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What I Got Today!


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Rodney... I am curious, what is your endgame when it comes to equipment? Are you searching for a specific sound... or are you into trying new things?


By the way, are you firm on the Stellias?

I like to try new things , As for my main system I think it’s done , now I’m setting up a second system at other house . Yes firm on the Stellias



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image.jpeg.26700b942a3004e4d56a1210c0608916.jpeg                                                                                  image.jpeg.3aaeb17bd0ae9a9a11f3d9b0a8cd4314.jpeg

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On 8/13/2020 at 2:50 PM, dirtmudd said:

Gia's new stereo 

thanks @cincymat@JohnJ 

and special thanks for the rapid response @Mallette         


Gia did not want to use the kg1's

but wanted to use the pro lx5's



no turntable as of yet


maybe a turntable soon.. but i might get her headphones

Grado SR 60e Headphones

Item # GRSR60E
Grado SR 60e Headphones
Our Price: $79.00


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