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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Just now, Tarheel said:

He also takes an enteric baby aspirin and Boswellia, a natural herb formula the Doc recommended.

Good deal.  I hate to see our 4 legged family members having problems.  Be sure he gets an extra belly rub today.  Tell him it's from uncle Carl.

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Morning gents. Be well to the furry friends. Last day this week and a 4 day weekend (my Friday off moved to Thurs and holiday on Friday). Should have ordered the below earlier but was not really wanting to spend the bucks oh well gone now. I will be ripping all the DVD I bought from Joesportster a good while back (where has he been?)



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Evening gang


Rv work continues, sinking the TV into the "new" wall.

Kind of nice to be playing with the "Trades"


I was Rusty on Router work, trim router work, painting, contact cement layup on felt.


Neighbor has used the new belt sander twice, i have not yet had the need.

Will be replacing the Pot metal sheaves w/cast steel, noise and vibration are present.


New Dentist in the morning, they sure seem to "Like" spending Ins money.


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Hello from Barrie Ontario !   Just got to our Inn and after getting the wifi and laptop going wanted to stop by and say hello.    I see the fun is still going strong around here.........Prom photo and all   :o:o:o:o    


Ok, Chris' bro and family are taking us to a fine Indian restaurant downtown, so we have to be ready when they come to pick us up shortly..


Enjoy your evening everyone..............  I will check in again at some point during our 3 day stay.....




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