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    I am stoked about getting these things running.
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    So I left Charleston around 4:15 am, ran to Vero Beach and was home by 7:30 with these beautiful P 39Fs. Thanks again Scott.
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    IF you tell where you are, it will help...
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    Now before we were so rudely interrupted, I was about to call Mark a dirty rotten scoundrel. No, no, that's not it. (sorry Mark but an emoticon seemed in order) Yes, Mark, it is possible to ascertain a minor difference, usually worse, in the sound of cable, but my question is why? There's a standard for cables. Build to the standard and then get on to more important aspects of fine tuning a system. The only real reason there are all those fancy cable out there is not for better engineering, not for better sound, not to address a failure in the rest of the audio chain, but merely to make gobs and gobs of money. Just think of the markups on this stuff. Get some Home Depot wire, put a fancy sleeve on it, add some capacitance or resistance, or whatever you've got lying around, it really doesn't make any difference because it's all voodoo anyways. The result. Wallah you've got high end snake oil the benefits of which nobody can deny, nor prove, and no means to qualitatively or qualitatively measure it. The reason I get incensed over cable and wires when people try to push them on this forum (not many and no not you Mark), is that we should remember that we all serve an instructional function here. We are not just here to debate. One of the reason Klipsch sponsors this Forum is because we serve as a technical base for helping people with little or knowledge of audio. In other words, mystified souls come here all the time and ask questions about this or that. Now to my mind, do we really want to encourage people to go out and waste money on cables before they've dealt with the basics? Before they've adopted tweaks and upgrades with proven provenance. Let's face it if your a newbie and you go out and buy some magic rocks, then you really haven't lost much money, just a sense of innocence. Now if you start chasing cables your being conned into wasting great gobs of money. That's why I get pumped up about this, so the newbies and lurkers don't get a bum steer. Now, onto a different aspect of this debate. Mark you mentioned turntable cables. Isn't the real issue with those cables the need to deal with the fact that you are transmitting a really tiny signal which will then be amplified at the phono section, and thus you don't want to lose any of the signal on it's short path to the phono section? I really don't know for sure, but I'm assuming that's the critical factor, especially given the teeny, tiny wires on pick up arms. Finally, what cables did you personally recommend to go between the Blueberry and the Pcats. Given your attention to all aspects of the development of those units, I'm sure you wouldn't possibly neglect the impact of cable on the transfer of signals between the two.
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    Thought it would be interesting to post not that it is really relevant or anything but One of the only really close family members I have outside my immediate family is my cousin Andrew Leone. Why is this something id post on our beloved forum? Because he is a top team fighter, and his brother as well and who are they sponsored by? Our even more beloved Klipsch. I’ll post a link to a video of him advertising with our cherished company this weekend.
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    You can't trust thebes to much on these matters cause he has had extreme high-voltage electro-shock induced trama from his early tube amp experimental mishaps combined with large doses of smoke from burnt resistors Put me down as one who has experienced differences in wires at times for various reasons and I have even used that to tweek my system at times.....now that doesn't mean I advocate spending large amounts of money on wire and as a rule I do consider it low in the hierachy of how to acheive good sound reproduction. miketn
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    I get Klipsch are efficient,but still need power for bottom end. I now understand why people like hybrids
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    There is also no recourse if the deal goes bad. Gamble if you're comfortable with that. Thad, the recourse doesn't work anyway. PayPal guarantee is a damn joke. No matter what, buyer beware....
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    that and the (4) P-17's would make one heck of a HT set up, with a sub or two of course.
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    Let's go back to your first post where you were falling over yourself with apologia for marketing BS. Folks are entitled to their own beliefs, but some beliefs are not borne out by cold, hard objective reality. You proceed to this: It won't escape a properly performed ABX test, regardless of our deeper understanding of neural processes. This hobby is about the music, you know, what you can actually hear, not obfuscation based on the limits of perceptual or cognitive science. You end with this: Really? Well, that's, like, just your opinion, man. Claims require evidence, or they can legitimately be called out as BS. Mark, I like you so much more when you make compelling arguments in The Great Accuracy Debate of 2014 than defending the cable voodoo marketing shtick. It's really below you, and you know it, which is why you're so hot under the collar. Cognitive dissonance?
