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    Haven't been shooting much lately, but did take a few snaps yesterday while getting accustomed to my new Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 lens. I just couldn't get on board with working distance of the 90mm f/2 I had, especially on a crop sensor. The 50mm is certainly more in my wheelhouse.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends @Islander @HPower, @YK Thom @MC39693 not sure if @Geoff is also in Canada -----God Bless -
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    Building a Losi Rock Rey rock racer.
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    Went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and watched some 190 mph motorcycles racing.....met @Davis there. Perfect weather, sunny and 78.
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    Morning gang, found out I can use my bullet blender to grind beans. Since Costco has Starbucks French roast on sale, its been my go to. Grind fresh daily, 10 scoops, 9 cups of water, and the son approves as well. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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    Interesting...We mailed ours in with no problem. Good luck.
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    at eight or nine, we didn't know to ask for lobster on our b'day. We were happy with simple/r things.
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    I went Out & Bought Cat Litter. You can't have too much cat litter.
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    looks like the two on the right could crack walnuts... if you dare. Census worker stopped by. Told wife to not bother filling the next one out on-line, if they are going to stop by the house anyway. Last one, we had a guy with a badge come by asking "voluntary" questions... if we didn't answer, a federal marshall was going to come by. Voluntary ???? Some of the problem might stem from this residence occupying 8 lots... each with it's own address, on two different streets
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    Oh yes, @YK Thom probably has been dealing with snow for a month, @Islander won’t see any until February and @HPower will just stay away from the 401. Am I the only crazy Albertan on this forum?
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    I use several Crown amps in my all horn home theater They do as great job. I also have a D-75A currently in my Klipschorn system. Again, a great sounding amp. Like many companies Crown makes a wide variety/quality of products. The D-75A is a good one. Don't let snotty generalized comments stop you from trying one.
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    Another fun day slated here. Probably get up on the roof and check out the gutters.. Hopefully they'll have less in them than the pool did. No rain scheduled here for the next 10 days or so. Still on the generator. Fun stuff for sho.
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    Sequential numbering IS NOT important except in terms of aesthetically on the finishes where you can actually see the veneer wood grain.
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    We don’t usually mention the “S” word until it’s actually on the ground and not melting. Unlike the high prairies of Alberta, where it can happen at nearly any time of year, that weather condition only shows up in most of Canada at certain predictable times, as you mentioned. Even so, it’s like “Speak of the Devil and he’s sure to appear!”, so we don’t say the “S” word ahead of time.
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    Thanks, and they have indeed! 6 and 8.5 now.
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    @grasshopper I didn't even have lobster until I was almost twenty. Hey that govt. worker didn't have very good people skills. My little brother is doing that right now and has talked to me way too much about it lately. When he has gone " out in the field" the badge and threat of escalation are not what he leads with. "They" are serious about it this time around it seems. But they sent me post cards telling me what to do online like I am going to give them my email addy. Ha! Tossed them. I waited for the old fashioned mailer to come and did it that way this spring.
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    Why didn’t anyone else mention preparing for snow?
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    We're on the way to pick up apples at the orchard------the ovens are ready for the apple pies for Thanksgiving -
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    Doesn't matter. You're either using the internal D-A converter or your preamp's D-A converter. Bet you can't tell the difference... (I put on my flame retardant jumpsuit and await the replies...)
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    Mark Deneen, owner/designer (now retired) of Juicy Music Audio, modified a Crown D-45, and named it "The Duke", after one of this forums former members. He replaced about eight or so parts, two op amps, resistors and capacitors. He said his aim was to increase the input impedance (for the benefit of tube preamps higher output impedance), to increase the slew rate (may or may not actually be beneficial), and get a smoother sound, all while keeping it robust and trouble free. I think the D-75 models changed to using surface mount parts for most of the board, not really sure, but the two sections that would probably be the most benificial would be the power supply caps and the coupling caps. You could contact John Warren at North Reading Engineering as he made some crossover boards for the D-45/75 series and could probably do the work. Since you are using a DriveRack, you wouldn't need the crossover boards. https://www.northreadingeng.com/ @John Warren Bruce
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    I never liked the idea of putting my info out on the web but suppose I'll have to if that's the only dependable way to do it. At least that way you get a confirmation number. Ill be saving the cost of stamps too. A year or so ago I bought something from a fellow forum member. I mailed him a check immediately after we settled on a price. That weekend he boxed up and sent out what I had bought. In a few days I had the item. It took almost 3 weeks for him to get my check. It was to the point that I was going to cancel that check and send another. When he finally got it he could see the day I sent it by the postmark.
