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Prayers appreciated for Wakejunkie


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So glad, first of all, that you are still alive! That is the first blessing.

Now praying for more blessing and a full recovery with time and healing, surrounded by loved ones and knowledgable caring health care professionals.


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I'm glad to see you posting as well Shaun.  Fore someone who's as busy as you normally are, I'm sure the rest is driving you crazy.  I know that it would drive me bonkers as well.  Do EXACTLY as the Dr's tell you.  This is no time to push yourself.  Continued prayers your way.

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Thanks for asking Ceptorman.  Yes, Shaun is home now.  He posted at the top of this page (Post #81).  I Face Timed him last night and saw him walking around his HT for the first time. :D   That was pretty awesome. 


He still has balance issues.  The strokes effected his Cerebellum which is responsible for motor control. 



The cerebellum is involved in the coordination of voluntary motor movement, balance and equilibrium and muscle tone. Cerebellar injury results in movements that are slow and uncoordinated. Individuals with cerebellar lesions tend to sway and stagger when walking.


He is now able to walk around the house without a walker but often still has his wife walk with him to make sure he doesn't fall.  Fortunately, the stairs to his HT have rails on both sides so he can get down to his man cave to play and relax.  It's still difficult as he isn't able to get out much.  Talk about having Cabin Fever.  It's difficult being restricted when you are so used to being very active.  His Dr. wants him to go to Vanderbuilt to see a specialist.  He is waiting to get a date.


It will still be awhile before he is able to go back to work.  His wife is a stay at home mom who home schools his two girls.  Fortunately, he gets a descent amount of vacation time so he is currently still getting an income but I know that won't last forever.  Hopefully he can get back to work soon.  Hopefully he won't have to go on short term disability as it will not replace his full income.I'm


I'm still praying for a COMPLETE recovery.  I'm believing Wakejunkie will one day be able to go sky diving with me, get back to Wake Boarding and once again be able to play volleyball in his backyard.  :emotion-21:

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I'm believing Wakejunkie will one day be able to go sky diving with me


When I first read this I thought it said skiing, I was going to say NOOOO don't do that to him.....we seen the video ! :o  :P

Ok sky diving that would be safer :blink:


Good luck with the recovery WakeJunkie

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Is Shaun home now? I thought I saw a post, maybe in the subwoofer section about him being home and vibrating things off the walls. Any update Youthman?

Thanks for checking.  I am home and improving.  These past few days have brought major improvements in my walking.

And yes... my subs are working just fine.  Another picture bit the dust today thanks to Youthman telling me about some oldschool bass with Techmaster PEB.


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