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    Your going to love the way they sound, and they do sound as good as they look, like Dean I have heard them, and I was impressed but I did have a sticker shock. To give people a better idea of the size stand next to one in another pic.
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    Can you taste the difference between yellow and white popcorn? Compare the taste/texture advantages and disadvantages of Reddenbacker vs. other premium brands? Does it all just taste the same when you listen to the beatles, or does it depend on the floss/tape used afterwards, and whether the floss/tape is flavored or waxed? Has there even been a true scientific study regarding these issues?
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    My Denon Receiver, its a 4 year old AVR 3311 and is turning off and going to a red blinking power button. It has started to happen more frequently and it isn't hot. After 10 months Denon replaced the unit when it quit. It makes one wonder if these units are reliable. I need a unit that will act as a preamp as I use my emotive 3 channel to run the front three speakers, Klipsch RF-82's, and 62 center. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement. I have a Klipsch set up of RF82, 62 center, 52's for the surrounds and an RW 12d subwoofer. I like the warm sound of Denon but the reliability is lacking. The replacement for this model is the 4000 model and is $1299. thanks
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    Heck, if they sound half as good as they look I'll bet they still sound better than 99% of speakers out there.
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    WOW you are WAY more organized than me ! I couldn't keep up like that with medication. I'm an accountant I live in excel spreadsheets You need a nice set of Cornwalls. I happen to know of a pair in Charleston that's getting ready to go up for sale...
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    OK, you beat my 9 hour trip for my RF-83s, but man, what a pair you have now! Vero is only 2 hours from me but something kept me from making the drive...... Hmmmm, was it my schedule? No. Was it the size of my vehicle? Uh, no again. Was it the size of my WALLET??????? Absolutely. Seriously nice score, and you can add me to the list of jealous members here. Ron
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    When i was at Indy forum meeting one year they had crossover to show everyone. When handed to me i did expect it to way like 10 pounds almost dropped it. Thumper laughed i think it was awesome. Rick
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    WOW you are WAY more organized than me ! I couldn't keep up like that with medication.
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    Depends on the brand ?
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    You mean that my barbed wire speaker wire will not give me a sharper sound ?????
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    They look better than they sound. Does everyone feel better now? You're wrong - in the worst kind of way. Schu's might hang with them though.
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    You guys are going to have to give me a break. I drove almost 15 hours today!! Plus I have quite a bit of work to do re-arranging the gear. I'm going to run them with a single McIntosh MC 275 (MkVI) and see how that sounds. Preamp is a McIntosh C2500. I'm hoping I like the single amp but if not I will either add another one and run them as monoblocks or try a MC252 solid state. I also might try running the MC 275 for the mids/tweets and SS for the woofers. I'm really going to enjoy playing around with them. Sancho, no corners here but I do have Cornwalls and LaScalas. Honestly I am thinking the Corns will give them a run for the money but maybe I'm wrong....
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    I have the 4520 and I love it. Or you could try the x4000 for less money.
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    Awesome, congrats again! I wouldn't be able to go to sleep if I just got those puppies home. Anxious to hear your thoughts on their performance
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    Got any Klipschorns to compare them to?