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    I didn't get that option. They sent me a debit card and my SS gets direct deposited...
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    I have to ask why a Cup is 8oz and the "standard" coffee cup is 6oz.... My cup is a 12oz mug. 3 "cups" is a half pot of coffee. I can't say we haven't had some slow mail.... An insurance payment took 3 weeks to get from Amado to Tempe. Could have walked there faster... and it took a couple weeks for my sister to get my check for the LS and H/K. But they did get there. My buddy has a problem with fedx dropping his packages everywhere but at his house. Funny that the substitute driver can find it... we're still getting torrential sunshine. Not that we expect different this time of year.... But, we have had some serious floods in Oct. Dead/dying hurricanes up the eastern Pacific. Don't think that is happening this year.
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    Rarely send checks to anyone......everything done on line. I remember my late wife told me how easy and quick it was. I later tried it and she is so right. Never write out an envelope or lick a stamp. I know a guy who is tech adverse and won't try it. He even has his SS check mailed to him😑
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    Good luck to you. I had my phone and water bills come back past due this week. I always mail them the day after I get them. Double checked my check register to confirm check numbers. Called both companies and they never got them. Had to pay by CC over the phone. A co worker had the same thing happen to him. I did mine on line.
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    Fourth? Man... my coffee cups are different I guess. I packaged up all of her tea cups already, those dainty 8 ounce things. Not saying that's what you're using just that I can't drink that much anymore! Mine are fourteen ounces and I've rationed myself to two of them lately. Got two 10 oz left from a set of very cool Kyoto Bronze china I used to have. Me and delicate things do not get along. For penny pinching and because I don't want any more k-stones I've been making 24 oz instead of 32 every morning. What can I say, I'm addicted. One cup isn't enough! Looked at the radar and looks like the center of it is due west of here and geeze we're getting torrential downpours when the heavy bands move through since yesterday morning. Calling for 80 and sunny in a couple of days though!
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    The previous owner was renting this place. Had 3 people in "the cottage... the "doghouse" was rented to an old lady for sleeping quarters [no water or cooking facilities] and I don't know how many were living in the main house...and was listed as 3 separate addresses. I can see where some confusion could arise. They seemed particularly interested in the doghouse arrangement. The previous owner is known to be a finagler.. hope all of that is cleared up How's everyone this AM? We get a head count from the storm area? Into my 4th cup of coffee. Approaching human. Wife ran into a computer problem yesterday. Her computers [2 of them] would not hook up to Netflix or YT. Both are windows10 and they would connect the night before. My machine was fine - I run Linux We had shrimp fried rice and wife did not overcook the shrimp for a change. Don't know how many times I told her to put them in last.... but she did this time... and they were succulent instead of rubbery
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    From what I understand "they" know who has not turned one in. And known addresses are going to be checked out, those people questioning folks are Federal Employees right now and citizens are required by federal law to answer to the census. Wow sounds surreal when I look at what I just typed. Brother is across the highway from Clemson and they have sent him to Jax, Brunswick, now Charleston this week. Says in a week he is pulling in more $ than a month at the job he is on hiatus from. The swamp does as the swamp see fit, think they could appropriate the funds better!
