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Klipsch raising Heritage prices AGAIN on September 1st - this time 15%


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I get it to a degree, but these speakers are mdf. Sure, new R&D and drivers, crossovers.  2500 to 8k in one year?  That's where I'm stuck.  $6500 jubilees to (what are they now?)  20k?  30k?   If a Toyota camry jumped to 60k or 80k tomorrow, would anyone's eyebrows raise? Obviously I'm a huge klipsch fan and not trying to bash, but damn.... 

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19 minutes ago, richieb said:

— Should wait to hear this direct from a Klipsch price schedule (and/or Paducah) or take this at face value to be fact?

Although Upscale is a reputable seller - 

Its happening. I inquired with Cory's Assistant on an item and he told me that on 9/1, 15% price percentage increase is happening. 

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2 hours ago, 314carpenter said:

Second hand speakers just got another price increase then too. Don't believe me? Just wait. I will bet you the price difference. Make your wagers now.

Hmmmm, interesting.  I will have two pairs of beautiful La Scalas for sale in the near future......

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2 hours ago, Westcoastdrums said:

And what the hell is that video about?   Yada Yada Yada. 

I think it's about his previoys newsletter saying the increase was 9/15 and he wanted to correct it to 9/1. 


The rest of it think he is ranting about comments about people who respond to his previous YouTube videos. 


I loved the line about one comment he received "I'm an electrical engineer . . ." 

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Kevin is a very passionate and fun person and he seriously does not try and hard sell people when you go into Upscale Audio. Instead he tries to share his knowledge and opinions after carefully listening to what you as a customer are looking for. I have truly enjoyed working with everyone I have dealt with at Upscale and he doesn’t pull any punches.


glad I did not post about the upcoming price increases. The last time I hid I suffered the wrath of the grumpy old haters on this forum. Lmao

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