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Jeff's Eight

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MWM 402 horn



KP 396

Cornwall lll   Forte lll         it's a tie for me

Split LaScala's

Forte ll



And the 1502 sub with any of these

Sorry couldn't stop at just 5, I would say Khorn but only with the right room.


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1.  Epic CF-4 (Version 1, highly modded, w/15" sealed sub)

2.  Khorn 1978 (highly modded, A/4500 XO, K-55-M mid, SEOS 12" horn w/DNA360 HF compression driver)

3.  Khorn 1978 stock, Type AA crossovers

4.  Epic CF-4 Version 1, stock

5.  La Scala 1979, stock, type AA XO


The modded CF-4 needs a sub to complete the lowest frequencies with authority. otherwise it is a bit thin on the low end.  In my mind that makes it a 3-way speaker. It is super accurate and dynamic with the sub.


The Khorns and La Scala were sold due to my wife not liking large speakers in the living room.  I would still have the Khorns (which replaced the LS) if I could.


I have owned all the speakers I listed.  Only the CF-4's remain, in the Mancave.

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For me,


  1. Khorns 
  2. La Scalas
  3. Jubilees - would most likely be higher but only had a brief session
  4. LSI Splits
  5. Forte II 

My wife doesn’t care for large speakers in the living room either. But the Khorns are in the family room. Her La Scalas are in the living room. 



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1) Belle

2) LaScala

3) Heresy

4) RB61 II

5) KSB 2.1 / 1.1 tie


Belles over LS based on looks, but LS can go outside which is wonderful. I would rank my LSI splits in there but I loaned them out to a coworker for his Thanksgiving party (last year) and they haven't come back. Really liked them too, miss them. Haven't heard a Khorn since 1977 and never owned a set so cant comment. Had Corwalls and sold them so can't put them on the list cuz I hardly sell anything. Could put Chorus 1 in 4th place, built a set of cabinets for another forum member and listened to them briefly and like them too.


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