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10 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

Go Canes 

Evenin' Jim, I'm thinking (along with our announcers on FSCR) that the refs are fed up with the caps tripping, hacking and all that. Maybe not the elbowing... did you see ovi and Carlson tag teaming McGinn with those big elbows behind their net? about 2:00 left in the third before ovi got booted from the ice.


*Saw a replay of the caps called back goal in the third. I'd swear gr8's shot went in before he pushed Mrazek!

The tide has turned with the bad officiating!

`Canes to the second round!!

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I do OK.

After an hour of golfing on my home course - it a rough/tall - I find myself leaning on the stick.  

  Last time out, I decided to wait a little before going at it again. The weeds are just starting to dry and getting tough to cut. Now, it's wait for them to dry.  Be able to put the whip sickle away and get the rake.  With all the rain we had over the fall/winter, dried weeds start getting called a "fire hazard". We won't see much for precip over the next couple months... plenty of sun, wind, high temps and low r/h

DO NOT voluntarily come to soAZ in June.  Prayers can take a while to be answered... we get all of the requests for warm, from the winter, in June.


My buddy has a lady friend.... just recent.  They are moved in... Asked me to give him a head's up before I come over. Asked him if a bolt of lightning and a thunderclap would be sufficient.


Listening to NorahJones "Come Away with Me"....   I swear I can hear my dad playing his bass on a couple of the tunes. Look at it [the bass] standing in the corner, and smile. Of course, he didn't.. The style and this little system.... so real/live sounding


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