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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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9 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:


Growing up in Wisconsin our little town of Waterloo had a late summer holiday called Wiener and Kraut day.

Everybody turned out downtown, lots of grilled hotdogs, brats and sauerkraut.

I drive through Waterloo, Wisconsin all the time. That place is the best. Why did you ever leave? Oh... NM.


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"Normality" returns to this house.

Wife is back to work.... for the moment anyway

Spent the day, yesterday, doing laundry. A week of bad weather... Today, I went up on the roof and plunged the chimney. SIL's BF dropped us enough wood to last a few days... That was very nice.


While wife was on vacation....She cleaned the house. Picked up her paper and school stuff. I do the general cleaning, but I leave those piles alone - figuring she knows what's in them.... After she got done tidying things... she couldn't find anything.

Had to fight to keep her from treating the leftover rib roast like any chunk of meat. She made a batch of chili before I could stop her. All I could say was "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Then I went and had a laugh/cry


I'm about to declare it cocktail time.  Boy got me another bottle of Woodford Reserve.

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1 hour ago, MicroMara said:

Jubilees ?


1 hour ago, MicroMara said:

Jubilees ?

Heritage Jubilee money is pocket change for the Southern Gentleman. Don’t let his cute little emoji fool you. But curious minds would appreciate a little more info. And I bet it ain’t Klipsch - 

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1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

IThe last pair he bought didn't have a cabinet.    :)

That´s called Open Baffle Speakers , it´s an acoustic engineering that doesn´t need a closed cabinet , just an example from a portugesian company ...but I´m sure you knew that before .... 





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