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    Their greatness was in the happiness their music induced in people who enjoyed it...and their greatness today is that many still do. SSH
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    I'd like to hire Youthman to come photograph them
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    Sniff. Sniff. Sniff? What's that I'm smelling on the wind? A cable thread? This early in the new year? Ah I love the smell of snake oil in the air. Mark ,as always, your comments are cogent, well-reasoned, nuanced, but in this particular case, more than disingenuous. As you know, I have nothing but the highest regard for your skills in the realm of engineering. So don't be offended when I say you are being two faced with your discussion. Two faced you say? Sadly yup. You climb the high ground of authority by stating that you are an engineer, over 40 years in the field, but allow yourself to disregard your scientific discipline by going the hippie route with the ye old" hey man, if you can hear it, you can hear it". Thereby ducking the real problem any intelligent person would have with cables. 1. Cables/speaker are, and should be, a passive component. Just like the hundreds of feet of wire in the speaker drivers, inside the amps/ receiver/preamp. turntable, cd layer whatever, transformers etc. 2. Cables/speaker wire are nothing more than a means to connect components. Nothing more, nothing less. 3. Cables/speaker wire are transmitters of an electronic signal from one component to another. Nothing more, nothing less. 4. There is no known methodology nor empirical method of testing any claim that any cable manufacturer can make about cable aside from the basic specifications from the published standards for standard cable/ electric wire. 5. Transistors, tubes, capacitors, resistors are to my mind, switches, storage or limiter devices of one sort or another. A cable is not a switch, it's not a storage device, it's not current limiter, it's a passive component . There is a well developed science, indeed a well developed engineering understanding of how to use these other particular tools to modify a circuit. There is no methodology, on how to use wire or cable to modify a circuit. 6. What are the most important aspect of building a system. 1. Source Material, 2. Source,. 3. Signal transmission (amps, preamps etc.) 4. Speakers 5. Room. Arrange in any order you want but that's the things anyone interested in sound should tackle. Note that there is not a single audio magazine nor cable manufacture which would place there product cables/wire behind room treatments in the pantheon of the basics of a true audio system. Yes you can hear a difference in anything that comes electronically to your ears. But given all of the other more critical aspects of building a system, why would you waste, time and money on cables, wire, when there is so much else to do. And there is no way determine the efficacy of a particular cable without buying it, because there is no way to even begin to evaluate it without buying it. I mean think about it. Almost a decade on this Forum I've never once heard anybody say that "you know, if you are going to buy a pair of '57 Klipschorns, XYZ cable's going to raise your listening experience to a new level. Or, "oh my gosh, if you got a pair of RF7's you got to run them with SlickyBoyCable #3. I wonder why. In audio, as in all else, there are peddlers, and there are peddlers. To my mind the cable shills are the used-car salesmen, the time-share hawkers,the Nigerian internet scammers of the audio world. If we are going to allow passive components into the realm of audio shouldn't we be dealing with all of the other passive components in the stereo realm and their effect on a system Ie:. Amplifier cases. Does cocoba wood sound better than aluminum. Record sleeves. Does a plastic sleeve evidence a cheaper listening experience then rice paper? Do you realize that hand carved ivory knobs from threatened cape elephants sound much better than crocodile wrapped knobs from Florida.
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    How do I rotate the pic? It's right everywhere else except when I attach to the post??
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    damn it... that's not fair! put on something with a lot of horns!!!!
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    I would never trash a legend ! Much respect to the Beatles... All the British bands loved, and stole from the blues. I am more of a Stones, Zeppelin, Sabbath fan
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    Always the best kind... Thaddeus: "Any chance you guys can stay on topic" Guys: "No" Thaddeus: "OK" Dave
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    Mark, with all due respect I have to call . The science is pretty clear about wires: no magic involved, or hidden measurements the engineers are ignoring, just basic stuff. And psychology has a lot to say about cognitive dissonance when pre-conceived notions are confronted with conflicting empirical evidence, so I think the audiophools indeed do want to believe. Your post helps enable such beliefs, leading the gullible on a potentially expensive snipe hunt.
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    Agree, my SAE seperates pre- and amp sounded good at 50 watts. Still worth tweaking the Stereo mode with the Kenwood meanwhile, just to get some bass,etc...from the KG-4's.
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    Animatrix did it for me! Thanks!
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    If you're only going to have 2 speakers hooked up to the TV, I'd look at a nice 2 channel integrated amp. You could also use it for 2 channel listening via the spare inputs. No sense in paying for a lot of receiver features that you won't use.
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    There is a lot of plywood there, and Jubilees wear that same finish. I'll bet that sub is expensive! Rog I've ordered one with Cherry Finish to match my Jubilee's, and yes it is expensive. Im hoping its worth it....oh and im still not telling how much i've spent on my system.
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    It's not always about "taming highs, which I suppose is the natural thing to think about when it comes to horns that have taken on a blaring quality. Replacing cheap polyester/Mylar capacitors with good polypropylenes, at the very least those in series with the horn, sounds really nice. It really is a case of better, not just different. You guys don't know what you're missing. Okay, I have to stop before I start sounding like an infomercial.
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