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Jubilee's 70th anniversary K horns and more..


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Long story short I recently moved in with my girlfriend and am thinking of downsizing. The place we got can't accomodate all the audio equipment I have. I am in the CT area I have a pair of Klipsch Jubilee's purchased from Cory Harrison mint condition with Xillica XP 2040 As well as Klipschorn 70th anniversary speakers. Those I actually have barely used.  Bought them and didn't really like the way they sounded in my listening room so bought the Jubilees. The problem with the Khorns is the serial numbers don't match. The store I bought them from got confused and sent the wrong pair but they are only off by 1 number. I also have JTR orbital Shifters x2 and Emotiva XPA-7 amp and XMC-1 processor 


Prices are 


Jubilees 5k 

Khorns 8k

JTR 2k each

Emotiva XMC-1 $800 

Emotiva XPA-7 Gen 3 1k


Shipping on speakers would not be available buyer would need to be able to transport them but i will help move them out of the house. 


Pictures upon request.

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58 minutes ago, AaronB123 said:

Lol do you think I should be asking more? 


Kind of an interesting question and topic.....but I'd not want to let mine go for $5K and they're probably not as pretty as yours.


So...um....  yeah.  Depending of course, on how fast you want to get rid of them.

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2 hours ago, juniper said:

I do, Ive heard the Khorns, highly modified with fine electronics.... and standard ones.. The Jubs although not so pretty, are so much better... Plus they work in small spaces....

The asking price (of each)... is directly related to the original MSRP pricing. I think it's MORE THAN fair and folks in that area should NOT be waiting for lower pricing.

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I tried to PM Aaron and got this:
If tidmack doesn't grab the Jubs, maybe I'll send up a smoke signal. I just have to get them back to Chicago. . . . 

I believe you have to have 5 post, looks like you are almost there.

Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk

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