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    Thanks Dave, This one is because of you... Pink Floyd - Live In Pompeii. Recorded live in an ancient amphitheater among the ruins of old Pompeii in the year of 1972.
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    Bottom line: Add a sub. The biggest one you can find in your price range. I think I remember an SVS 16 was mentioned. That should really do a good job. Caveat: All of my listening was done using Youtube vids which are not the best medium for sound recreation. If the RP-600M's can make them sound good I feel pretty strongly the RP-160's can too. There are bigger, better sounding systems out there, the RP-160 is not the top of the food chain but it's outstanding in its size class and price range. Music sounds great, orchestral and jazz in particular. If Mr. @Man in the Box still has concerns about his sound while playing classical music I think some tweaking with the electronics can produce some outstanding sound. -Dave
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    So does everyone in AZ wear short sleeves? We don't care if you bare your arms but if you start flashing what's behind the sarong we don't want to see it.
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    Our town is fine, some flooding in N.O. from rain but it's the normal places that flood with a good rain. There is some surge flooding in S Louisiana on roads and neighborhoods but nothing like a stronger storm. Plus right at the bad time of the storm it happened to be high tide, that didn't help. Some probably got water but really minor overall compared to a real hurricane, this was a barely organised storm that just made hurricane strength winds right before it hit land and dropped to a tropical storm strength almost as soon as it hit land. A little boring but better than the other end of the scale, the other weather news was just slow I guess.
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    There are loads of accidents involving prescription drug influence. The bottom line to this tangent is not to get behind the wheel if you are taking anything which might impair the functions needed.
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    Maybe he is forgetting auto accident deaths caused by under the influence of cannibus . JJK
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    Canned Heat - Live At Topanga Corral
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    "Their Satanic Majesties Requests" from 1967 was the Stones 8th US release and met with mixed reviews. In '95 Mick said there were only two good songs and the rest were "Nonsense." Ya STILL had to have it though. Afterall, good, bad or ugly it was STILL the Rolling Stones! Why now? Cause it was ugly then and has been sitting here for 50 years! That and I can! But... 😰
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    I hope you have an old style holster like the cowboys, if not......is that your gun or are you just happy to see me? Just covering the news but like normal when thing are a little slow they add a little extra drama.
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    Wow, just hit Wiki and that 1994 tour was their last one then they released "Pulse" in 95 to commemorate that one. Bit more $$$ from the public. Yup, 26 and 27 May in Cleveland then 28 May in Columbus. I guess I learned something there. Their shows were ALWAYS incredible, staging, lighting, sound, EVERYthing. Think I've seen all of their tours and have NEVER regretted going to any of them. IF you ever wanted to score mega points w/a fem ya took them to see Floyd. Fact! lol
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    A good friend of mine caught PF and said it was just beyond anything he had ever seen at a rock n roll show...According to him it was his most incredible concert ever...I have no doubt about that...Closest I ever came was when the movie Pink Floyd Live In Pompeii came out in the 70's and the only showings were at midnight...Man! did we get well prepared for that one...
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    I live in AZ... Baring arms is not a right... it is your duty. We issue you a firearm when you get your social security # Concealed carry? No need for special permission to do that. the crazy old man in the sarong may be packin'. Sunny and warm enough to rain... and it did. Temp is down to 70 or so... Cool.
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    Here is my final listening session for the night, and I'll draw my conclusions in the next post. The Organ Symphony probably brought our little experiment to its knees. The ten inch sub sounded pretty good with this recording but didn't rattle the pictures off the walls. Again I thought the trombones sounded good and the trumpets were full sounding without being piercing. I could play this Youtube version loud but it didn't like it if I tried to play at ear splitting levels. At everything under that (except whisper quiet) the balance was good. Here's my favorite version of the Organ Symphony. I love the tempos.
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    Wasn't that just in London a month or so ago?
