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    Hope your mother is on the way to Recovery...bless ...her
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    Jackson Browne: lyrics and a good tune... loved by the cool people in jr high.... then by me too after hearing more of his stuff. Bad week here, lots of days and nights at the hosp for my mom that's been in bad shape but has turned the corner now... might be home this weekend. & that will be lots more to handle now. Brother drove up this evenng to give me a break for the night. Started with Claypool Lennon Delerium "South of Reality" love this stuff but it's kind of a short double LP. Cranked it up and had to reduce the bass to -30 cause Les Claypool can jam on his bass. Govt Mule sounding good too will have to turn in soon but needed some tunes to unwind tonight.
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    Dirty deeds.....dunder chief.
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    A sawzall and 30 minutes should do it. This we will need a picture of.
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    None of us have the holy grail of ways to do this. Just whats worked for us, and most importantly what hasn't (best leasons). Keep an open mind. Your gonna have to research more about what your reading here to get a bigger picture on everything were talking about. And then go with what you find to be best. Just to much to go into in a forum thread. On all the little things. Some people have more money than time. Or don't have the energy or desire to buy used. Some can be afraid or intimated by it (I was a little). Its harder to buy used when you don't know or are unsure. And gets easier as you become more experienced with whats what. Some people don't care about bass. In fact its more a problem than anything. With kids and wives/husbands trying to sleep or reed. It can be a mess and not something someone wants to invest much of the budget into. Same with the surrounds because they watch mostly espn/news and old movies. So investing a large budget into those is also possibly a waste. My point is my way and what will matter imo most is always going to have some bias (or a lot). As will everyones. I try not to be bias on these threads and give advise on the op. But there to many holes to fill with info about the person asking. So we fill in the blanks with our own experiences.
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    I agree with you, and that it's a disagreement with a healthy respect for the other view. Each of us is giving advice based on our experience and knowledge. Sharing different experiences and viewpoints is how we learn. Mr. @Heritage_Head does a super job of explaining how a phantom center works, and he's right. Great job, as always! On this, I think we can both safely agree.
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    Shout Out to @billybob Thanks for the b-day present that you weren't even aware of!!
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    The first thing I experimented with in my ‘92 LaScalas, based on the experiences of other forum members, was the Kappa 15C. If I had to sum the immediately noticeable effect up in one word without hyperbole it would be “supercharged”. “Bionic” just came to mind too, lol. Everything you have read about this woofer is true.
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    I had five Heresies in my master bedroom home theatre system. In my opinion they are excellent considering only 2/3 of the space is being used.
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    How about Blinded by the Light? "wrapped up like a ..." what? even when you read the lyrics "deuce" OK Bruce... have another
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    Wait, just rememberd where you live, open the trunk before you cut and make sure it's clear. .
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    Too busy looking in the mirror, I can understand.
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    He's my favorite guitarist and its not even close. What they should do is re action them and give the money to other charities. Then rinse and repeat. Anyone buying a 4mill guitar can afford it. If they did this (all these big actions) can you imagine all the money that would raise.
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    Sounds like you have your desk... I would have asked/wondered beforehand, if you could have changed your chair first? Meaning, instead of a "chair", you could get something (no idea what they're called) where you sit, but there's no back and as I recall, your knees/legs go in front/or UNDER you so you are forced to lean forward (which means more of an upright position) Found a picture... I think it's called Erodynamic chair or something like that. None the less, you can see how it forces you to sit more upright than slouched back.
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    The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Hermann (Decca 1974) was a recommended "audiophile" album from one of the high-end stereo rags for a long time.
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    @rplace ... sorry, but have no clue if it would "help" or "aggrevate" you back problems. Probably better to get a real opinion from your "back" doctor than from the forum.
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    Have a couple of these at work. https://www.varidesk.com/ They work better than I imagined. Very nice and easy to raise and lower... just set on existing desk. The idea is to alternate standing with sitting. Another thought about standing... point your toes straight ahead. It almost feels like you are standing pigeon toed but it takes pressure off the hips and lets you stand straighter.
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    Somewhere in Panama City there's a van with a big oak tree still on top of it..... glad you're ok sir.
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    Bold move, very classy. Cool to see him do it while he is still alive versus sitting in his house(s) for years and selling off after he is dead. Bravo!
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    somehow, I feel I should weigh in. Jim worked on my LaScalas. Being a novice to this, I am not familiar with what all was done. I have very limited "listenings" to compare them... my R15Ms and [not mine] Forte III... These LaScalas are SWEET!
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    Too cool... alright...
