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    Here ya go, it only covers the outlet, what's really need is protection from all the wires in the walls and ceiling, "special paint" would work. It could have actual snake oil in it, when you start up I will be glad to supply some unbelievably pure snake oil, you will need to just specify the exact type of snake required for the higher priced products, the lower end can just have general snake oil. I am sure you could attract a few suckers clients with such a groundbreaking product .
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    Yes, digressed, I'll give myself one warning point. And I got up feeling so optimistic this morning...
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    I think a "computer" can replace the "CD player" with a good DAC and provide many advantages in how we access out own music.
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    Great idea, I should have thought of that. Your coffee will have a blacker background.
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    hope the Littlest Rebel finds her way to the Camp where the last roll is called
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    Just thinking about where i can move these babys and wondered how they would do as side surrounds? I know they are not a match, but might just work if I moved a few things around. Any input on placement....i guess it would be easy enough to run wire to them real quick and test. just worried about the horn being right there at ear level 2 feet behind, in my room, they would need to be placed real close to the rear of the couch. I will say I had a pair of 82's on the side for a short time and thinking back it sounded really good, even 7 channel with music. Also, have been kicking around the idea of a single rf7 as a center if I could ever find one.
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    check out this snake oil pitch, http://app.audiogon.com/listings/tweaks-parade-audio-announces-are-new-carbon-fiber-outlet-cover-2014-02-12-accessories-60060
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    I can't believe I clicked on that.
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    That's an acceptable statement. However, for the sake of fairness, computer based audio should be matched against CD's and not vinyl or RtR. edit: word redundancy. I suppose you could always introduce some hiss or popping to make it fair.
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    That's an acceptable statement. However, for the sake of fairness, computer based audio should be matched against CD's and not vinyl or RtR. edit: word redundancy.
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    That name makes me giggle, think I need to try it for that alone.
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    Cancel lunch with jacksonbart at Long John Silvers tomorrow...
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    I'm right there with you. I don't eat anything that lives in water. It's a mental block, and I won't even try it. So don't ask.
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    And to think I was going to serenade you with "When the Levee Breaks" ah well...
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    New to this Forum, thanks in advance for replies....So I bought a 2W Decware flea amp from a buddy knowing I had a pair of Full Range single driver speakers sitting unused in the basement to give a listen too for a 2nd system..... Fast forward, I'm testing the old speakers out and the magnet is barely hanging onto the basket on one of them, and I can't get it afixed. Ergo I'm looking for a nice pair of Used Klipsch's bookshelf speakers; not looking to break the bank but need something efficient. Recommendations please...... Thanks for your help, Lwood
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    Your honest feedback may encourage the seller to do a better job in the future. Why reward his poor performance with excellent feedback that is awarded to those that do an excellent job. Keith
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    Watch it Boxx. This is not a thread for positivity!
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    ^^^ & you hear the differ
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    With a good DAC and a decent service like MOG, it doesn't suck. At least that's been my experience. I also listen to a lot of different things that I wouldn't otherwise hear.
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    Great idea, I should have thought of that.
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    How do you know unless you try it?
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    So I should cancel my order???
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    If you would like a subtle change in your coffee, you can change out the power cord to the grinder or brewer. I can taste the difference
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    Any one remember Dragonfly, can't remember if he was tossed out or just left. Boy he could type
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    My thoughts exactly which is why i sent an email explaining my dissatisfaction with the way the transaction was handled, and the facts that i paid shipping and he advertised the box and materials. I figure if he shows a conscience, and ships me these things i will take the higher road and forget about Neg. Although so far he is just ignoring my communication, I plan to give him a day or 2
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    That was the first time that I A/B the Forte 1 and 2. After hearing them, I would have bought what you did, too.
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    When Shirley Temple came to the San Francisco Film Festival (in the 1960s) she sat in on the John Ford Director's retrospective. The host didn't always have his facts right -- especially the dates of Ford's films, and other not so trivial trivia. Ford didn't jump in and make corrections -- it's possible he was going deaf by then -- but Shirley repeatedly piped up and supplied the correct information. She was rumored to have a photographic memory. Yes, the pairing of her with Bill Robinson was one of the master strokes of filmmaking.
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    Shirley Temple was one of my moms favorites, mom was about 4 years older than Shirley and I lost my mom about 3 years ago. RIP Shirley
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    I all ways enjoyed watching her movies with my mom and great grandmother.
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    Other than the time and frustration, you might ask for refunded shipping AND the box/manual, stating that you "would rather not post negative feedback". Out of curiosity, how is this seller's feedback?
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    Thanks to forum member jweber I have the wonderful Forte...
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    I seen this ad on CAM this morning and was going to post it to the forum. The seller mentions that the 1956 set he is selling "sound far better than any modern Klipschorns". So far, I have only heard my 1985 vintage K-Horns and two different sets of 1977 vintage K-Horns which all sound excellent.
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    Freddie Mercury… Honorable mention to Burton Cummings Ann Wilson…(just edged out Grace Slick) Queen
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    You might not like the "floor" noise. I live 1 1/2 miles downhill and can hear the blades moving.
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    Sorry Jason, got home from work, ate dinner then off to basketball game. Life stays busy with 4 children.
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    It really killed me to leave them (and the center channel) behind...
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    I started thinking about my current listening habits with Multichannel Music and realized that nowadays it's more about where the music takes me in my own mind. I tend to appreciate passages in between thoughts, but never read, write or am distracted by external things when doing so and have on a nightly basis for almost a decade... That said, I feel completely different about Painting which I try to put myself in the artist's shoes and see what they were trying to convey emotionally--I probably embarrassed the crap outta my wife in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, standing in front of a Van Gogh in the Dr Gachet wing of the museum. Btw, I realize that this is the 2-channel section but you guys are the most interesting. {Note: no smiley gif}
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    Very cool. A mere 6.5 hours each way, hmmm...
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    That's not that long, barely into the pro-logic days ! Just kidding Welcome, you found the right place.
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    Nice pics in your gallery.
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    That's the heaviest template I've ever seen but if that's what you had laying around, it looks like it worked well. I would suggest to future builders to use a 1/4 or 3/8 hardwood underlayment to save their back. Looking good, I had a great time building mine and it's really a simple build so you get to see results quickly. Get er done!
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    Polarity, polarity, polarity, not phase...............please.
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    Until we have a real high fidelity format, people will stay away in droves. Stereo is 60 years old, obsolete, and keeps the public away from audio in droves. If that's all the movies offered the theaters would all go dark. People want realism, high fidelity, immersion. It may have been good enough for grandpa, but it ain't good enough no mo... Dave PS - I don't need to be reminded about BR, SACD, whatever. Those are media. Media is obsolete.
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    Hi-Fi Alt GMBH http://www.hifi-alt.de/ I finally found some interesting info on the Palladium in the European press.Very detailed info just need babel to translate. http://www.areadvd.de/hardware/2008/klipsch_palladium.shtml
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