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    I had the pleasure of meeting Paul in Hope back in 1973. If I remember correctly he was messing around with a miniature locomotive. He took us over to his sound room - McIntosh C28 and Mc2105 - with a full array of product. Heresy, Cornwall, Horns, and A Belle. His unique wall treatment had them all sound almost identical! I sold the line from 1973 to 1979. Back then the Klipsch reps were known as "Road Agents". I became very good friends with a Don Petersen and then lost track of him (hope he reads this post). Those were the days!
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    yeah two mains and bus is just stereo. PLii adds the center and its a big suck fest if you ask me. i like music to play how it was recorded. stereo for most and surround sound for blu rays
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    On the original topic (unusual for me ) The price of new Heritage FOR ME is hard to buy, but really when you think about it for this level of sound and build quality it's a pretty good deal. Now add that they can easily last a lifetime with minimum upkeep, figure those hours of listening over the lifetime and it's a steal.
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    Almost finished, a t-nut dropped in the box putting the driver in the sub. Next to the last bolt. A dab of paint in a couple of spot and then I can call it done. Pic's of the new Copper Cubes!
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    Listing on behalf of Mrs. Boxx (Michele Croft). Local sale or personal courier preferred, otherwise buyer to arrange shipping. PM MrsBoxx for negotiation and sale details. Palladium P-312W in merlot, fully functional and in excellent condition. Includes complete microphone kit, ~8ft XLR sub cable, and box. Small dimple in primary woofer. Reduced: $2,500. Cash or Paypal only. Located in DFW.
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    Metairie LA Hopefully he can get the Klipsch product line again. He did a great job previously!
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    After I get what I want, pre-listened, I plan to augment &/or replace with New Heritage...
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    I use the premium service. Your right, free is castrated. I really like the higher bitrate. Very noticable.
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    yep it already looks a bit better, he was proud to say he would be the only one in his class with a black eye.................................
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    trip to Hope. Tickets to Iron & Wine concert next Tuesday. Tube amp. Sushi lunch with 3 gorgeous women today. Yeah, I'm spoiled.
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    Thank you for taking the time to give a nice detailed response, I really enjoyed reading your response. Travis
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    Yep, works fine. As long as you have itunes installed on a pc or mac.
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    I like that band....they sound particularly good on 80 gram vinyl.
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    Gibson Audio Mr. Alterman shut it down a couple of years ago (after about 35 years). I was his first customer when he opened his official retail outlet. He is opening again as of a week ago.
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    Happy Birthday my bearded friend ... surviving the Dallas ebola threat, vacationing in Hope with the Klipsch elite (posh posh), and attaining the heralded position of forum moderator -- quite a year kind Sir. What do you have planned for an encore?
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Moderator!
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    Thaddeus, happy birthday ol chap!!!
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    Funny, you didn't look THAT old...
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    It was in New Orleans. Ranked in sales - Heresy, K Horn, LaScala, Cornwall, Belle. Actually sold three pairs of K Horns to three different people in lees than two hours! The store owner was there and was amazed. Good products are are easier to sell! We also did Disco installs and restaurants. We did a club with double K Horn bottoms and a single K Horn mid / tweeter top section. Most of the installs were Heresy's hung upside down near the ceilings. In that era Crown - DC300A, ESL-224 electrostatic, C8 speakers, Phase Linear 700, 700B, 400, RTR, Citation 11 & 12 (assembled and in kit form), Dynamo PAS3 & Stereo 70,Dahlquist DQ-10, QUAD ESL (there was a frame available to stack Quad's), JBL Century 100 & Paragon, Levinson had just introduced the JC-1 preamp, Yamaha rolled out their initial receiver series, and the large utility / deluxe Advent's were hot (double advents - stacked tweeter to tweeter). And even Bose 901's, double 901's and Bose had their own amp & preamp - looked good - sounded like .... We took on Audio Research (D-51, D-75, D76A, SP-3A0 and the Magnapn Tympani 1A (four bass panels and two tweeter / mid panels). Since the speaker was so large, it was a difficult sale - I sold only one set. We also did the Advent TV - convergence nightmare!! The Dahlquist rep that came by at that time as a guest for one of my open houses was non other than Saul Marantz ) I was surprised)! We had an interesting discussion about the Quad ESL 57 (met Peter and Ross Walker at CES in Chicago) versus the Dahlquist DQ-10. I still have his autograph. I knew Davey O'Brien from McIntosh and would take components to the McIntosh clinic at another audio store when they were in town. very nice man.
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    You should have grab a snack, cause this listening sesion is going to be a long one. Was definitely quite the session earlier today. Got some more days off coming up soon. I reckon the neighborhood won't be sleeping for the next few nights.
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    HAHA! Just make sure it's Baltic Birch!
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    I have the same Oppo as you except mine is not D. I put music on USB thumb drive and run into Oppo 103, then direct mode on receiver. It gives 2.1 in that mode and it simply rocks. And they are mostly MP 3.