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    Actually it is the C-7...can be found with patience. Lots here on forum with a search. Again, most answer s found in archive.Not a surround per session, yet maybe ...mistaken. Yet, there is other speakers that can be introduced. Sometimes the solution is only acquired by the old trial and error method. If you can but right, you may be able to sell right...if not satisfied...
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    In the garage section start a post WTB c-7. There cheap I believe.
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    Well, the new 2uF and 5uF AudioCap PPT Thetas are in, the boards look like this: I've been listening to them for three days: First, comparing one channel w/updates against the other without (my amp lets me play either channel through both L and R). Then, with both boards updated, I compared the CWs against the Belles (done simply to satisfy my curiosity as to their differences). At this point, I feel pretty confident in saying @geoff. was on-target about my particular situation. Thanks, again to all who helped me navigate through this.
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    The single biggest improvement you can do is pick up the best center speaker you can afford. IMO that would be an RC-64 III. The previous models RC-64 and RC-64 II are available from time-to-time on the used market. Any of them would be outstanding. Don't sweat "timbre matching" as the L/R do not play the same content as the center speaker. Ninety percent of TV/movies is dialog, and 90% of dialog comes out of the center speaker. A high quality center with clear dialog does not make the mains sound worse. +++ That being said you've gotten some excellent advice further upstream ^^^. If you can pick up some good speakers used in good condition you can really stretch your budget. +++ Speaking of budget I would suggest you contact forum members @MetropolisLakeOutfitters Cory, or Steven @Scrappydue. They are authorized Klipsch dealers who work together. The prices are outstanding and they will give you good advice, even if that doesn't make a sale. Both are very knowledgeable and are worth your trust. I've bought speakers from them and I can't say enough good things. They won't solicit your business but if you click on a name and send a PM they will respond quickly. Ask what they have in B stock. The product is first rate and it can save you some money. +++ I own the RC-64 III. Highly recommended.
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    Glad finally arrived...was going to send a couple of Journey but, maybe next time will remember, lol
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    My personal experience with RF7-iii's is the more clean power you feed them the better they sound. I started with an avr and felt something was lacking, in the end I settled on an Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 amp. 300 wrms/channel @ 8ohms both channels driven really woke the RF7-iii's up and showed what they can do. The xpa-2 is also modular so you can add channels later if you want to go 5.1. 30 day trial and a 5 yr transferable warranty also nice.
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    The best Ht I have ever heard was "IndyKlipschfans" Rodger Chase in Indy, he had an all LaScals HT.
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    And sometimes we rediscover that many speaker makers used to add L=Pads to tweak the tweeter to suit personal taste. I am in the camp that shrill on La Scalas for instance, once you have recapped the crossovers, that the K-77 tweeter is the biggest offender. New tweeters being more efficient may need to be dialed down with L-Pads but the ear peircing stuff goes away.
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    I am not a fan of Audyssey and it made things sound un-natural in my environment. A DBX Driverack Pro worked much better and far better yet a Xilica xp. Yeah room EQ can make a ton of difference.
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    I hope not, but on the North end of bourbon street it means something completely different.
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    I say, fire that Rep that told you that. Tons of options out there. 15 watts and under of good iron and tubes is plenty, IMHO. Check out Justin's offering. Get one of these sweethearts and be happy... https://ampsandsound.com/products/stereo-15-special-edition
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    It depends on: Room size (volume in cubic feet) How far away you sit How loud you like it Where the room lies on the liveness spectrum Whether you want natural and full dynamic range -- with a Klipschorn you probably do. Don't go by the sensitivity rating of the Klipschorn -- that is at 1 meter (39.37 inches) away. With my Klipschorns, in my room (about 4,250 cu. ft.), at my distance (about 13 ft.), at Film Industry Reference Level (very brief peaks at 105 dB, with a medium level for music -- not really an average, but a level that subjectively sounds "medium" -- of 85 dB with 20 dB headroom for peaks), in a treated room (wall to wall carpet, couch, bookshelves, some absorbers, some difussors), with realistic dynamic range, I need about 8 watts per channel, for just a moment at a time, to get those 105 B peaks at my 13 foot distance. But, you want to make sure your amplifier does not clipp, so some people get amplifiers that are 2 times the power needed, just in case, or to allow for bass boost, or drunken party guests, kids, etc. So that would bring us to 16 watts per channel. I have 150 watt per channel amplifiers (NAD), so I feel relatively secure. I once got up to 25 watts per channel (Fanfare