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gone for a while- seroius issues


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Make the most of the time you have left with your father, it is very precious. Do the best you can for your mother and the rest of your family and for yourself as well. Us knuckleheads will be here when you have the time and inclination to return. Take care.

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While death is inevitable, it's almost always also a tragedy. Few of us go easy. Fortunately few of us go alone. You already know you are doing the right thing, and I wish you joy of whatever your remaining time together may bring both of you.

My thoughts are with you.


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i'm sorry for your loss i also know what you family is feeling i've just lost my grandpa to stage 4 lung cancer than i also lost my grandma three months before that.my grandma thats was tough on me but losing my grandpa like that really broke my heart i wasreally close to him. i'm still dealing both of my grand parents loses.

and can i give you a suggestion crank up ccr-who stop the rain and eric clapton-tears in heaven as loud as you can that what i did on my icons on the night that ny grandpa died

so hang in there have faith/hold on to your faith

god bless to your family

chris steffen

vf-35 (towers)


soon to have vf-36(towers)

yamaha rx-v467(reciever)

also soon to have


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thanks ibslammin i miss them both very much and i forgot to add to the first post my little sister nearly drowned in june 3 2004 the same year as my cousin got a arare form of cancer he's my age of 24 yrs he doent smoke or chew. my little sister is alive but she is a veggie when it happen she was 2 a week before her 3rd birthday shes 9 now

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My dad lost his battle yesterday afternoon. His weeks at the nursing home were fairly comfortable until tues morning when he expierenced a fall. He was incoherent afterward and nobody really knows whether he was injured in the fall or suffed a stroke or whatever. He had 2 days of severe pain under sedation and thankfully passed before a lengthy ordeal of suffering.

Many thanks for all of the kind words and e-mails. You do not realize how much this means when going through sometinng like this. Busy giving his personal effects to charity- doing death certs- dealing with funeral homes- and trying to keep my mother on an even keel.

Got some audio goodies on the way in- ready to put this behind me and back to my normal routine.

Thanks again to everybody

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I am in south Charlotte.....If there is anything that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me, either through here or email: heli001@aol.com

Will be glad to furnish you my phone number upon contact, even if you just need someone outside the "Loop" to talk to.

I truly understand what you are going through, as I went through this with my Dad in 2000.

You and your Family are in my thoughtws,

W. C.

Charlotte, NC

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