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What I Got Today!


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I had a black and decker way back when.  it could just make mowing my yard, which is a difficult mow.  The batteries gave out and I never made it to the replacement center 40 miles away.  $100 to replace, not all that bad.  I ended up putting it on the curb for free, with the manual and a note saying it just needs new batteries.  I put a craftsman self propelled out at the same time that needed a new bendix, same way, manual and note.  Self propelled is too heavy for all of the maneuvering I do and I went with a high wheel manual mower, with a b&s quantum engine.  Had that for years and the only thing it's needed has been a new pull cord.  Air filter, plug and oil change, and a new mulching blade yearly as maintenance.

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Put an old Snapper rider out 5 years ago, which had a newer

8hp B&S motor on it. Bought

it during a tantrum when wanted

to get away from the self propelled p


Free ad in Craigslist made it gone very quickly.

Would be sort of neat if the newer electric offering had a plug-in that bypassed the battery power to enable an extension cord to finish the mow, before the guests arrive.

Battery tech. doing better now 


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The Ego has a 56 volt 7.5 amp  hour battery. Mowed the lawn with some to spare using self propelled most of the time. Very impressive and better yet my wife can use it. She struggles with the Snapper. It's an absolute bear to start even though it has a functioning electric start plus it weighs a ton. Hell of a mower though but with all the nooks, crannies and banana plants etc it's a job. She WANTS to mow with this thing. 


We'll see how it holds up.

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9 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

That's awesome! If I get stuck in the mud, I'm calling you.


When I mow the trail back in the woods there are several wet spots. When the mower wheels sink the carriage hangs up and your done. (actually one wheel drive) The winch pulls everything out with it including mud and rocks with the rear wheels locked up and dragging.


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Yes, I'm barely breathing after today's trip.  Done but they won!  Tom told me initially there would be a noticeable bass increase, which as nice considering the LS usually seem to be lacking.  It'll drop, which will make the mids & tweets shine even more than they are tonight he added.  So far, so good.  Dynavector DV-20X3H.  Got some cooking to do!  :)



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5 hours ago, KROCK said:

CCF08272020_00000.thumb.jpg.0535541c7c3691d700ee6d6360a97bce.jpgHearing test.

I would like to see one of these from a few of the audio reviewers, especially those who also happen to be of an advanced age, that many "audiophiles" pay so much attention to. Kind of like a lie "BS" detector for your ears. Going to go listen to the crickets and frogs in the otherwise silent room sing a beautiful caucaphany of sound now.

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