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What I Got Today!


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21 minutes ago, 314carpenter said:



These are built hands on, with machines one at a time, in an old world factory in Italy. All Italian Leather, Gore Tex, Vibram. Check out that Norwegian welt stitch. Only a few companies left still doing that. I will probably end up resoling these for the next 10-20 years with proper leather care. One of the best boot makers on the planet. Mostly known in the U.S. for hunting. These will be my everyday, off work, 6 month footwear, october - march.

I got 2 mail order, and will only keep the one that fits best. How cool, they even came in a nice canvas bag.

For $470... They should resole themselves.. Nice boots

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On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 12:49 PM, USNRET said:

A lawyer (for my son). Driver ran red light when Jeffrey was in process of protected left turn. Bumps, bruises, stiffness, air bag burns.


Jeffrey Wreck 1 June 2018.jpg

and then you find out there were TWO tickets given

......one for NO INSURANCE!!!

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Actually got this yesterday, Bi-level cervical fusion and a hard neck brace for the next 6 weeks........................Yay Labor. 


I remember all the old timers telling me I would pay for all that heavy lifting when I was a young hard head, Perhaps I should have listened. Hoping my 2 boys will learn from my mistakes they get to see first hand the ramifications of working with your back instead of your brain. You can bet I drive that point home as often as I get a chance

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