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    when the price lowers , I say to my Wife , see , we saved , then she gives me a list , for next month It's not going down, if it was i could easily wait. The other day I was smoking some food and one of the probes on my thermometer stopped reading, I just used the other, it has two. It's to watch the internal temp of the meat. I started looking, the probes were $20 each just about everywhere. I then ran across a site that had them on clearance same brand , and they were better being a couple feet longer, $4 each so I got two , with shipping it was about 1/2 the price of one everywhere else. They were delivered yesterday, it pays to look around.
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    when the price lowers , I say to my Wife , see , we saved , then she gives me a list , for next month
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    The Oakland Athletics and at least one other MLB club are offering season ticket holders a golden opportunity. For about $600, they will make a corplast cutout of your uploaded image, and place it in your seat. If that image gets hit with a foul ball, said ball is mailed to you.
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    Do you have a lawyer? They make it much easier. Was worth the money when I was executor of my dad's estate. No court dates to worry...Settles contentious beneficiaries. Dad's gf was a pain [she hired a lawyer to make sure she got hers] and backed right down when she found I had someone handling it. Since she wanted to make stink, I sent her piece to her lawyer, to make sure I had a witness to her receiving her benefit. I really wanted to give her hers in cash... A truck load of pennies dropped in her front yard.
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    Humidity has been brutal for the past week here in the Piedmont. Heat most days moderate (mid 90s) unless talking to my new friend from NW Pennsylvania. Didn't tell him I saw a kid have a heat stroke when it was only mid 80s and dry in MA back in the summer of `96 I think. Oh well we don't get the kind of persistent cold here that someone from up there would don a heavy coat for anymore, it's all relative. Good coffee, easy Sheryl Crow from the youtube thread and got the preliminary probate papers done and filed. Did not realize you had to make an appointment to go to the bank now-a-days! Courthouse is funny too 9a to 12p and that's it. At least we don't have the monsters roaming the streets like the ones in "Resident Evil" wait...
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    It’s raining today Into the evening and it’s perfect for spinning a little Jazz Regarded as a penultimate record release - and needs no introduction What makes this album special is the musicians - all brilliant in there own right Artist - Miles Davis Title - Kind Of Blue
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    I smell what you're steppin in. I just had the tanks filled in my oxygen/acetylene rig so I'm ready to solder.
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    I'm with you on that 100% That's what my wife calls me when I say I am cheap. She laughs at me, I have something I have been wanting/needing for a long time and it's not cheap, yes I want it but have a have time parting with the money. The price is supposed to change on the first of the month, the wife says why don't you go talk to them and at least pay for it. I said I want to, but it's alot of money, she just makes that face. I will go do it but it kind of hurts even with as much as I want it.
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    That's a more nice label I fit under when I can in my new life. Real story, the brother of an acquaintance from here that I roomed with in ATL going to school was of a stereotyped heritage. When I snapped a pic of him counting pennies one time you should have seen the look on his face when the picture came out! (on physical paper the next week) Living with him seeing how he did with those finances that weren't more than mine I began to admire him! So I've aspired to be a better Jewish person since, even though I'm not one. The best person ever was one so nothing's bad about that!
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    $7K??? Mine was simple... no property and this was 10yr+ ago... was $1K I was working in a retirement community... asked a trusted [old guy] friend for recommendation.
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    We have to make an appt to get in the DMV . one nice thing. No waiting in line. Ya know how MLB is piping crowd noise in... why not take it a step further? Put cameras in every seat and assign a ticket holder holder to each camera. Get live feed and you have virtual attendance. Looks like we might get some of that storm in the gulf. We could get a bunch of rain from it and then it could scour out our monsoon weather pattern. Setting us up for more dry... Temps are right nice... highs [predicted] under 90` today. It still damp. No complaints.
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    Geeze man, finally got a replacement copy of goats head recently in the vinyl dump I've experienced! Like that sound, it's kinda brash garage sounding but better than the stones blue& cd I bought a couple years ago. Doesn't sound very Stones-like, well besides Mick - does sound like `74 though!
