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Small Home Theater Add-On MORE BASSSSS


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well i bought some extra woofers forever ago when they were discontinued for future if my room was bigger and i wanted more bass. well we are gonna finish my storage room. so its time to utilize or get rid of things. so i went ahead and built 4 more enclosures:




never fun tearing a room apart....except when its to add something cooler  B)




This was about as far as i could get by myself. lifting these 125 lb subs all the way to the ceiling was not happening alone




and then a life saver friend showed up at 10 pm to help! 


finished product:




so before anyone asks, i tested everything out but forgot to order a extra y splitter. not the end of the world, stealing the one from the upstairs theater. but finished this at 1 am so no listening was done. 

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