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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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i always have a band traveling with me, so it’s live music all the time. If you opt for that, it may be a bit tight in your sports car.


In all seriousness, i recently attended my cousin’s wedding. The San Francisco Choir was there performing.  While they were singing, which was quite impressive, i thought to myself, “Steve, you need a choir.”  I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to walk around and never having to speak because the choir sings whatever your response would be. I would go into the office and someone would say “Good Morning Steve.”  My choir would belt out in perfect harmony, “Steve would say good morning; but, he really doesn’t like you -- so go away.”  Yeah, i want a choir of punks.

If anyone of you want to be part of my choir, post of video of yourself singing and post it in this thread. 

I might be the perfect fit for your punk choir, because no one wants to hear me sing…
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13 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

did you happen to run into a white rabbit while collecting your shrooms?

Just got home from Redding after our mini concert.

They hit Bend Oregon last night and we really thought about following them, however the threat of snow

is something i do NOT do.

They hit Portland tonight then points north.

Weather too "Iffy" to continue the tour for me.



Tarheel, you may wish to take the LF to these guy's, they will be "Home" for Xmas and in your neck of the woods.

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Good Friday Morning gang


Nice thing about traveling the state is, every two hours or less there is a Casino.

Keep telling the wife the Indians have little reason to like the Whiteman, she is STILL NOT convinced.


Damage to the checking acct is not bad.

Except looking in my pocket when arriving home to find a cash-out ticket for $60 bucks:o

Only good to cash same day, i aint driving back to Redding for $60 bucks.......


:emotion-44::emotion-44::emotion-44: Can think of no plan for the day.....Nap Time.


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Good Friday evening gang


I hope everyone's day/evening is better than mine, because mine went south just after i posted here this morning.


Wife drove a couple miles down to do her "River Walk" nature thing, i get a phone call from her telling me im taking her to Kaiser as soon as she arrives home. this i did.

She stepped/Slipped on a wet rock, broken wrist in 6 places:o:o

Nothing like the experience of an emergency room for 9 hours.....waiting.....


She is good to go now with pain meds and chicken soup.


Should have followed the Band to Portland, we had NO reason to come home.

Next time we do just that.

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17 hours ago, akdave said:

Happy Friday all!  Supposed to get a "dusting" of snow last night - ended up with 5-6".  This is the view from my office window right now.  Slow going getting here, but the coffee is even better on a cold day!




Looks like that wet heavy snow......


Dave my coffee tastes better just looking at your pic;)....... and no I'm not ready for any snow yet..... I was just looking at my snow blower the other day saying to myself...... "man it's coming:unsure:"......


MKP :-)

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3 hours ago, JL Sargent said:

Mark, that's just too long to have to wait for help! Hoping she is better soon.


Kaiser is good, she was in with the Doc within 5Min, the waiting was on me.

They gave her pain meds so they could "Set" the wrist/lower arm, the meds did not take so they put her out.

Went for lunch at a local Pub, then ended up back there for dinner, we got home at 9:30.


No more Nature walks for awile........:wacko:

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Welp, it's winter.


Time to start the winter projects, got an 8" table full of aquired goodies.

RV engineering/Repair/Improvement is now on the drawing board.

Got enough to keep me busy for a few months, and the Farmers now and then.

April projected travel time, at least a break-in trip to the Desert.


MajorDickinsons Blend Coffee w/spash of the Duggans :emotion-44::emotion-44::emotion-44:


Better see if i need to do anything about the wifes breakfast.......on with the day:emotion-21:


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So sorry to hear of your wife's injury Mark.  At least she can get around unlike a lower extremity injury.  Take this opportunity to spoil her a little.


My wife's car is in the shop so I got to thrash her loaner around for a bit this morning.  Good fun.  I also scored a bottle of Weller 12 while I was out.  They're really hard to come by so overall it was a great morning.

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