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Best female vocals, looking for suggestions


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3 hours ago, Sam S. said:

Sarah McLachlan


3 hours ago, willland said:

Joy Williams(Civil Wars)


49 minutes ago, MetropolisLakeOutfitters said:

I like Dido.  

These all get my vote with Sarah being the most consistent--Her Afterglow concert on DVD is awesome! So is Dido's. The chick for the Civil Wars also has a really nice voice--Their rendition Of Billy Jean is a must! That said, I couldn't imagine either of the Civil Wars spouses being comfortable with their relationship....

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Some jazz artists that have good (dynamic and clean) recordings include Xiomora Laugart (on the Chesky label) with a truly amazing Cuban deep contralto:



Jane Monheit,  Sarah Vaughan ("the divine one"), Stacey Kent (Breakfast on the Morning Tram album is really good), Tierney Sutton (Dancing in the Dark, Something Cool albums are great)., Ute Lemper (All That Jazz album is very good), 


A classical female voice that I'd recommend is Sumi Jo.  She did the closing credits for the film The Ninth Gate by Roman Polanski.  She has amazing projection and range that I've not heard very often, especially in a lyric soprano.  You'll think that you're listening to an alto at times due to the depth of her voice:



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The Dixie Chicks have a solid lead singer in Natalie Maynes and a good blend of vocals.  They have a lot of fun tunes with cool videos, and it's all free on Youtube!  You also might try to look up their version of Landslide.



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