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    Still softly raining and still good for Jazz listening Following up on the last spin with another classic Jazz release Artist - Miles Davis Title - In A Silent Way
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    In the early 70's, I had an internship at WMOT-FM in Murfreesboro, TN, while studying for a degree in Recording Industry Management at MTSU. The chief engineer at the station also worked in several studios in Nashville, and was a member of the Audio Engineering Society. He invited me to attend an AES meeting with him in Nashville at a studio that had just opened to hear some guy named Paul Klipsch speak. I now realize what a privilege it was to hear a legend in the industry, really just by happenstance on my part. Paul spoke for a time about his speaker line and the engineering behind them, and patiently but directly entertained questions from what was a well educated, experienced, and tough crowd to impress. After he spoke we all went to the control room for a demonstration. The studio had mounted two Klipshorns upside down in the corners of the control room so that the bottom of the speaker was in the upper ceiling corner, and the mid and tweeter horns were aimed to be at ear level for the engineer sitting at the board. Paul had set up the Klipschorns to be driven by a 60 watt Crown amp, and had rigged a power meter to show the actual output to the speakers. All attending were either musicians, producers, or recording engineers who were accustomed to loud playback. Paul put some program material on, and began at a very soft level, and asked everyone as he slowly increased the volume to cover their ears when the volume became uncomfortable for them. As he did the the power meter was covered by a cloth, and when all ears were covered, Paul removed the cloth to reveal that the amp was averaging only about 1-3 watts, only occasionally peaking at 10 watts. His point was that with these speakers, headroom for either the speakers or the amp, would never be an issue in this work environment. I clearly remember the reactions among the group as they considered the implications of this information and experience. Egos in the music industry are common, and it was indeed interesting and entertaining to watch the clash of some of these egos in the room with Paul's no-nonsense, no BS demeanor as he confronted myth with fact and knowledge. After that I acquired a Klipsch belt buckle, which I still have, and also a few of his yellow No Bullshit buttons which sadly got away from me through the years. . A few months later I was in a hi fi shop off Elliston Place in Nashville, and as I walked past a demo room I thought I heard a live piano. I discovered that it was actually a record being played on Klipsch horns and they had just become a dealer. I always wanted to have a pair of these but never had a house conducive to their proper placement. But for the last several years I have enjoyed two different sets of Klipsch Reference and Reference Premier speakers in my home. For years I searched for the right combination of hifi gear and speakers to recreate the clarity and power of the studio systems I was around in college. When I was finally able to get my Klipsch towers, the search stopped. The thing I love the most about Klipsch is the nearly limitless, distortion free headroom I enjoy at all volumes I listen to, from whisper-quiet up to my limit of about 100 db, whether listening to music or HT. And the thing I notice most about my Klipsch speakers, is that I don't notice them. I'm just immediately absorbed within the acoustic experience itself.
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    earlier I mentioned it feeling like IN... It was 75` and 79%r/h. Made chicken chili... didn't really need [all] the Sambal sauce I put in it. It had a bite. The slow burn type of hot. Didn't notice how warm it was until after it hit my stomach. I had beads of sweat on my brow when I finished the bowl. I'd rate it a good solid medium in heat. Hot is too warm to eat... Wife knocked off work early. Got home about noon thirty... just before the flash flood warning. no new news on FIL. I trust things are as good as can be or we would have heard about it. there were two crickets in plain sight when I came into the doghouse. Killed them. I'm not getting competition from them over the stereo. For the last two weeks, as soon as I put music on... they would start chirping. I warned them. Net is slow/weak. That I can say that is something. We have electricity.
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    before I knew my father in law very well (actually not sure if he was my father in law yet) he had some business in San Francisco and I was living across the bay. Met him at his hotel and he bought dinner. He wasn't hurting for money and stayed in nice places. The hotel restaurant was fancy and after dinner they brought around a drink cart. He orders and I was a beer drinker or shots of tequila; but wanted to impress him. So I snuck a peek at the cart and remembered the first label that I could read .... then I asked the server, "Do you have Jagermeister?" Sadly, they did and it was horrible. Talk about drinking Vicks Formula 44 ... as I put it to my mouth I said to myself, "This is what you get for trying to be a show off."
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    Lucky you're not in the States, they're taking home more than I here.
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    Canada is great! Right now, teenage students that had a paper route before Covid are collecting 500 bucks a week from CERB. Kids, living at home with their parents, are taking home 300 bucks a week less than me...
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    Come on over for a Molson's and I'll show you around. Might take a few months though.
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    You obviously haven't been out to a "sit down" post Wuhan. Everything is going up.
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    Be certain to use color-coordinated zip-ties. (Sorry, obscure reference to another thread.)
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    @grasshopper What's a waitress? Is that another name for that McD "Big Breakfast?" Asking for a friend.
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    eating it isn't a problem. Not getting sick might be a trick. I got some funny looks when I ordered a 2nd plate of EggsBenedict.... even more when I ate it all. Waitress asked if she could get me anything else... "Yes, a large glass of OJ and another cup of coffee"
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    I'm thinking the Stones "Scarlet" song they found is on a 10" single included w/the LP. Just a heads up everyone.
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    Yuuuuuuuup, nuttin like a #1 and a #5 McValue meal. About as close to surf & turf around here. How DO you eat all of that? hahahaha
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    I can't relax and eat out. Keep thinking about what I could be eating at home. So what if I have to clean the kitchen. Surf and turf comes to mind when I cash out at McD's After mellowing overnight... the chili is still pretty warm. Doesn't seem spicy until you're halfway thru the bowl. My mouth was zinging for a half hour after eating some for breakfast.... no sour cream on it.
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    I haven't heard any other amps or preamps with my Fprte 2's other than what I'm running now. I run a Conrad Johnson PV2 into a McIntosh 2100 solid state. I can tell you that it sounds magnificent to my ears.
