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Rock and Roll is Dead


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On 12/18/2020 at 9:41 AM, rmlowz said:

It was a internet hoax he is still with us

I think that he was joking about The Rock, and tied it to Rock is dead. Whoosh lol



On 12/17/2020 at 11:56 PM, BigStewMan said:

NFL Network that they are having Miley Cyrus as a guest tomorrow

NFL is dead. It's been a slow death. The 1/2 time shows with wardrobe 'failures' and the RHCP pulling a Milli Vanilli / Ashley Simpson  act drove more nails in the coffin. 


Also, journalism is dead, good acting is dead, good parenting is dead, but Rock n Roll is alive... Proof? - Keith Richards. 

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of course I was being facetious. still disappointed though. Admittedly, I've NEVER heard a single song of hers; but have seen short clips on tv from time to time and I didn't enjoy what I saw/heard. I wonder if they just threw in the word "Rock" or if this album is a different sound for her?  I think that's a question better left unanswered -- there is a vast library of stuff already made and a few new folks that seem to have a classic rock influence. 

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20 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

Just saw a promo on the NFL Network that they are having Miley Cyrus as a guest tomorrow ... she has the number one ROCK album currently.

That's not just dead it was murder.

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