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    I have two pairs of 30's and over the years I experimented with I think most, if not all of the cheap tweaks that were easily reversible and found zero benefit from any of them. Mortite/Rope caulk on the back of the horns, lining a portion of the inside of the cabinet with acoustical felt, placing weight on top of the speaker for better bass response, adjusting different port lengths etc. etc. The biggest problem with mine (and many others) was the loose baffles on the cabinet and the crossovers taking a dump at approximately 17 years old. If your crossovers are working properly and your cabs are solid, that will solve most of your problems right there and you can be done with it. I went a few steps further and upgraded the tweeters/horn lenses and midrange drivers. Because I had two pairs I was able to compare side by side and my preference definitely favored the upgraded components. Without a doubt. I also took a chance on on some Italian 12" woofers instead of the K-31's and K-31E. Reason is because the original woofers are very difficult and almost impossible to find.....and also to mention their build quality isn't the greatest to put it lightly. I bought my first pair of 30's used about 11 years ago for $500 bucks. I've put about $1400.00 into them (under 2K total) and I was shocked how similar they sound to the new Cornwall IV's ($6000.00 new) I demoed about 10 months ago. Smoothness and lack of forward midrange come to mind as well as a richer sounding bass vs that boxie, cheap cabinet sounding bass I remember previously hearing. If you do nothing else, at the minimum put Crites crossovers in there.....seal the cabs and put in some front to back bracing (a minimal amount). If these speakers are at least functioning properly, they're impressive. I've heard 30's sound bad many more times than I've heard them sound good because they're usually screwed up one way or another. Also, make sure the mid range drivers are not hooked up out of phase. Another common issue. Good Luck! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    As long as you weren’t collecting welfare at each address, the census person should have no issues once you clarified the situation.
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    Not me, I don't know what that is or what you should do.
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    The Ellington lp is fantastic. These Cats are Jammin!
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    Tree fiddy delivered? 😁
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    @KROCK All 3 records are beautiful from brilliant artists
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    I also started negotiating with seller of a Luxman PD-272 TT. He’s happy to demo and accept 83% of his asking price, subject to any higher offer. Canadian Thanksgiving means we are both busy with family until Monday, so I have to hope no one offers more before then. Wife made turkey stuffing. Daughter to make her first turkey dinner tomorrow with our help. I’ll be in garage with son-in-law working on his workbench build out. Fun times tomorrow... Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all.
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    holly Mamamia -----this is unreal --------
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    I ate fried okra one time until I got a stomach ache. Knew things were tough without dad so I asked for as much as I could eat for my birthday. Being eight or nine I didn't think that one through too well. Sour apples are almost as good as watermelon in the summertime to me. Cut `em up with my pocketknife and sprinkle some salt on them! I can recall the flavor now! Can't even buy them like that at the farmers market though... so maybe wherever I end up will have a tree like that near!
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    we used to eat green [not ripe] apples until we would get sick at my dad's folk's house. Between them and the grape arbor... Grandpa made wine... Another thing I found out when caregiving my dad... He asked if we went down to the [Potomac] river when we were there. "River? You never told us about a river...." I guess they didn't want to get rid of us as bad as we thought
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    Took a ride in the bubble....stayed in the sport + mode so I could listen to the twin turbos. Did it today as they are calling for 70% chance of rain tomorrow. To the grocery store and bought lottery tickets. Came home and used the blower to blow acorns off the street and gutter. Then mixed martinis and watched This Old House. Watched a bit of ladies golf and thought to myself that all the pretty young players should be required to wear those short skirts. Preferably with no liners.
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    You´ll know that i love to shoot sunset pictures. Especially autumn Sunset´s can be very expressive in colors and structure of the light and cloud game. This one, I shoot some hours ago from the 15th floor of the hospital where I´m at the moment.
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    If I'm not mistaken 2021 would be the 75th anniversary year for Klipsch! I would think some exciting stuff that @Chief bonehead and team have cooked up like (home version jubes) and other goodies could make an appearance! Time will tell.
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    You apply it to the back of the horn (The plastic part). I had pictures from when I did it, but it didn't really make a difference, so I deleted them. I was going to share a "how to" lesson on here, but I felt it was pointless. I'm sure if you search for horn modifications or "horn damping" something will come up. Klipsch made the horns thin, I'm sure to keep costs down. So, people like to add material on the back side thinking it will help. I just pulled this picture from the web, it's not what I did, but it shows the location you could put whatever material you want to use. I hope this helps.
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