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    I have migrated to pro amps to with no regrets. Recapping all of these older crossovers is the single cheapest best bang for the buck if you stay with reasonably priced capacitors. I have a big system, Super MWM and you can look that up on the forum here. All Klipsch in components and the idea for the bass bin is based on Klipsch also. I tinker but really I am not looking for anything better as what I have is really good. I am with Dtel on big is amazing at any volume and there is no substitute. As close to real life as anything I have ever heard.
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    Cheap? I was living on $1200/mo before I got married. Paying $450/mo rent. I was living on minimum wage.. Dad made it easy. While I was caregiving him, took me to meet all the people handling his $$$ and got rid of many things.
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    I'm cheap, financially challenged or whatever you could label it with! Preliminary was easy with info I have here and knowledge of no incoming interference from no one I know of. Take care of debts then open it up and wait. So the heading towards the hills thing? Halfway there I could still get my Google Fi phone service and high speed internet for the phone, pc & tv. Might sell the honda and see if there's a decent small block made out of steel C-10, Nova or Demon out there... dreaming `cause this isn't the 80s those are few and pricy if they are out there now.
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    Mine pretty much took care of everything. From court to running the appropriate notices and all. Saved me a ton of bs. All I had to do was write out the dispersement checks.
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    Yep, ridiculous. Others were 2 or 3, the husband and wife team don't have one and do hourly only. I know any of `em can stick you with that, but the relative helping me is leaning towards them also, and with what he's doing I'm giving him the proper leeway due to him.
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    Still shopping for one. Brother tried to take it out of my hands? the first week. Second week (called bullya!) I went into search and contact, most of the jerks did not reply four out of seven contacted did. First wasn't a good fit, second talked his game. Kept saying his boss would be back next week like he wasn't a capable attorney. $7K retainer is a no go when the guy waiting on his boss to do the probate can't accept that I'm doing the preliminary on my own and maybe the final too (really need legal double checks on this one). One that has been in contact while on vacation will likely get the gig Monday when back in the office. Got things to do before I even have the executor moniker.
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    Came across my first Klipsch by accident. I was selling a Marantz 8b (didn't really appreciate it at the time because I was too young and inexperienced) and before the buyer left we were talking about the gear he owned. He mentioned a pair of horn speakers and all I "knew" was what I had read - horn spekers colour too much. Well, I asked if I could visit him and listen to those horns. A few days later I saw my previous Marantz connected to a pair of LaScalas. I shall never forget the first music I listend to: a Bernstein recording of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony (on DG). I was stunned - never had I heard music like this before - totally removed from speakers and (to my ears) certainly not coloured (meaning distorted in a way that sounded unnatural). Obviously many different tunes (of different styles) followed and I drove away knowing that this was the sound I wanted to have at home as well. Turned out that this gentleman had a pair of Khorns in the basement as they wouldn't play well in his small living room. Guess who bought them - for his even smaller living room (at the time) - then I joined this forum and my real audio education/journey began - the rest is history (as they say).
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    This politically correct society that we are living in is very tiring and damaging to all facets of our lives . No one can say anything with out fear of being Chastised , ridiculed or censored. let alone The erasing our history . I think every one needs to put on there big boy pants and suck it up .
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    you can always join The Stones or Aerosmith.
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    ------- Drambuie is the real Scot's Drink , Pipers drink a mixture of Scotch and honey /spices during Wartime or anytime a Highland Regiment goes into action , or during a feast , for quite a few years now Drambuie is the favorite and it is even poured over haggis -
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    You can sue anyone or anything for the price of a filing fee. That’s not to suggest you’ll accomplish anything. Suing is easy; prevailing is not so easy. WARNING: The above advice is worth what you paid for it.
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    Some Bruchladich have made me say exactly that.
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    Fry them like a chile relleno---traditionally using pablanos but a big banana pepper should work.
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    Never tried to fry them. I have canned about 20 quarts, gave away many ate a bunch and have a couple left, from a few years ago. Opened a jar the other day, the peppers lost much of their crunch but that can be expected after a few years. I grew the banana peppers to can, I wanted the type of flavor that the ones in the pizza boxes have Italian Pepperoncini. I found a recipe and they turned out good, on about 1/2 the jars I added extra garlic and some hotter spices and peppers just to try. They all came out good, pretty close to the real thing.
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    Unfortunately too much shade for me. So mostly flowers and some herbs - chives, basil, oregano, rosemary, nasturtium
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    I am using Bob's cast woofers in the FH-1s.
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    yeah too cold for me too; but I'd like to spend some time up there. I wonder if the summers are humid? Ottawa looks like a nice area and so does British Columbia.
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    This section is NOT for your controversial BS, it is NOT the old BS section. Find somewhere else online to do your thing if controversy is your thing. The lounge is for subjects that do not fit in audio sections but not to argue/ debate in. The BS section does not exist anymore, it's not the lounge. If this is a problem you are on the wrong forum, this forum is not for your political or current social views. No your not smarter than everyone else here and can sneak it through, anything seen as not fitting will be erased. Starting new threads with the same function will also be erased, if someone continues to try to keep starting subjects like this they will not be allowed to post. You have NO idea how many complaints threads like this get, the majority of people here do not like the subjects or the arguing.
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