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What to replace my Klipschorns with?


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Things that make me go :huh: include:

"Wife says speakers must go"

"Newborn on the way, must sell every thing larger than a Bose cube"

"Kid proofing"

Maybe I'm just uniquely blessed to have a wife that's willing to compromise our household goals to benefit our own interests, a 2 year old that loves rocking out and dancing to music, and that same 2 year old that has rarely ever dared to touch the speakers let alone destroy them. Oh and we have another newborn on the way. And I have a fridge sized subwoofer in the living room.

It's very likely she'll hate any alternative if your wife isn't happy with Khorns.

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Time to appease the wife. Go with her biggest weakness. New car, A big Diamond, Furniture, Caribbean vacation....whatever it may be. Nothing will replace your K-horns sound and if she is wanting to ace them, don't count on another pair coming into play in the future.

Oh yeah, better get a 20 year agreement in writing. Women are vicious my man.

If you do sell, there is no replacement. In fact a LaScala is not ascetically appealing as a Khorn in my eyes and doesn't save much room. But I guess it would be a LaScala or a Belle and a darn good Sub if I had to dump the Horns. Maybe a Cornscala would work for her, but you would have to spend heavy to doll a set of those up. One thing is for sure, I would have to have that big mid, a Cornwall wouldn't cut it for me. K-horns are regal, intriguing, handsome and unlike anything else out there when it comes to looks. Tell the woman she has everything in your life, but please don't take your speakers.

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I love my Bi-amped Klipschorns but the spouse hate factor is too high!

What do I do??!!

What else would you be putting in those corners that use up so little space so efficiently? A cabinet with glass doors with a bunch of useless ceramic figurines inside? Puhlease.

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First of all welcome to the forums.

Show her a picture of some Jubilees in black with no fancy cosmetic panels and the warthog K402 horn. Tell her this is the replacement you were thinking of.

BTW what finish are your KHorns? I think my walnut ones are quite lovely. I am fortunate, had the KHorns before the wife so she knew they came with the marriage. And when I go some blessed person will pick them up at a garage sale for like $100 or something.


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+1 on bribery. A diamond is a girls best friend.


Might be, but fairness should be in there somewhere.

Luggman when you got married did you give up all your hobbies and most importantly your say in things ?

Compromise is great but it sounds like it's being abused, if you agreed to be her yes man follow along three steps behind her and be happy with it, if not open your d@# mouth before you are wearing matching outfits.

Sorry but threads like this tick me off, it's a marriage not a surrender. Maby I feel like this because I never had those problems, there was no surrender of rights, It just sounds unbelievable really.

Oh almost forgot Welcome :smile: if we never scared you off, hope not, it was not the intent.


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