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Talk about restoring older speakers and other technical/electronic information here.

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    • The Surface is very nice.   I need at least a 2k monitor for my DAW, or I have to scale it down a bigger screen is better... like to fit this:    
    • I'm not kidding... 😛
    • I already have an i7 surface...
    • Why a tower in the times from High End Lap tops ? Waste of energy and space . I own a LG Gram 17z90N / Intel Core 7 ( new generation ) / Win 11 / 32 GB RAM DDR4 / 2TB SSD / 2560 x1600 Screen Resolution / 178ppi / 60 Hz / Graphiccard Intel Iris XE , 17 hours accu capacity ,  absolute noiseless , magnesium case , 1.300 gram total weight only , illuminate keyboard , connect a 41" screen and you´ll be fine          
    • Only if your motherboard has a TPM 2 (Trusted Platform Module ver 2). They are tying system security to the hardware. Plus it requires secure boot and UEFI.   You will still be able to use Win10, but they will eventually stop providing security updates. It will sill run...   Chris, I got a Dell T5610 from one of our recycling dropoffs. My son sent me some memory for it. I bought an extra xeon and fan. Less than $100 in it. Still need to get a new system drive. Almost totally silent, will use for my DAW.   I think I have 64G of ram for it.  
    • “Everything sounds better in a corner.”     I know PK said this, I just don’t know where. A publication? An interview? Video interview?    As I recall it, I think he was playing with some bookshelves while he was in school. It might’ve even been in his dorm room. While messing with them, he figured out that they sounded better when he put them in the corner.   Of course, have no idea if the story is true or not. I can’t even remember where I heard it.
    • Surprised at the lack of interest in these. Is there any other info I could provide? Is my price too high? Just not much demand? I’d like to see them go to someone who would enjoy them!
    • Anyone see the new intelligence organization logo...    
    • I should have it up and going tomorrow.  Hung the TV last night and now need to wire it all up.  Luckily, the rear is all wired up from the previous owner when they built the house, so I just have to hang the new surrounds and connect them up!    For the cabinet... That was a bit if a pain to sort out, but I like it for the outcome.  I bought it on Wayfair and it came with a bunch of damaged parts.  They sent me another, and it had some damaged parts as well.  I put it together and things didn't fit right, but I had enough parts between the two to make something that worked, but still has a gouge in the top panel that isn't covered by the center speaker. After talking with Wayfair again, they refunded me.  For the price of $0, I'll use it until I get some time to build something that fits me.  At the original price of about $1k, I was very unhappy and I didn't want to keep sending more kits and hoping they are good. 
    • I can add to these 'mishaps'.   First, I am safe, and UNhurt, NO heat involved.    We had strong and heavy rains here, my gutters were full of pine needles.  So, when there was a break in the rain storm, I got out my 6' ladder.  Had a metal hook and climbed the ladder to free one end of the gutters, GOOD, drained out the spout with a flood like force .   Moved down the other end of the home (54' to the right), set up the ladder, checked the footing to be sure.  Climbed up, one step from the absolute top of the ladder, again, NOTHING to hold onto.   All good, reached up with the hook...............LEFT FRONT leg of the ladder decided to sink into the ground behind the shrubbery.  Ladder goes to the left, I go to the right, free falling from 6' and land straight on my back, legs tangled in the ladder, head bounced on ground too!!   I lay for a couple seconds there, upset at what happened, realized I was NOT HURT, took the ladder up, had to straighten the bent thing, climbed right back up and got the jog done!   At 70, feeling lucky, happy I did not break anything!    A week of scary things for us music lovers huh ??   Take care, be safe my friends!
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