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    Just because I love your avatar, yes. And let me clarify, if you guys push us over the 1,000 mark as well. You will be expected! 1,033 and counting!
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    welcome! do some research to set a price/prices....then post plenty of pictures on this forum. we LOVE pics! unlike ebay, you need a set price/prices here.
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    Just because I love your avatar, yes. And let me clarify, if you guys push us over the 1,000 mark as well. BOOM! Amy is coming to Hope next year!
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    I should also remind people a great way to stay up to date on Klipsch things of note would be to sign up on our email list. We send out about an email a week. http://www.klipsch.com/newsletter
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    True, the only fix is time, glad it was not worse.
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    Congrats Ibiza! Looks like you just got 2 Channels of fun.
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    Listing on behalf of Mrs. Boxx (Michele Croft). Local sale or personal courier preferred, otherwise buyer to arrange shipping. PM MrsBoxx for negotiation and sale details. Pair of Palladium P-39F speakers in merlot, sequential serial numbers. Both in excellent shape and include all floor spikes, feet, boxes, etc. Middle woofer of left speaker has slight gouge due to grill popping off and scraping across, but does not affect function. Replacement woofers are still available from Klipsch parts department. Reduced: $9,000 for the pair. Cash or Paypal only. Located in DFW.
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    I've been following this thread with great interest. I was anxious to see how the "Rotel vs HK" throw down shook out. Not surprised at the result though. All of the Rotel Kit I ever owned I found to be very dry and clinical for lack of a better term. Not "bad" but just kind of BLAH. The HK kit I've owned in the past had a much warmer sound. My brother described it as "organic". I'm not sure how he arrived at that term but I think he might have nailed it. On an unrelated subject... I get a big kick out of seeing your avatar with 3 La Scalas in your HT. I like to think that it was a visit to my house that sparked your quest the culminated in a La Scala HT. You're welcome! To you're lovely wife... My apologies.
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    $10 a month; at that rate I can buy all the albums I want in short order... So, I'll whack Rhapsody before my 30 days is up...
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    Well that sounds good, well to me, I love to cut grass. Happy Birthday, hope you have a good day You do realize you need to stop being shy, it's rule 64.2 section 11 in the moderators rule book.
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    I agree with your sentiments here. An employer needs to take a chance sometimes and hire someone that maybe doesn't have all the proper degrees or whatever but can do the work required. I've met a lot of people without degrees that are sharp and hard working and people with college degrees that are as dumb as a post and lazy....Just sayin'
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    That may interfere with all the parties.
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    Wasn't Chad the guy who left early with some lame excuse?
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    NOTHING flies under the radar in here....I thought you knew that already!
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    Think I got the bookshelves sold locally. So sub is still for sale. 1900$
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    You know I wouldn't let your birthday go by unnoticed!
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    My plan is to use the mid and tweeter from my cornscalas for the top hat. Order 2 more woofers from Bob to finish out the bass bin. Crossover is still up in the air, maybe use the cornscala xover? Ideas needed?
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    you make it sound like I am calling Roy a lair? I take it the company owns the patent and if you have ever read many patents you will know that "patent talk" is most often there to mislead and misdirect the competition while offering up the absolute widest possible interpretation of the idea/design in question and application of the design. I have not looked at Roy's patents on this horn design so forgive me if I am off base but in general patents are about protecting ideas/technology. I know that Roy has shared all manner of insights with members here on the forum and aided in learning about his design work not to mention helping others her to design projects of their own.
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    Our little printer at work is supposed to have a resolution of 70 microns. I believe that is .000070 of an inch (am I correct?) Unfortunately, it will only do a 6x6x6 inch piece. Maybe enough to try out Dave's elliptrac tweeter. Bruce
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    Around 400 locations. Also, we have many "irons in the fire" when it comes to this stuff. We are always working on things like this behind the scenes. Stay tuned!
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    Thanks people for all the help! I am waiting for Mr. Delgado to answer my email. I would be very happy getting the originals here if he can help me with that too. I contacted Bjorn as well and learned how he got his. So I will try that way as well. For people asking, I am located at Antalya, Turkey.
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    I have all 5 of mine on tables; puts them at ear Level for ht use...
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    I wanted to pick this up. Cool Alabama-shaped vinyl! I ended up getting: Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous Bjork - Debut My Bloody Valentine - Loveless import (white vinyl) Vital Information - Global Beat Tool - Opiate
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    So Jim, did you make to a Memphis rib joint on your trip? How did it compare to Rodney's ribs? I feasted at Rendezvous when I stayed overnight in Memphis several years ago. Dang good ribs for certain!
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    Expensive speakers are like fast cars...by the time you're old enough to afford em you're too old to enjoy em. Edit: same goes for hot women.
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    I buy all the time too, but, often times, you cannot get these releases except on the morning of RSD, because they are so limited in amount, they sell very quickly. So, at 6 am, I line up at my record store of choice in Grand Prairie, Texas (Forever Young) and get my number, so I can get what I want. The lower the number, the better the chance of getting what I want, because they open the boxes in no order, so its a surprise! Lots of fun...
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