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Bought the wrong speakers on Craigslist due to inaccurate post. Should I ask for my money back? ;)

graham p

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I can't believe I am posting here... but this is all an accident....


I just bought a pair of Forte II by mistake. 

And I didn't even know there was a company called "Klipsch" till a few days before I bought them. ( Still don't know how to say it)  


Oh man… after years of not listening to music on a decent stereo I am enjoying music at level I didn’t know was possible: spine tingling, gut warming, waves of warm colored sound blanketing me.


So for the last 14 years the best audio I had was some sound bar with 3in speakers and a sub. I was becoming so frustrated with tiny sound. So I decided to try and match the mid-fi (lo fi?) High School system I had from 1976-2001 (KLH 3 way with speakers about 2ft high with a Harmon Kardon 50w per channel I think)


I went to Best Buy, I felt too cheap to drop over $600 on tower speakers and the cheaper ones sucked. So I got some decent bookshelf speakers. Klipsch M15 they were good. They sounded clear and I heard elements I hadn’t heard. But I wanted something I could FEEL like I remember with my old floor standing speakers. So I looked on Craigslist.


I saw a pair of big speakers that in the picture looked about the same size as my 1970 KLHs.

They were listed a Klipsch KG4 for $270. I looked them up and they seemed like okay speakers and the same size as my old High School KLHs. 


I went to the sellers house. The speakers seemed bigger than they should be. But they were comply pristine. Then I listen to them and I was listening for flaws and didn't really find any. I was going to listen for a while and analyse everything, but then I got chills down my spine (listening to Electrelane) which the expensive Best Buy speakers hadn't done. So I said SOLD! 


BUT when I got them home I realized something was WRONG!

67 lbs each! (I knew they seemed heavier than 45lbs)

35 tall by 16 wide by 12 deep...

These aren't KG4s!


After some research I found out they were these things called Forte IIs and these weird people called audiophiles seemed to think they were good.


So here I am it's near 2:00 am and I am being enveloped in a whole warm colourful wall of dynamic alive multidimensional sound even at low volumes.


I am sitting and listening to music for the first time in decades... but it's never been like this.

Rehearing old music opening to new music. New categories of music, piano, sitar, even pop!

OMG can't beleive I have been missing this.

I didn't know what a sound stage was now I have one.

It's a new world.


Oh no am I an accidental Audiophile because of a in accurate Craigslist post?


So what do you all think?


Should I  demand my money back?


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Graham P,


Welcome to the forum.


What a bonus you got there. :emotion-21:  :emotion-21:  Man are you one fortunate guy.  The forte' II are considered by many to be the most balanced Klipsch speakers ever produced.  Great lows, sweet midrange, detailed highs.


Should I  demand my money back?


No, the seller should be demanding more $$$. ;)  :D


What wood finish do they have?


Oh, no photos, didn't happen. :unsure:



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Welcome, and great first post!  :emotion-21:


You didn't say where you are from, but if you are close I'll give you back the $270 you spent for those awful oversized speakers, I'm sure your wife hates them.  I'll even throw in another $30 for your troubles so you can go out and find a nice pair of KG4's which really do sell for around that $300-400 range.  :D


I would guess those Forte II's depending on condition and location would easily sell for $500-750.  and as everybody has said, they are highly sought after and the sound is phenomenal, compared to almost anything.  For what you paid for them you won't find anything that will touch them.


I hope you stick around and post, many here can help you with setup, placement, electronics that will match it, and general care of the speakers.  In finding those Forte II's you hit a home run in your first at-bat!


Welcome to the club.  B)

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You guys are nice... very funny... wondering where this will go... this is seriously all foreign to me. 

But I love music, technology, learning, building, experiencing new things so it's all good.

Got the Crites upgrade on its way... tracking eagerly!


Folks wanted picks... put them on my public profile? Is that good?  I know it's lame compared to what you all had. But upgrading from a Boston Acoustics sound bar or sub $100 PC speakers to this is just blowing my mind.  It's what 70 year old technology but I feel like I am on the Holideck of the Enterprise. Why didn't I know about this?


More later... got to go to work!  But I can't turn it off! Really! Arrgg!




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