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    OK, I just listened to a couple of pieces. Shosty Festive Overture ^^^ and 1812 Overture. Festive Overture sounded great. The clarinets sounded very accurate. The brass sound full. I played this one loud and again, it's very similar to what I expect from my RF-83's with 15" sub. This was 600M with ten inch sub. I also listened to a version of 1812 Overture with which I was not familiar. I thought the trumpets were a little hot, the oboes a little thin. Trombones and tubas sounded fantastic. Timps sounded great. I'd like you guys to listen on your own systems and tell me what you think, is this just a bad Youtube recording? I think it is. I wasn't even going to play the canon part because what do I know about what a canon really sounds like? I did anyway and I played it LOUD and holy cow I about came out of my chair! That little ten inch sub filled the room and gave me a nice chest thump. VERY impressive, and a very good listening session. Here's the version I used:
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    OK, I've got some listening impressions, and frankly they are all good. I'd like to do this in chunks. Brahms: I started with the Brahms link. Piano is very good. I hear good dynamics and the Paradigm 10" ported sub w/250 wpc plate amp added some fill to the bottom end, but not as much as the sealed Reference 15 which not only added depth, but power in the lowest octave. The upper octaves were full and articulate. Glinka: I thought I had not heard of Glinka but actually I've very familiar with some of his music. I listened to The Lark which was mostly piano. I heard the same good dyamics as I had with Brahms. It turns out I am most familiar with Ruslan and Ludmilla. This piece really cooks and is a more recent recording so it is clear as a bell, dynamics are great. I played this one pretty loud and it filled my medium sized living room, I am sitting about 10 feet from the 600M's. There was no distortion even though these are small speakers. Again the sub was helpful to make the timpani pop and 36" bass drum provides about a third of the SPL. The 600's and 10" sub are a very close match for my RF-83's. I'm going to listen to some Shostakovitch and Tchaikovsky here in a minute. I will probably settle on a piece of Shosty's 10th Symphony. Tchaikovsky I'm not sure of which piece, maybe March Slav. I'll be back shortly. Here is what I just listened to:
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    The inexpensive test is me. I'll rig up a similar test bed and play the suggested classical pieces to see how it sounds. I have a similar RP-600M to his RP-160. I have a ten inch sub and I have his classical music play list. It's not perfect but I'm listening now as we try to figure out how he can get the sound he wants out of his current setup.
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    No that was at Rodney's, might need to get better dressed to go to town compared to his place.
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    KPT-1502. Gotta rearrange and clean up and make some covers but yeah jubilees and a 1502 for my outdoor system. May or may not plasti-kote it in white.
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    Oops I `bout made trouble for myself with the screenie I put up and took down! See some Stones around here, lots of good ones in this old release.
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    I could be getting a table tomorrow... could be...
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    (snip, just wanted to reference the post.) Excellent post. Myself being a cheapie on a budget I always start out with "for X amount of dollars, what is the next best piece of audio equipment I can get given my current setup?" I just don't have the discretionary income for a flagship AVR, a pair of $3000 subs and new mains at $3000 a pair. You've got to make choices. A sub is one of those things in your system that if it isn't the 100% perfect next thing, it will help the current setup and also a future setup. A set of RP-82's (RP-8000F) can use the same argument. Get the larger mains, move the RP-160's to surround or even CENTER duties and you've upgraded your system for now, and for the future. Win-win, can't go wrong with either choice.
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    Hope all the folks in Louisiana are ok. We've actually had tornado warnings for Calgary and tornado sightings further north. Crazy. Hoping for a few days of mid/high 70's F and no rain! Please stop the rain.
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    Thinking your Yamaha would be great with the 280"s, yes glad those guys have helped you sort it out... welcome to the forum...
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    @wvu80 @robert_kc Thanks to wvu's experiments, I decided to purchase a few tracks (including Brahms's second concerto along with Beethoven's Egmont Overture and Schostakovich's 8th and 10th symphonies) from hdtracks.com to see if the issue lies with the content I've been streaming rather than the speakers themselves. Wow! A difference of night and day. Dynamic range on every instrument is very clear, the violins sound well articulated and clean, separation between the instruments is excellent and the rumbles of bass drums (on Schostakovich's 8th, particularly), which I expected to be lacking because I don't have a subwoofer, sounded pretty decent. I've been questioning my purchase of these speakers; it seemed like they aren't well-suited for classical music. I really wanted to love them and, thanks to the generous help I've received here, I now do. At this stage, it seems that a subwoofer would be good to have, considering that they promise not just broader audible frequency range, but also to add depth. But given that buying the RP 280 would add "bigger sound," as they say, as well as better bass with their double 8 woofers per speaker (vs. the 160's 6.5, which can certainly do better but aren't bad), I feel it may represent better value per dollar than a subwoofer. I'll be secretly hoping the 280s (vs. the 260s) would allow me to forgo buying a sub, but we'll see. If anyone has any comments on any of the above, I'll gladly listen. To those who are familiar with my Yamaha receiver by now, I'd like to ask: can this 80 per channel receiver drive the Rp 280s (which require 150 watts), or would it need to be upgraded? Thanks once again. I learned a lot.
