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gone for a while- seroius issues


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I am sad to report that my dad is dying. 10 yr kidney transplant patient- massive kidney failure. I have been dealing with this on a daily basis for the last 1-1/2 months. He will die within the next 2-8 weeks according to the doctors. Have not felt like posting - mixing it up with my frineds on the left- listening to my music- or tweaking my stuff. My mom is not taking this well- dealing with the nursing home- dealing with him or otherwise. I did not want my friends here to think I had just checked out without an explanation. I will be back after this thing plays out. Hopefully sooner than later as there are pain issues in play. Best to all

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Very sorry buddy....been asking about you at our virtual bar. Glad you posted. I knew something was wrong for you to be away so long. Believe me I know well how you are feeling. Julia is in intensive care as I write and I am completely and totally devastated.

I hope for the best possible outcome for you and your father....whatever that may be. Thoughts and prayers from here.


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Don't always take the doctors words to heart, when my granny was on her way out they gave her weak heart a few months max, she lasted years until she fell & broke her hip and was killed by a blood clot.

Now if i could only get pops to stop smoking and eating ice cream twice a day.

Best wishes for you and your family.

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Chuck- I thought about Julia through this mess. Hoped that she was better. given her age -I hope that a transplant or some other miracle is in the cards for you. I have never had to deal with anything like this. The kind words have uplifted me more than you all will know. The people on this forum are all solid gold. I will return after this is over.

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Sorry to hear your news. Sounds sadly familiar. As soon as you can find the time, you and your family would benefit by readng this book - "Final Gifts." It was written by two hospice nurses and provides great insight into the dying process. It was recommended to me nine years ago when I lost my father to lung cancer. I re-read it last year when I lost my mother. It's the most valuable book I've ever read. Take care.

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