cool it.... We both agree though that it would be cool if we could use some of the materials on the farm for it like we did the exterior. Had some lumber cut. I bought a planer (Dewalt portable) and a buddy & I were going to plane them down. Well, the boards varied in thickness. Meaning the very first board we were going to plane down had hills and valleys anywhere from maybe 1" thick to 1 1/2" thick. It was going to take us a bunch of passes to get a single side of a single board (12" wide by maybe 16' length) down to a "single pass" on the planer. Said heck with that....loaded them up, took to mill and in about 2-days they had them all planed very nicely to 3/4" and we were done. Yeah, I can appreciate the effort.
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    Hello Amy !! I for one miss you very much and had withdrawals for a while I miss hearing about your Steven too... I am 6'3" also. Hope you and yours are staying active and keeping from going insane with this virus garbage... Miss you, love you, and wishing only the best for you.... Roger
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    The world is rife with this type of crap. Indians, pakisthani's, bangladeshi's, kenyans, nigerians etc etc go to the the middle east (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait) to "work" after paying their way for flight/boat/bus, and the instant they arrive there, their passport gets confiscated, and they cant leave. Then they're stuck in jobs paying 1/10th doing much harder labor than originally advertised and living in tiny 6'X6' shacks with no AC in 125F weather ... When the US abolished slavery, well, it continued for another 100+ yrs to the middle east from africa, and worse, it morphed into this.
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    OK, sit up straight. Does that make you happy? Those are not Klipsch.
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    It's hard to even think of it, do not want any more kids but the removal part would be not good. Not surprised, they say it skips a generation. Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids.
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    you could have had 15 kids , and all would have turned out just fine
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    Oh new avatar...........sexy.............yes I can say that being an old guy with nothing to lose and you know my wife. But really your looking good, must be doing well, good for you.
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    don't know why I shared that story from my stupid distant past. I'm a christian man now, not the idiot in that story. good for a laugh but that's no longer me.
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    Give me some names. I still have might have some authority in these here parts. Good to hear from you!
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    dtel! Toooo soooon!! Please let me enjoy the last two months before I hit the mid century mark. 😱 Steven is about 6’3”, so yeah. Pretty big. I’m glad to hear you are good!
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    Good, hope you and Steven is also, he must be getting big. Was thinking of you the other day, yes it was good. I am just going to go out there and do it now, Oldtimer ( I think it was) and I have a thing going every year to see who can be the first to wish you happy Birthday. So even though it's a couple months away. Happy Birthday.
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    Fine, hope you are the same, thanks...
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    Ah, the beginnings of a pond....
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    I did a lot of the aluminum welding in this build. There's a LOT of it in a houseboat. Molsons paid for a big party at launch time.
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    sometimes on a super hot day after working in the shop all day I could drink a ice cold beer..... then another.....then another.....then another.......... and that's why I stopped drinking 31 years this past June. But they still look good lol lol
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    I got $500 bucks of "Senior's, STFU and quit your whining about Covid 19 and extra costs" stimulus money. Sale on Box wine this weekend. Phew!
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    I didn't say you were nuts, odd at time but not nuts. But you did leave, but like any bad habit it is making you think you need it and miss it, just say no, OK that's didn't work so well. I had someone here visiting from NY, I told him i would not move there if they gave me a city block, unless I could stay a month then sell. We started talking about the crowding, noise and high prices, he said you get used to it and had no answer as why he really liked it except for some things being convenient. Then he say did you know NY has the highest suicide rate in the country, like he was almost bragging ? I said it does not surprise me and he looked surprised, I said NY is great for some things but has some serious overpopulation problems, they are stacking people on top of each other at crazy prices and with everything else going on to deal with people get overwhelmed. I'd probably think about killing myself if I had to live there the rest of my life, or I would become a really bad person. I lived in subdivisions all of my life, not that that is anything close to real city life. But about 30 years ago we moved to the country (not here) and after a while I realized what I had been missing, never again, so we looked for property, not a lot surrounded closely by others. Everybody's different, I know whats for me, privacy and being left alone is first on the list. .
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