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    WHY do you want to invite that SPY DEVICE into your home? I do not even have a Cell Phone, I so much do NOT want to be surveilled! John Kuthe, Climate Anarchist and Living Off The Wire!
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    could be a scattergun under there...
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    Trombones sound especially fantastic on some Klipsch, including my Klipsch (see signature, below). Trombones are difficult to reproduce on some conventional, non-horn speakers.
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    Here is Shosty 10. I time marked it at 53:15 to the end (about 6 minutes) because it really shows off the strings, contra-bass basson, timp, cymbals, brass. There is nothing to complain about from a speakers point of view. Everything is articulate and clean. The sub really fills out the bottom.
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    I'm thinking that show was on a Friday evening Memorial Day weekend. Stayed in Cleveland that nite after the show then left early Saturday for Indy where I shot the 500 on Sunday. Then left Indy for Cbus and caught them again in Cbus @ the OSU stadium about 25 rows back center stage. Wanna talk about an hour drive from H3ll back home from Columbus after that wkend? Floyd ALWAYS has one of the best shows you can ask for. They set that bar HIGH! Just look for that flying pink pig balloon and ur there! Yea, I was a spatial kind of crazy!
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    I stacked them just to try a new concept, bi-amping both speakers leaving the jumpers on. The bi-amp from the AVR sends a full range signal to both sets of speakers. The result was a full bass sound from the triple 8" woofers, and using the extended 25 Khz top end of the 600M's. I used Audyssey to help them play nice together. This worked pretty well but not earth shaking better. I had a bigger front sound stage especially vertically, there is no drop off when sitting or standing. I'm telling you the 600M's with 15" sub are very close in sound to the RF-83's and sub. The RF-83's have a "bigger" sound but not by much. I'm going to use this as a test piece, something I'm again very familiar with:
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    People shouldn't get behind the wheel after church.
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    Honestly, I think auto accidents are hard to judge insofar as the responsibility of the drug verses driver error...Smoking marijuana doesn't have the same effect as driving after consuming alcohol because they are two different drugs.
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    OK Legend fans, I’m bringing this back because I never used it as intended. Hasn’t been moved or used since original post.
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    OP: Here's my 2 cents, based on great comments by several contributors: For approximately $20US you can download a hi-res classical recording from hdtracks.com. (I'm assuming you can do this in Bahrain.) This clearly represents an inexpensive test. If you can buy an SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer in Bahrain, and this is within your budget, this seems like a good investment, regardless of what you end up doing regarding your main speakers. Please keep us posted.
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    Can you tell me what you used for a top coat..... looks like urethane or some sort of plastic coat not an oil......
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    This one! https://www.chrono24.com/omega/speedmaster-professional-moonwatch--id10465052.htm
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    he is really cool now, with the t-shirt to prove it.
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    Now have seen them a couple of times...lol Really like Hooker&Heat but do not have...cool lp you have...think I have either 3 or 4 their lps...
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    Full Range, That's a great live recording, I also have a 1961 4 track 7.5ips reel tape tape from The Santa Monica Civic with Tex Beneke and the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Ray Eberly and The Modernaires...1940's Big Band /Swing, it sounds awesome! Cheers
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    Dave, I went to a ton of shows in the 70's and as many as I could in the 80's but Pink Floyd was never one of them😢😢😢 or Gilmour for that matter, just never was close enough or had the funds to make it happen. If you a have go to lp...that's one to have!!! My problem...to many go to records, and you play most of them! Cheers
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    === you’re in a unique situation, you wear a sarong with impunity. You dress “cool”. Here - hot/humid as helll in an open carry state. I would be target practice in a sarong at the local Walmart—
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    Gilmour just KILLS this and it's stuck! Maybe it's because I was row 10 center in Cleveland for the tour and enjoyed them so much! The walk down onto the floor of the old stadium was fantastic! My EX sister in law kept saying, "We're not down here. Are you sure you know where you're going?" Yes, I'm sure. Come on. After about the 3rd time I just stopped and told her to STFU and come on or go find another seat. I got this OMG appalled look from everyone! At that point in time, it made my life complete! My first rodeo? It's where I always sit or close. I HATE having a "go to" LP but... Yea, what a great show! lolol Wait, did I mention how great of an album this was? 😂
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