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    Same I have a 66 Charger in my garage . It has not turned a wheel under it's own power in a long time . When I think about putting it back on the road the safety aspect kills it . "It's only safety feature are the lap belts" Pic is not long after I bought it in 89 . Saguaro Lake off the Apache Trail .
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    Random Zeppelin tunes on right now (sorry @dirtmudd) "Hey Whoopie Cat"
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    Time for old blue eyes Compilation LP from 1967 Shoutout to @oldtimer Artist - Frank Sinatra Title - The Movie Songs 
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    The shirt will be worth a mint in couple of years... intelligent young lady... sure she is enjoying her music... Cheer s Proud Dad !
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    Since the youngest found that Floyd "Division Bell" t-shirt I texted her tonite to ask if she kept it or was selling it. She said, "Dad I couldn't sell it after I heard the album." I said try "Wish You Were Here," and she said yea Dad I wish you were here too. Told her "NO THE LP" they have by the same name, "Wish You Were Here." She said, "Oh, OK!" I SWEAR she doesn't get it from me so I went to the tub and BOOM! Pissing off the neighbors again!
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    Hope your mother is on the way to Recovery...bless ...her
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    Jackson Browne: lyrics and a good tune... loved by the cool people in jr high.... then by me too after hearing more of his stuff. Bad week here, lots of days and nights at the hosp for my mom that's been in bad shape but has turned the corner now... might be home this weekend. & that will be lots more to handle now. Brother drove up this evenng to give me a break for the night. Started with Claypool Lennon Delerium "South of Reality" love this stuff but it's kind of a short double LP. Cranked it up and had to reduce the bass to -30 cause Les Claypool can jam on his bass. Govt Mule sounding good too will have to turn in soon but needed some tunes to unwind tonight.
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    Sure, OK. Did you skip your medication today?
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    And if you could see what it's done to me To lose the love I knew Could safely lead me to The land that I once knew To learn as we grow old The secrets of arse holes
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    Dirty deeds.....dunder chief.
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    No rain today soooo pissing off the neighbors. Got the party started! Lil Ted Nugent and the boys from 1967 as the Amboy Dukes, Procol Harum's "Grand Hotel" and Pat Metheney's "Still life (talking) from '87.
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    Done, we decided , started cutting yet ?
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    I second the motion. All in favor?
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    A sawzall and 30 minutes should do it. This we will need a picture of.
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    Neat little shout-out from Klipsch corporate on Facebook. Go send words of encouragement to this lady if you've got an account - she's been a huge part of making sure the Heritage line LOOKS good too.
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    Electronically, little paddle switch on one side that you press up or push down to move accordingly. It also has Bluetooth and an app so you can make 4-preset heights. I looked at several options; and while with audio gear I tend to convince myself I need more, I went middle of the road on this one. The one I wanted started around high 600s and quickly approached 800+ without batting an eye. There was a Costco options for around $250 but a glass top - I have a large, articulating monitor arm with dual 24" monitors. I was afraid of the glass not holding the clamp on the stand. I had all but settled on a sub $400 dollar one at Ikea mainly because of a 10 year warranty, instant gratification (no waiting for build/shipping) and a 365 day return policy. Downside was the Ikea got terrible reviews on breaking after 90 days or so. Turns out they have a new model replacing that one and it is built like a tank with dual motors for the legs and much improved stability. Guess they listened to the reviews. Sale this month so out the door $460-something. Gosh, I must have painted a pretty bleak picture. I'm not incapacitated or anything. 2-3 times a year when I am being lazy and not doing the proper exercises, put on a few pounds and/or overdo things it will put me in bed for a couple of days, killer pain and need some drugs to knock me out. After about 8-10 more days of nagging pain and bitching at everything that moves it eventually gets better. At least for now if I do what I'm told I'm reasonably able to function fully in life. Cutting back on long distance running has been the biggest drawback. About 10 years ago a back doc told me I could keep running 1/2 marathons and marathons and have back surgery in 18 months or I could quit running and put it off perhaps 8-10 years. Guess which I picked. Something like that or a yoga ball surely would help. Forces you to engage your core and not slouch. Standing will hopefully give me more options, change my perspective out the window and burn more calories. It was a really good chair 6-7 years ago that helped a lot. Adjustable everything and tons of lumbar support. This is what I first looked into. Reading up online (dangerous sometimes....makes you buy bigger speakers) I found the biggest downside was less room on your desk to write, answer the phone, pile up junk. With a full upright desk you take your entire mess up and down with you. I did give them a hard look. How do you like working upright? I'll give the toes a try. That particular brand was highly regarded for the complete desk. It was on my short list.
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    Just a very few of Davids guitars. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/david-gilmour-guitar-auction-21-million/
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    Jeez ... $21.5 MILLION for 127 guitars ... guess I could not afford it
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    Can you imagine all the sessions some of those guitars had seen? I hope he kept a few for himself, I wonder if this means he might be finished performing?
