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Best female vocals, looking for suggestions


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Hmmmm, lots of favs...  Rumor has it Robert Plant said "no", Kenny Chesney "don't know," BUT somethin just trips me w/her right now...  Tons of favs here bt ya gotta admit that party girl is portrayed by so many fem vocalists @ some points...  Refined fem vocals is another thing imo but man...  Burny, burny!!!   😎 



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4 hours ago, teaman said:

One of my favorite female singers is Elize Ryd. Stunning beauty and amazing singer in Amaranthe, Dreamstate, Gus G, etc. Gorgeous and amazing vocals.







Oh, yes! I've been listening to Amaranthe for the last two or three years. She does have a set of pipes! There are some amazing female vocalists in the genre

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13 hours ago, Zen Traveler said:

The chick for the Civil Wars also has a really nice voice--Their rendition Of Billy Jean is a must! That said, I couldn't imagine either of the Civil Wars spouses being comfortable with their relationship....

Nothing has ever been confirmed but that could be the reason they broke up as a duet.  Obvious flirty banter between the two that could have caused some insecurities and temptations that neither spouses thought healthy for their marriages.  It is a shame because Joy Williams and John Paul White were IMO a harmonic and song writing dynamo.



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