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    Allman Brothers-Live at the Fillmore East 1973
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    It sure seems like it, you did great finding her, nice lady. I asked her if she had a problem with you calling her LF on the forum, she thought for a second and said no not really. I told her I thought about it and it is kind of a complement, she smiled and agreed. She said she has read a few post here, well it's a good thing we behaved.
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    I'm going to throw Chicago Transit Authority in the ring mainly because it was such a strong first effort.
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    Some extensive house cleaning had me pull my system apart. Well it got me to thinking about changing some things around. I have simplified the system and still need to put the area rug back in to cover the tile, but I like how it turned out.
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    Thanks for asking Neil. We have been back in for almost 4 weeks now. Great to have my listening room back up and running among other things of course. The house turned out really nice.
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    Actually a quote from one of my favorite movies:
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    There’s simply too much really good stuff to do this!
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    You are all stirrers in a good way We in Australia say taking the piss ( mate to mate ) Its like a compliment or a ribbing in jest but no angry words are used Now let’s get back to spinning some records ya bloody wingers 🤐
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    Really?! No Dark Side of the Moon? It spent 741 weeks on the Billboard top 200 albums chart
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    12 weeks old Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Led Zeppelin III. It has some of the most awesome guitar work you can find in rock, and it's all backed by Jones, Plant and Bonham.
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    I've managed to get in touch with a more distant relative of Dennis' (wife is sister of Dennis' brother). He is going to find out what he can and get me the information. I do know that Dennis worked for Rockwell-Collins in Iowa for a number of years after he was a Klipsch dealer. I'll post when I get the info. Bruce
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    We know what you really like
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    What was their album? Were they an homage to Peaches & Herb?
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    Mornin' All One last day for the wife to work ... an "in service" day. Then her "vacation" starts. She has to run away from home to get some actual time off. The high mucky mucks can always seem to find something they forgot for her to do.. Going for an "out of house" experience tomorrow. A couple of us are going to listen to some Forte III at another members place. Guess I'll have to dig out my "go to meetin" bib overalls. I joke about sarongs and robes ... but, not really. That's what I wear most of time. My bib o's are formal wear.
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    I have seen him on many shows, he knows his stuff and loves old very rare garage finds.
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    I was going to say electricity........
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    Playing some Pink Floyd and testing the Thorens Artist - Pink Floyd Title - Dark Side Of The Moon 
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    King crimson larks tounge in aspic...
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    His name is Ant. They do have 3 or 4 mechanics on duty. I have a feeling he can do anything though. Remember Bob Vila? I think all the work was finished during the commercials with that show 😀 Wayne Carini, his shop is up in Connecticut. I like his mechanic, a funny older guy. Good shows.
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    +++++1. Also one of my top five all-time. Keith Emerson was a Badazz. Carl Palmer was and still is INCREDIBLE!
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    Highway to hell....And back in black. Are tough to beat.... Considering What the band went through...
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    Just listened to Close to the edge on MOFI vinyl last night by the way.
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    I can no longer count the times I thought I was all set in this hobby. Things have changed so many times. It was a fun journey but lately the fun is more often replaced with frustration of dealing with people that obviously have different priorities when it comes to buying / selling than I have. I am actually content with tweaking what I have now and do not feel the desire to search for the latest greatest. Improving sound is where I am at, not through buying so much but tweaking. The Dr's tell me I will be stove up for 6 or more weeks and having a decent setup that is now pleasing should help with the recovery.......................That and Drugs
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    The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon are on another level in writing and composition. Breakfast in America is incredible as is Crime of the Century. One I listen to end to end, over and over again is Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours.
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    For Yes, I would go for Fragile. Roundabout, you know.
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    There are several things that raise my skirt... great resolution with smooth liquidity, a spacial sound stage with great pin point separation and tight cohesiveness in the LOW frequencies. Frankly I found everything I love with my new Focal headphones with Beryllium drivers... they are spooky good, but they don't have the wide spatial quality a floor stander has. These really have me wanting Beryllium drivers for my floor standers.
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    Tip-toe guys, you might be violatin'
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    Cr@p... I didn't hear that. I was I a church with his younger brother from '80 until around '85. Lost touch when we moved south. He introduced me to Klipsch. Incredibly intelligent and kind beyond words... except he wouldn't put up with stupid arguments or flooby dust. I'll reach out to his brother tomorrow. He had his own set of health issues, but I'll try. Bruce
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    My GOAT would then be Beethoven's Symphony #9. Nothing else is even close from start to finish. For something from the last century Queen's A Night at the Opera would be a solid pick. Great songs make great albums.
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    The difference is partly in die fledermaus. But yeah I agree there is no comparison.
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    Roger was a very good road racer in his sportscar racing days.
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    My brother married her.
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    I had to adjust the phono dB settings to optimise the output and fiddle with the tracking force, as the stated grams was to light But so far it’s performance is better than I expected
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    If that one was closer, I would have a mate for my other single
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    Simple fare today. Home grown leg of goat and sweet potato. Fresh salad greens from a friend with whom we traded eggs. I can't imagine what the rich people are eating..
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    Me too. Especially the German variety.
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