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    A new pair from MetropolisLakeOutfitters! I started with "Caballo Diablo" and finished "Fire On The Mountain" and now I'm up to "The Allman Brothers Band" and "Dreams". D C A D C A D C A ....... pickin' and grinnin' in 3/4 time! Yummy. I think the woofer is waking up!
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    So i first listened to a set in 1987. It was at the now defunct Tweeter etc in Ma. I loved the way they sounded but I could only afford Heresy's at the time. I did love the Heresy's! Unfortunately, they were stolen. I have looked over the years at K-horns on line but finally bit the bullet and bought a set from 1968. Although, they are as old as I am they look and sound better lol
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    I was worried about this same effect on my garden hose, so I cut off both ends of the hose and switched them... WHEW, that as close.
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    Thank you, I have the tools and gusto to have a go at flush mounting the horn but not necessarily the skill!! 😂 The build is coming along quite well, I should have the bass boxes done this week ready for sanding and staining, then I’ll move on to the high frequency cabinets. I decided I prefer the look of the split cabinet so went down that route, its a bit more work and a bit more wood but I may as well do it the way I want it. There have been a couple of oops moments, mainly due to the poor setup / misalignment of my new table saw but nothing that couldn’t be corrected..... or lived with!
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    Tesla stock has soared 270% in ~ 65 days. More proof fundamentals mean nothing in today's market. Pure drunken reaction in the case of TSLA. @ $925 right now.
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    I'm gonna have to eat some of my words. After about 4 hours of Dubstep, 4 hours of blues rock and over night on an FM radio station, these new H IVs have more bass output. This afternoon they sound like the ones we heard in Hope, very clean, detailed and occasionally dark, maybe even a little bassy. Much cleaner/clearer than the H Is that were in the same spot for 2+ years. These are not my father's Heresies. As you'd expect the low bass is weak and I like the subwoofer turned on. Still, I think they could be quite satisfying without a subwoofer if they were put nearer to a corner. My instrument room doesn't allow that easily. I can't remember ever listening to the H Is without the sub, or wanting to. They actually throw a believable spatial image, too. My H Is never did.
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    I just realized I inadvertently changed the scale of the Spectrogram between screenshots, so I will upload a change shortly to make them match. This is the final product without the top 'bow tie'.
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    Yes Pretty much N=Nina G=Genovese Mom's maiden name 8264723=my phone number growing up...……...
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    Apparently I got busy and forgot I was logged in last night. Got some credit at the lp store for a few. Played this twice last night it's ok, but not the same to me as other work I've heard by this duo.
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    Your setup really sound great, but I'm biased. But it still sounds great!
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    This just won't die. How does polarity matter in A.C.? Without a chassis ground in a crossover network, why would it matter? Do you live across the river from XERF?
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    Thanks RPLACE for the impeccable packaging. Dropped off horn lens' at the powder coating factory. Will send you pictures after picking them up. THANKS AGAIN!
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    If you are gluing raw lumber, in my experience, all you need is something like Titebond II Premium wood glue. I have tried to break apart things I simply glued and brad nailed together. The lumber splinters and breaks, but the joint stays. I know many of us, including myself, tend to over engineer things. You can use what you already got, just be very careful. Not a big deal.
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    Spending a lil time today just nosin a bit after some running around. Some may have heard of Mike Portnoy. Neil Peart's buddy who Peart first met when he was like 15 and became very good friends with over time. Mike spent like 10 years w/the group Dream Theater and other groups since. If you've never heard of him let me introduce you to him. He CAN hold his own! Enjoy "Train of Thought" was Dream Theater's 7th studio album released in 2003. Portnoy said it was written in response to a heavier and even darker audience of heavy metal fans taking only 3 weeks to write. Trust me it IS that!
