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    • You make an excellent point. My enjoyment of the amp is subjective. Others may find it less pleasing than I do. And, I will admit that the cost and the fact that I assembled the kit contribute to my evaluation. Still, for less than $750, I don't know that you can beat it. I've tried some Class D amps and agree that they sound great, especially for the price, but the ACA has something I really like, and that makes me happy.
    • Nice to listen and feel this one playing! This is from that same cat that does the magnificent YES videos.     Doesn't seem he has the second side available. Voilia!   Used to have the bookmark for the version with the spooky Orson Wells preface that's on my copy!   * got it!    
    • I did read the ASR review, but it has been a couple of years or so. My memory is, he didn't like it because of the high distortion ratings using his measurement tool. Even Nelson Pass acknowledges that it has second order harmonic distortion numbers that look high. Apparently, the same is true of virtually every tube amp in existence. Whatever the case, I can tell you the thing sounds pretty freaking amazing through high efficiency speakers.   I watched another reviewer on YouTube absolutely trash the ACA. However, what he was really testing was a Chinese clone he picked up on Ebay for cheep and playing it thorough not terribly efficient speakers. Crazy people!
    • I was sitting here listening & feeling that LP Mike. Then I see the notification & I KNOW we're talking about the same record!!
    • Another Sunday afternoon at my buddy’s place, downstairs in his woodshop, sampling some bourbon.   My buddy Jeff is a generation older than me, a Wisconsin native(like myself), and a Vietnam veteran. Today his brother Bob was in town and had brought along some Wisconsin bourbons. These were very good.   We chatted for a few hours and as things were wrapping up, Jeff told me he had a shirt he wanted me to have. This was the shirt he was wearing when he flew home from Vietnam.
    • Hello friends -    We're adding onto our house and will have a (somewhat) dedicated area for a home theater area. As you can see, it's far from ideal shape-wise but it is what it is. Planning mostly movies, and rarely critical music listening (okay - just plan on movies).   My dilemma is the surrounds. I have wall space for the mid-surrounds but no solution other than ceiling mounted for the rear surrounds because there's no wall the length of the left side of the room (speakers on stands are NOT an option). The couch is sketched in there but probably will be back a few more feet than shown. I've highlighted the walls in red and the TV and front speakers/subs will be build into custom cabinets with acoustically transparent covers. TV is likely going to be 90-100" mini-LCD or OLED. (I'm not interested in a projector but could be convinced if a acoustically transparent screen would make more sense for speaker placement otherwise).   For details of that I have planned, that is outlined a bit lower but for the TL;DR crowd, I'm seeking advice for the surround rears.   PRO180LCR seems perhaps the best solution to me, set back at an appropriate distance such that the angle to the listener position is matched to the horn angle of those speakers.   Alternative would be a PRO180RC ("better" speaker (?) but no aimable tweeter) or a PRO18RC (aimable tweeter) or a CDT-5800C II (aimable tweeter).   Aside from "you shouldn't use ceiling speakers for your rear surrounds in a 7.2.4", what are your recommendations. Or maybe there's something I haven't thought of.   Remainder of the system:   L+R: RF7 III (or RP600M-II) Center: RC-64 (or 504C-II) Sub: RP1600W x2 (or might just do RP1200W because 16" might be a bit overkill) Surround middle: PRO180RPW Atmos:  PRO18RC for the four atmos speakers (probably would be fine with PRO16 but it seems aimable tweeters is worth the extra cost for ideal atmos)   Alternative remainder of the system (AND BONUS QUESTION if someone knowledgable can chime in: is their THX line "worth it" for the fronts vs something like the RF7 III?   L+R: THX-6000-LCR Center: RC-64 (not enough room above or below the TV for another THX square box) Sub: RP1600W x2 (or perhaps the THX 12" sub but why?) Surrounds/atmos as above (but could go with THX variety of these if seems dramatically better option - convince me).   Sorry this got long - summary:   1. Advice on rear surrounds 2. Does their THX line significantly outperform the RC7 for L+R? It's so hard to find any reviews on their THX stuff.   FWIW, I'm not asking for cost savings reasons - BUT, I don't want to do it "just because I can" - I want it to make sense from a sound stage perspective regardless of cost (and keeping it all Klipsch). For example: Sure, all THX line might be "best" sound but for an untreated room that is missing a straight back wall and half a side wall, am I going to appreciate the difference?)   thanks in advance!    
    • Moving sideways in genre for some jazz-rock / fusion  A beautiful album    ‘Artist - Spyro Gyra  ‘Title – Spyro Gyra   Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/919606-Spyro-Gyra-Spyro-Gyra
    • Alan Parson   The only album by A.P.P.   Worth listening to..   I Robot should be used as a Frisbee   
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