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Who are your favorite guitarists?


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Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Michael Schenker (very underrated, check out One night at budokan), Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton, Alex Lifeson(Rush), Tony Iommi, Robin Trower, Jeff Beck, Ted Nugent, Tom Scholz(Boston), Gary Moore, Just to name a few. For Christmas music that doesnt suck , check out Gary Hoey http://www.sdog.com/cd_hoey.html not sure if this link will work, but has cool samples on line


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While posting to another thread, I forgot about one other great guitarist that is no longer with us... Terry Kath of Chicago. Terry was with Chicago for their first 8 albums (their best stuff) but had an unfortunate gunshot accident while cleaning it I think. Anyways, this was from 1969 to about 1977. Some absolutely great work on guitar from a true visionary...



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OK, I'll give this one a try. I'm not a guitarist, nor do I play one on TV.

First, my "Mount Rushmore"

Jerry Garcia

Eric Clapton

Jimi Hendrix

David Gilmour

Hall of Fame (in no particular order)......

Robin Trower

Frank Zappa

B.B. King

Jimmy Page

Jeff Beck

Randy Rhoades

Trey Anastasio

Edward Van Halen

Carlos Santana

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Pete Townshend

Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna)

George Harrison

Stephen Stills

Best of the Rest

Angus Young

Joe Satriani

Brian May

Alex Lifeson

Keith Richards


Steve Howe

Jeff Healy

I'm sure I'm missing a few, but it's a good start!


First we Rock, then we Roll!

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Finally someone mentioned Stephen Stills! Just saw him last week live do a killer 2-3 minute accoustic solo in the middle of "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" he is a little slower than the times I saw him 25 years ago, but still hot.

Brian Setzer is interesting.

G.E. Smith from the Saturday Night Live band in years past made Hall and Oates allot of Money

Michael Hedges


Who is "Bucket head" this jazz guitarist who disguises himself; he is sharp.

I think he is Van Halen or Slash; anybody know?

I have a Narada compilation disc that has Slash doing a flamenco guitar tune; pretty cool.

Do not forget those old guys

Les Paul

Chuck Berry

Carl Perkins

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This may seem pathetic, but did John Coltrane play guitar?

I read these threads and wonder what the world would be like without Les Paul/Gibson or Leo Fender.

Would Les Paul and Mary Ford be Rock? or Rockabilly?

The old school country interests me for some strange reason, Patsy Kline, Hank Williams. They seem to poor their hearts out in their music.

I guess there is artists still doing this, but there is a lot of the typical commercialization in todays music.

Off topic.

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There are so many as the previous posts attest. Here are a couple of names i don't think anyone has mentioned though

Alvin Lee - a favorite of mine in the late 60's early 70's

Robby Krieger - definitely under-rated

John Lee Hooker - someone must have mentioned him, I especially like the collaborations with Canned Heat.

Phil Manzanera - Solo and with Roxy Music

Shannon Curfman - currently listening to her, lots of potential

Leslie West - gotta say him just because Mountain concerts and their music bring back good memories

There must be dozens other.

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