for the Common Man -- timpani, bass drum, tam-tam), which would be a little less than 110 dB for the loudest peaks in my room. I generally set movie volume at the level at which the dialog sounds natural. That ends up at about 5 to 7 dB below Film Industry Reference. For movies with good or interesting music (Amadeus, The Music Lovers, Ben-Hur (1959), The Hours, Taxi Driver, Vertigo, Kundun, Fantasia, Mishima etc.) that usually is about the same SPL, but for the sequences featuring things like the Tchaikovsky piano concerto, or Don Giovanni, or Night on Bald Mountain, the setting may sneak up to Reference level, or beyond. Some people claim that an excellent tube amplifier will provide up to 6 times the peak power of a solid state amp of the same power rating. Others say that's bull puckey. I've gotten great sound from solid state and tubes. Among tube amps, old 40 watt McIntoshes were fine, as were 40 watt Dynacos. In solid state, my old 80 watt per channel Luxman was great and very "tube like," and my 150 watt per channel NADs are fine. The Yamaha I have on one surround channel sounds a bit "harder." I borrowed an 80 w.p.c. Marantz for a short while, long ago, and it was as hard as nails (i.e. "harsh"). Their current models are a lot better, as were their legendary tube amps of the 1950s when Saul Marantz was running the place. Solid State sounded pretty bad for its first 10 years, or so (a guess). Part of this was because of undetected TIM distortion. Beware false or misleading specs. You want amps rated at 20 to 20K Hz, all channels operating, at 8 Ohms, at low THD, at full rated power. IM distortion can sound worse than THD, and you might want to take a look at TIM distortion. Parasound tends to list all of these -- another great brand to consider.
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    Dang, make a shopping list and then leave it at home like I do. Sisters would send me to the store to pick up items. Being a kid I would just be daydreaming at the shelves looking bewildered. The lady who knew me of course could call home or just ask me who sent me. She then led me to the female products aisle. Worked . ; )
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    I like playing that Live album 🤟
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    Well I wanted it ... For I want to change the world !! And to hear Alvin guitar solo ... those i know of... And should also get some traffic with to...preferably Mfsl ... On vinyl
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    I've only lost my coffee twice in the last 15 minute's... it's June, I have to get my old truck inspected soon...
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    Well demo week isn't happening this week. My buddy got a better paying job. lololol I"m cheap what can I say! Guess I'm gonna have to start it by myself. Soooo, had a couple double LP's I saw and saved for a later play. They''ve been goin down! Pissing off the neighbors earlier! Up first was: All the World's a Stage is a double live album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1976. The album was recorded at Massey Hall in Toronto on June 11, 12, and 13 during their 2112 tour. The title of the album alludes to William Shakespeare's play As You Like It, which would again be referenced by Rush in their 1981 song "Limelight". One heck of an album! Second: Renaissance (Atco Records catalog no. [SD] 33-244; originally available in both mono and stereo) is the third album by rock band Vanilla Fudge, released in June 1968. It was their first album to feature mostly original material, with five of its seven tracks penned by band members. A fantastic psyschedelic rock LP. I ALWAYS hated having to get up and filp it... Way too much work! Great LP though! 😎 Third: The album "Back to the Bars" was recorded in 1978 during week-long stints in New York City (The Bottom Line), Los Angeles (The Roxy), and Cleveland (The Agora). The music featured the best of Rundgren's most commercial work spanning seven of the eight solo albums released in the 1970s up to, but not including his most recent at the time. Yup Todd is simply Todd!
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    see the post above. everything is backwards to you. That is kind of what being a lefty is like. ... then, working in pinsetters for 25 years didn't help. All references to the machine was from the front/lane of the machine. We worked from behind. So, the right side, from our perspective, is left. "Your other left!"
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    Freedom's just another word for Nothin' left to lose
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    Hi and welcome! I have Forte III's and two high quality integrated amplifiers, a solid state Bryston B60R (60wpc) and a tube Quicksilver Integrated amplifier (20wpc). As much as I like the Bryston (having owned a version of this amp for almost twenty years) I prefer the Quicksilver with the FIII's. I have also used the QS with other Klipsch speakers and Cornscala also. The Bryston is a versatile, wonderful integrated and I can't bring myself to sell it as I know its quality and flexibility (with preamp out/amplifier in jacks, sometimes I use it as a preamp and sometimes as a power amp to audition equipment I may come across). More power isn't necessarily better. More higher quality power may be better. If you can, audition in your room and have fun!
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    They sure do! What finish did you get, I’m curious...
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    This is what its like to be broke and have a great pair of speakers for sale right in your neighborhood. GLWS!
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