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    Hi Marantz and Klipsch go well together. For your needs however, I think an sr50xx or one of the slim marantz avrs would do just fine. Anything better might be overkill. Since you're running cornwalls, im guessing you want to continue with the heritage-theme throughout your HT. Im personally not well versed on the heritage speakers, so another one here will have to help you with the speakers. As for the sub, you could always go with Klipsch. However, might I also encourage you to look at SVS, Rythmik and XTZ to name a few. Good luck on your search!
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    I made a career change in jan from a Youth Pastor to a Communications Specialist at a non-profit Christian organization where we serve hungry children, foster children, trafficked children, single moms and hurting families. I do website development, graphic design, page layout, branding, video editing etc for our company along with 4 others on our communications team. Also I have been pouring a ton of hours into my Youtube Channel which has grown from 900 subscribers to over 30,000 in just over a year. My schedule just doesn’t lend enough time to frequent the forum like I used to. I’m also active in a few Klipsch and Home Theater Facebook groups too.
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    Enjoy retirement Karen. Now to get that stain off your fingers!
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    Your profession is not sales, is it? 🤣
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    I think he might have been sarcastically joking.....
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    I was listening to DaveClark5 last night. lol Bits and Pieces is heavy metal for the day.. Mitch Ryder on now Summer solstice. Should be doing something... just doggin'. Would like to go fishing. I'm on the verge of converting my '89 Olds 88 into an "ElCamino" in order to facilitate loading my little boat. The boat is a narrow, shallow 12ft aluminum rowboat. Light. I don't trust my back to cartop it. I have a pretty good method. I load the boat from the side of the car. Staging the boat is critical. Wanna stand the boat on its corner, like a refrigerator, spin it 90` and lay it across the roof. Push it to balance. Spin it 90`, parallel to the car now... Tie down. Took me 15 min. I've seen guys jockying trailers longer. Sumatran coffee. Enjoying the change. The Mexican beans are very good... variety is nice.
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    I have almost the same identical size room that my K-Horns are in. Unfortunately I cannot put them on the long wall, so they are in the corners of the short wall. I have them toed outward, so they are not snug in the corners. The backs are sealed, so I can get away with it. Not the best setup, but I can get a pretty decent sound out of the room.
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    Pretty incredible. And, he's donating all of it to a climate change action organization.
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    Hey don't worry man nobody is going to make you give up your speakers. The fact that you think a comment about a speaker would offend is pretty ridiculous. Rock on chief
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    I don’t think you are a moron at all. I love my RF7 III and they are incredible speakers. Nothing wrong with you preferring the original RF7 over the LaScalas. We all have different ears and preferences.
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    I stand as much as possible at my job. At my last job, working in IT at a small private college, the school president at the time, built his own stand-up desk. This was over twenty years ago. Quite a number of the faculty and staff had stand up desks and their backs told them it was much better. Bruce
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    None of us have the holy grail of ways to do this. Just whats worked for us, and most importantly what hasn't (best leasons). Keep an open mind. Your gonna have to research more about what your reading here to get a bigger picture on everything were talking about. And then go with what you find to be best. Just to much to go into in a forum thread. On all the little things. Some people have more money than time. Or don't have the energy or desire to buy used. Some can be afraid or intimated by it (I was a little). Its harder to buy used when you don't know or are unsure. And gets easier as you become more experienced with whats what. Some people don't care about bass. In fact its more a problem than anything. With kids and wives/husbands trying to sleep or reed. It can be a mess and not something someone wants to invest much of the budget into. Same with the surrounds because they watch mostly espn/news and old movies. So investing a large budget into those is also possibly a waste. My point is my way and what will matter imo most is always going to have some bias (or a lot). As will everyones. I try not to be bias on these threads and give advise on the op. But there to many holes to fill with info about the person asking. So we fill in the blanks with our own experiences.
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    I agree with you, and that it's a disagreement with a healthy respect for the other view. Each of us is giving advice based on our experience and knowledge. Sharing different experiences and viewpoints is how we learn. Mr. @Heritage_Head does a super job of explaining how a phantom center works, and he's right. Great job, as always! On this, I think we can both safely agree.
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    Shout Out to @billybob Thanks for the b-day present that you weren't even aware of!!
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    Well its not organized at all and there are still boxes laying around but this is the space.
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    Lawyer s in Love... Some body's Baby...on and on ... with the hits... Nice Edit: Just saw your Fudge lp... Alright...
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    The first thing I experimented with in my ‘92 LaScalas, based on the experiences of other forum members, was the Kappa 15C. If I had to sum the immediately noticeable effect up in one word without hyperbole it would be “supercharged”. “Bionic” just came to mind too, lol. Everything you have read about this woofer is true.
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    I had five Heresies in my master bedroom home theatre system. In my opinion they are excellent considering only 2/3 of the space is being used.
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    How about Blinded by the Light? "wrapped up like a ..." what? even when you read the lyrics "deuce" OK Bruce... have another
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    Too busy looking in the mirror, I can understand.
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    Somewhere in Panama City there's a van with a big oak tree still on top of it..... glad you're ok sir.
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    I say, fire that Rep that told you that. Tons of options out there. 15 watts and under of good iron and tubes is plenty, IMHO. Check out Justin's offering. Get one of these sweethearts and be happy... https://ampsandsound.com/products/stereo-15-special-edition
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    I like playing that Live album 🤟
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