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Any "new" bands like (old) Chicago or Blood Sweat & Tears?


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20 hours ago, Emile said:

Big fan of (early) Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, etc.  Just have not found any "current" bands that play their style of music. Anyone?


Thanks, Emile

not sure Anyone can , that voice was pretty special  


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Have a listen to Leonid and Friends on YouTube. They do a lot of Chicago stuff.

As for BS&T, I don’t think there will ever be another David Clayton Thomas sadly. 


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Hmmm thunkin...  We all know the past is the past and it's a place that can never be recreated.  The FIRST group that comes to mind today is Tedeschi - Trucks and the gaggle.  Right down your way @Emile.  Outta Jacksonville and they're SOLD OUT for every show.  Derek Trucks on guitar along with wife Susan Tedeschi.  Derek's uncle Butch (drummer & founding member of the Allman Bros) threw him a slide and the boys saddled him up when he started playing as a kid.  Today?  He runs with the legends.  Susan got the nod from Dylan so there's that.  It's also refreshing today to see their kids workin the shows with the band.  The band?  Yup, you'll get horney for sure cause they flat cook.  Gonna turn your old bones onto some Florida swamp reggae brother!  Get those Capezio's on and ditch your platform's!  😂




2+ hours of bliss EVERY show.  Tickets?  Get 'em early and be prepared to stand for the entire show.  EVERYone stands for the entire show as a sign of love & respect from the kids today.  We ALL know what PWK would say.  "BULLSHIT" 


Buckle up, put your helmet on and crank it up!  The times they are a changin!  :)

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1 hour ago, Marvel said:

enjoy Dave.

Eh?  lol  I did, tyvm!  IF I were closer I'd be there!  :)


1 hour ago, tromprof said:

.give it try 😉

Good call.  Different but very good!  West Chester huh?    :)


33 minutes ago, billybob said:

mental block... 

  Yea, tell me about it.  😂


I was gonna spin but now I don't know WHAT I wanna spin.  @Emiledid it again!  😂

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