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    Tossed these on Sunday evening. Janis Ian, folk rocker who admired Joan Baez released this in 1967. Different sound then but she had a nice lil following "Listen Like Thieves" is a 1985 release by that Aussie group INXS. Their fifth album spent two weeks at #1 down under then migrated to the US. Considered their breakthrough album here in the US peaking at #11. Billy Idol released "Vital Idol" in 1980 comprised of many of his hits to that date.
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    No kraut , onions and there are a couple of decent Phillies here in Charleston . That Phillie is from Tony Luke's in Philadelphia . BTW I don't recommend a 700 mile road trip on I95 in an Subaru STi , the expansion joints are murder in a stiffly sprung car . JaBamm JaBamm JaBamm repeat
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    You changed your forum title (which displays under your name on posts) To change the name that is displayed for you: 1. click the menu in the upper-right corner of the site. 2. click Account Settings. 3. look for Display name, and click change
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    Was the above from Jeff Matthews or Jeff Medwin.... (Boom!) Well, when I sell options, I typically sell against half the position so that if I'm wrong and the stock SHOOTS up, I still own some that is participating. Keep in mind though, if you have a highly volatile stock, though the trend might be up, there WILL be days where it takes a sharp downturn. Bottom line, with 360% in gains, I don't care if she sells it or keeps it. So it's a win/win. The stock WILL be pulling back sometime in the future so if she loses it at $550 and it pulls back, we'll buy it back and do it again! When you have an account where you are selling (covered) Puts you ARE going to end up being put a stock... if you then turn around and sell a Call against the very stock you just got put.... what you find is (per this narrow commentary) owning stocks is somewhat incedental....what you're doing is simply selling options as a primary activity. (in my case, these are net long positions that were acquired by purchase, not by selling a Put)
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    I think we're all cramming as many threads as possible into our heads and trying to digest in time for April's sessions.
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    Yeah ... gamblers? Did not have enough balls to buy it at $300
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    Nice looking table. My problem is when I see something like this going on ebay and don't really need it I NEVER get back there to see what it actually did sell for. lolol Always some cool things on ebay it seems.
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    Not a bad price for 3 RF7's. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/3120368-fs-3-klipsch-rf-7s-classic.html
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    glens: Will do, but I was really hoping for more recommendations and discussion from the forum members here. *** Unless I get some traction with this thread, I will keep looking for a C45 or C220 and I'll probably get an ATI AT602 or maybe a AT1505 to start. The ATI will probably get replaced at some point. A rebuilt MC275 or 225 would be nice, but they're too expensive, hence my interest in the MC250. I think a tube pre and a SS amp might work well with my Heresy IIIs. Anyone have any recommendations on relative low-powered amps - either tube or SS?
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    Hit 60 here yesterday, which is a bit crazy. Think if broke a record or was close. Rain coming in then that "wintery mix." Next week back up into the 40's and a bump up to 50 late in the week. When I quit plowing snow a few years ago I bought a nice BIG Cub Cadet auto-everything blower. Wondered about global warming at the time but bought it anyway. 8 passes down the drive guiding it. Happy boy! Used it twice in 4 years. Sure looks pretty sittin out there ready to go. Blech! ☹️
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    Not really directed at you....but I do like the GIF. Trying to help those who might not totally understand RAID v Backup.
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    I just blew up the pic of the label, and my eyes--they no so good I they are RB-3's. Thanks for the reply anyway, and sorry for the post!
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    @tigerwoodKhorns, posting the pics here for everyone's benefit. I did the best with after-sundown lighting. Hopefully this gives the detail you're wanting, otherwise I'll have to wait until I have daylight in great quantities. Top, wide. That tape adhesive from the previous owner should be removable. Top, detail shots. Bottom, wide. Bottom, detail shots. Front, details shots.
