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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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1 hour ago, CECAA850 said:

I think that California has more fires than any other state.  Glad you guys are OK.

Wet enough at times of the year for all kind of fuel to grow and then hot and bone dry. The good(?) satisfying(?), I'm grasping for the right word, thing is this time it was nature that started it. Lightning strike. Most time its some idiot.

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Dang even if that close to you it looks awful but nature can replenish that. IF you get rain in that area. I hope like @BigStewMan that isn;t the entrance to your home in the picture.

After the big fire in FL in 1998 that we saw the start of near St Augustine off of 95....it took about a year before the fresh new green colors were everywhere. But it rains almost everyday there.

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This one is, I remember the way it looks from pic's of when you were working on the driveway and columns a while back. Good looking area, I remember seeing the back of the house as the yard slopes off.

Apparently when you were little you won at the king of the hill game. :lol:


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Took my wife out for a kayak run down the lower Salt River. Last run before SRP turns off the water, but her first since a mitral valve replacement. Water was low, about 500 cfs, as opposed to >1100 at peak season. But the banks show signs of the recent flood. We got the tail end of a hurricane so SRP opened the floodgates and flow went up to 38k cfs.


IMG_0887.JPGT shirts in trees to mark high water

IMG_0888.JPGWild Stallions

IMG_0889.JPGShoreline vegetation, showing high water effects.

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22 hours ago, JBCODD said:

Got bored at the river exit waiting for my wife to return with the pickup so we could load the kayaks. So I stacked rocks again. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.


Stacking rocks is an art. Two years ago, I was in Maine for a nephews wedding. We were on Peak's Island (just off Portlands coast). There were entire beaches filled with stacks. The tide would take many of them out and everyone would stack them again. I wish I had taken more (and better) pictures. Here's a few:



I think you would fit in there!! 😉

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