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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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You know the auto manufactures took away alittle slice of "my" pie a few years back. I would save the old cats to sell to a core guy that comes around the shop. There was one point I was getting $125-$175 for some of the old cats. One month I got almost 1000 bucks for my old cats I was saving...that's some nice chedda for just saving some old crapp. Prices have dropped big time for the old cats....but now the dealers/manufactures want the old ones back....they hit me with a core charge till I return the old ones...:angry:


MKP :-)

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18 minutes ago, USNRET said:

The wife has been on my butt to clean up
How did I end with with 50 spare HDMI cables and a pile of RCAs AFTER I culled out some?



I think cables are amoeba or tribbles; they multiply. I see you like KnuKoncepts. Good bang for your buck. I like the locking RCA's. I have a couple of those around here.

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I have two of those giant Rubber Maid tubs completely stuffed full with cables, one for Household Cables and one for Computer Cables.  I have a rolling 3-drawer cabinet for audio cables and related audio items.


After I had culled the herd.  :ph34r2:

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