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Best female vocals, looking for suggestions


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Mmm, Julie London.  I remember when I first saw her on Emergency as a kid. For some reason she caught my attention. didn't know she sang until much later.  I like the way she says "Daddy" in the song above.  Could do without the horn section, however.

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I recently came across a recording that reminded me of this post. Thought I would add to the list (I, too, have great admiration for the talent and production that went into Famous Blue Raincoat)... So, anyway – Alison Krauss sings a lullaby on the disc "Appalachian Journey" by Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Mark O'Connor (Released by Sony Classical).


This song/rendition may be a sleeper (I have not found it anywhere else) – and sits exquisitely, tucked-away on this mostly instrumental album.

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im a little late to this thread but i just read through all 8 pages & am amazed that no one mentioned one of the best female rock vocalists ever... ann wilson of heart!  she has an amazing voice & can sing heavy rock songs & softer ballads effortlessly, not to mention in the early days she was drop dead gorgeous!  same with her sister nancy!  ann can still sing today as good as ever!  






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