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Best female vocals, looking for suggestions


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49 minutes ago, dtr20 said:

I've always been a huge fan of The Cranberries. Delores O'Riordan had a phenomenal voice and great lyrics, I will miss her very much. R.I.P.

I like how the Bad Wolves remake honors Dolores' family by donating the sales of that song to her family. Amazing how her death coincided with her guest appearance and singing in that bands remake of Zombie.

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A few of my all time favorites.  Judy Collins (I wanted to be a groupie for Judy), Deborah Harry, Joan Jett, and Roberta Flack.  If you only want listen to just one, then click on the Roberta Flack video - I can't think of any better love song.







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Well I can't see any of the videos that were posted in this thread while here at work, so I will post my top ten female vocalists, some of whom have been mentioned.

 1.) Sandy Denny

 2.) Irma Thomas

 3.) Linda Thompson

 4.) Ella Fitzgerald

 5.) Alison Krauss

 6.) Mahalia Jackson

 7.) Angela Strehli

 8.) Roseanne Cash

 9.)Etta James

10.)Joni Mitchell


 Today's list is subject to change and I apologize to talents like Karrin Allyson, Marcia Ball, etc. Other artists move up and crack the top ten, but the top 5 is pretty much on lock down.


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