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What I Got Today!


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Not today but I picked up a open box Marantz MM7055 amplifier for about $800 out the door at my local Best Buy last weekend.


That is what the refurbished units sell for, when they are available. Also came with a 3 year warranty. Score!




I also snagged these JBL’s to review for my new YouTube channel. Not bad deal, especially considering how they sound. $150 for the set!





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what's the name of your you tube channel?


It’s a new passion project I’m doing it in my free time. I currently have 110 subscribers but I just started last month so I am quite pleased with that number.


Not totally happy with how these new videos are turning out but I am learning how to edit, and things are improving with each upload. My newest review will be up tomorrow and this one is definitely better than my previous videos.


My channel is Average Guy Hi-Fi.


One of our favorite members here has been helping me behind the scenes (thanks Youthman).


This is definitely outside my normal comfort zone but it’s been a blast for an audio junkie like me!



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I couldn’t take it no more , I voided warranty on my Ram 2500 . I ended up doing doing some mods it’s almost all done last part . I should be at around 650-675 HP , this new VGT is a awesome upgrade gives me back exhaust brake and will make it spool quick . It can be adjust with software
Parts list is very long to this project. I decided to stay around this HP and 50 pounds of boost because it’s a daily driver . Also did trans with lots of billet internals


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