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Pictures of your Tube Amplifiers


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11 hours ago, Steve. said:



Just arrived , Toolshed Amps 300b.  Initial impressions are excellent .   Exceptional quality build , big Soundstage and excellent grip on drums and bass guitar.   Midrange and upper registers are beautifully rendered.  Sounds amazing.

Eye candy as well. 

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9 hours ago, cyto said:

Both are DIY from a schematics, I built the enclosures (Lowes sheet steel and hardwood floor scraps for sides) and designed the layouts. On the left is a preamp based on 6N6P tubes and on the right a 3wpc amp based on 6E5P tubes. I didn't design the circuit, Doug DeYoung at bugamps is the circuit designer. He gave me his emblems to put on the gear.

My Emotiva PT1 and BasxA300 have been in the closet since I completed this a few months ago.




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Here's my Transcendent Sound Pinnacle OTL mono block amps I just finished building. The output tubes are LinLai 300 BZ tubes. The Pinnacles are mated with a Transcendent Sound Slider preamp. Source components are a Micro Seiki turntable with a MA 505 tone arm and Denon DL-110 cartridge and a Teac 3300sx tape deck. 


Speakers are shop built Klipschorn style bass bins with Altec 511B horns and Altec 902 drivers for the mid range and Beyma CP-25 tweeters for the highs. Crossovers are ALK original universal networks.


Going to have my buddie HC Man over for some serious listening this weekend!

8.12.22 Pinnacle 1.jpg

8.12.22 Pinnacle 2.jpg

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Thanks for the kind words,  The Toolshed amp sounds better than it looks...    Amazing clarity that I have never experienced in a Push Pull amp.   Layers and layers of detail .   Dead silent background and zero mechanical noise or hum.   I am really enjoying this through my Forte IV, perfect combination. 

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Picture of one of my Futterman H3aa's, the granddaddy of all OTL amps.  Served me well for 25 years, then fritzed, the tube regulator tube blew up, probably easy fix of bad resistor.


Set them aside, but pulled the other working amp out to test:  It would warm up alright, sound OK, then start to sound worse.  Fear it also needs a little attention, retubing.  I have a set of tubes on hand, so just need to get the ball rolling someday on this.


In the meantime, very lucky to cross paths with the Merz Mellow 20W OTL (6336 output tubes), I've had it about a year, and so nice.  Craig Merz built them for me, seems he had some PC boards made, but still had a tough time selling perhaps a half dozen run.  I bought his last PC board amps, and unfortunately passed on similar point to point version with different 6080 tubes.





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