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    I enjoyed it and I was eagerly awaiting a wardrobe malfunction, but I get the other side where some of that is not really family friendly and I got it first hand. We were at a close friends house with their 6 year old daughter and their other 11 year old twin girls and they were all sitting at the bar eating cheese dip on the edge of their seat. They weren't around for the game, obviously, but the halftime performance had been so hyped up with their friends or TV I guess, they were waiting to see J Lo. Their parents aren't really ones to hide the world from their kids, but I have to admit, it was a bit uneasy to watch that and have youngsters there while everyone hooped and hollered about it. The hand gestures and the close ups were not something that was really needed. I thought the kids singing their segment after JLO climbed down from her pole was really nice and helped tidy things up a bit. The silver Creeper dude that showed up mumbling some sort of strange language should have been left out, he really just diluted things. The Music and Vocals were pretty dismal IMO, but as far as lunchtime time waster video over burger, a beer and a few coworkers, it would be worthy for another view.
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    Once again, I would like to thank the participants for sharing. And going out of their way to use practical analogies! I don’t have a lot in RRSPs (what we call a 401k up here...) but I did take it all to heart. Turns out I am about 75% cash (bonds) after the last correction in 2008. I am glad I didn’t have to use my goto plan:
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    Al Jazeera actually appears to have more in-depth coverage of what is going on ... https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/02/dispelling-myths-coronavirus-outbreak-200202093426388.html
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    Wines at cost or less from work . Items like the '97 Silver Fox cab and '98 Kistler chard are too risky to sell to customers . $117.00 altogether , not too bad of a haul .
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    I had to completely disassemble the cabinets and redo the front and back panels on the pair I had as the glue wasn't done very well. Same thing with the CF-3's I had but just the back panel.
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    RIP John, he died Thursday at the age of 56, from colon cancer. He was one of my favorite racers ever, and was the nicest Andretti. We grew up in the same town, same age, competing high schools. He was an exceptional racer, won races in different types of cars that nobody has ever accomplished, probably never will (IndyCar, Nascar, Rolex 24 at Daytona, Top Fuel dragster, sports car) He raised millions of dollars for local Riley Children's Hospital, with a charity go kart race. Dozens of top racers would show up....Tony Stewart, Ricky Rudd, 10-12 IndyCar racers, Dario Franchitti, Mark Dismore (owns the track) Vitor Meira (track lap record holder) Sarah Fisher, Josef Newgarden (won this race when he was 16) Scott Dixon and Dan Weldon (in their matching Target race suits) local celebrities. I raced in one of these events, even alongside John, but not for long, he passed me and was gone! He was just a good guy, always approachable, never rude, always smiling. A Riley spokesperson said today that John would just show up all the time, just to talk to the kids and their families. He didn't care if there weren't cameras around, that wasn't why he was there.
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    Well it is a great Friday the 31st at 6pm est now @mr clean glad it's going good for you, I can and do get down sometimes (no wisenheimers now!) and just have to shake it off!
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    Nothing I can do. It's above my paygrade but @Chad should be able to help next time he's on the forum.
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    He needs to just go back to where he came from or at lest stay in Ca with all the other crazy people are at Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Luther has gone through all the gears, he is now in overdrive. Plus a screen the drops from the ceiling, if he still has it. Glad you have pictures of it all, VERY nice and it also looks great, as always. .
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    Klipsch would be smart if they used stacks of mwm's with horns on top or a few pair of jubes on stage to initiate the inexperienced! Those folks have the coin to pick those up on a whim!
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    Good article here... https://www.soundandvision.com/content/embracing-spirit-neil-peart-aural-appreciation-late-great-rush-drummer
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    Wake up lost in an empty town Wondering why no one else is around Look up to see a giant boy You’ve just become his brand new toy No escape, no place to hide Here where Time and Space collide You have entered the Twilight Zone Beyond this world strange things are known Use the key, unlock the door See what your fate might have in store Come explore your dreams’ creation Enter this world of imagination
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    That;s funny never thought about it like that. Only a coach could appreciate that. .
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    Could you imagine trying this sport! Popular in the 20s and 30s, motorcycle chariot racing was kinda dangerous.
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