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(SOLD OUT) Dope From Hope Book (SOLD OUT)


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4 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:

We are in process of getting our hands on some extras, not sure how many we will end up getting, or the pricing yet. But if you would like to be on wait list send me an email




museum has 2 u s ......first email bounced back

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Sittin here waiting on my Dope From Hope books.  Read where one of the guys said the return addy was "Dope From Hope" on the box.  So I went out of the box over thinking it.  New girl on the mail route, my old carrier who knows I'm bat sheet crazy wouldn't think a thing about it but her?  Could be another chapter in my "Duckburg" book.  "Postal Inspectors, Federal Marshall's, County Sheriff and local law enforcement officials raid  home in drug related search."  Sound about right?   😂💪😂


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On 11/28/2023 at 12:15 PM, mikebse2a3 said:

Received my copies..🙂


I’m absolutely blown away by the Quality, Feel and Beauty of the “DOPE FROM HOPE” book…!!!

Packaging was 1st class all the way..!!!











I hope my Dope From Hope book comes with a gorgeous La Scala like yours did. That's even cooler than the BS button ;)

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I put the funny in the wrong place
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Hi fine folks! 


Happy to share tracking info for those getting anxious but confirming I'm monitoring and seeing a lot of books landing between Dec 4 and 5th, regardless of proximity to Alabama :)


Domestic orders of single books are USPS Media Mail, FedEx for 2 or more books. International orders are mostly FedEx 2 days with the exception of Asia + Oceania. Trust me, we strategized on these ship rates enough to become the confused math lady meme but we got there in the end! 


To those who didn't get a chance to order via Kickstarter, please email @Travis In Austin as the Museum has some copies to allocate. 


If you are feeling nervous about delivery, please reach out to hi@loveinjection.nyc and we'll get you sorted with a tracking link. 


Love the beautiful photos of your setup at home with the book. Keep em coming! Thank you for appreciating the book, we are elated that you're finding it beautiful. It was our intention that it be a representation of the craftsmanship and quality of the speakers we love so much. 





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