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What Book Are You Reading?


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I'm reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR) now. Is a Harry Potter fan fiction by Eliezer Yudkowsky. In fact, a good educational one is pretty hard to find. I recently managed to find [and then this spammer added a link to one of those academic fraud sites that sell homework and papers that are full of grammatical errors and mistakes]  which can help with my homework. If there are more sites like this, it will be much easier for students to cope with their study load.

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"A Hero on Mount St. Helens, the Life and Legacy of David A. Johnston" by Melanie Holmes

excellent and very moving. 


"Barbarians to Angels The Dark Ages Reconsidered" by Peter S. Wells. 

an interesting premise not well supported by the book's structure or arguments


"Destiny of the Republic" by Candice Milland

a superb account of the murder of president James Garfield, killed more by his doctors than his assassian

BTW Garfield was one of our smartest presidents and who knows what he might have accomplished if not for his early death 

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On 8/15/2021 at 2:16 AM, garyrc said:


What can we do, other than collecting water and stop growing crops, like almonds, that take a huge amount of water?


Clash of Civilizations, is worth a look

There are also some good essays on the author's ideas, and presentations.


In short, Liberal Western Civilization, competes with other civilizations. With the threat of the Soviets gone, and the freebies from the West drying up, populations are migrating back to their indigenous civilizations. Liberal Western Govt lasted 5 minutes in Afghanistan, replaced by Tribal councils like the past 3500 years.


Western Civilization is under an all out assault internally, at the same time as competing civilizations are resurgent.


As to the Almonds canard, the Sierra club took a $100 million contribution with the stipulation that they never speak of immigration degrading the environment.


The US has added 3 million per year for the past 30 years = 90 million. Many from alternative civilizations. All of them drink water, and flush toilets.


IMHO as the US and West go into economic and civilization collapse, there will be a scramble to fill the power vacuum, there always is.


Rome's collapse triggered a 1000 year economic depression and at times a 90% population die off in the West, and countless invasions from the East.

The Eastern Roman Empire was able to shield the feeble West up until the 1200s.

The Rus, led by pesky Russian speaking Vikings,  as they gained strength and territory became the shield for the West for most of the past 700 years.

The standard of living in the West only reached Roman levels I believe in the mid to late 1,700s.


If not for the Vikings, and those pesky french speaking Vikings the Normans, Western Civilization may have never recovered some of it's lost ground, only 50% at best.


I picked up a copy of

The Law of Civilization and Decay

by Brooke Adams


Thumbed through it, it's in the stack

Premise is that moral decay precedes Civilization collapse, making money becomes the priority of society above all else.


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58 minutes ago, Shiva said:

I sometimes listen to Jocko's Youtube channel, on all things, war.     Here he is reading a bit from a book, which I intend to get, called  Brave Men.  Great descriptive writing of this famous event during WWll.



He plays guitar and was into the 'straight edge' scene.

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