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What I Got Today!


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LOL! Rotney...


Schu, the Wyred DAC uses the Vishay resistors in the output stage. This has nothing to do with what Totaldac is using them for. Totaldac makes the entire DAC out of these resistors. R2R based DAC. There is no DAC chip in the Totaldac. It is a fully discrete DAC. That is why it is very expensive. There are over 200 of these foil resistors in the Totaldac Rodney has.


You'd sell your Wyred real fast if you heard the Totaldac.

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I would bet they don't sound the same , There is a 10,000 difference in price alone . The Auralic Vega gets better reviews than the Wyred Dac and the Vega cant even come close to the Totaldac . Read the reviews from 6 moons  he compared it to all different DACS and the Total Dac came out way on top .Wyred was not in the testing . Not trying to sound like a a$$ but not even close 




lol... I'm not buying. I still think they would sound more similar than different.

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I just could not pass this oportunity:




tube integrated amplifier, push-pull, class-AB;

 - 3 line inputs

 - tubes: 4 x KT88 Genalex Gold Lion;  2 x 12AX7WA General Electric; 2 x 6N1P SSSR


 - output power 2x100 W at 4 or 8 Ohms (more than enough power that i intend to use any time soon :))...


I just love the sound :wub:






This will set me on a low profile with my wife and with my wallet, for some time.

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I ran across a CL deal I couldn't pass up. It's a 2 month old Emotiva XPA-2 Gen2 for half price! The guy bought three of these in January and recently lost his job, this one was never taken out of the box, plus it was only 100 miles from home. 

I'm so busy with work, I don't have time to hook it up, so here's a photo of the box.


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Well I didn't really GET anything today...but I did have the prelims to next semester get ironed out.


Including my "projected schedule" for fall...FEAR MAH POWAH!


attachicon.giffirst draft.jpg

art of persuasive writing … you gonna try to change some minds around here?



Actually it's an obligatory course for my major.  They changed the name of the course, it was "Writing & American Rhetoric" before this next fall.

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Pulle the trigger on this today. Should be here in a week and a half or so. My 2010 MBP is going to be dedicated to hi-fi and media streaming in the house.




Arrived before lunch today. WOWOWOWOWOW.. light years ahead of my 2010 model and the retina screen is amazing.


My old one is now sitting in my arcade cabinet running windows 7 with some serviio (the only one that seems to work well with my Oppo), JRiver (dlna streaming to my raspberry pi so i can control with JRemote), and my arcade software. sort of a waste in computing power, but at least the apps won't bog down.


very happy with my daily workhorse and i can certainly recommend the new models to anyone on the fence.

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