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    HELP: Forte II Terminal Broke Off

    I had one strip on me and called Klipsch - they sent me two at no charge. They were slightly different but better constructed. Yes, you can replace the binding posts themselves. Just unscrew the terminal cup and you will see how easy this repair is - go for it.
  2. Ole Dollar

    Rf7 vs rp-280f

    While I have not heard the 280's I have heard the RF7 rev 2 and they are my favorite HT speaker. Others will chime in on the 280's but don't think you can go wrong with either and welcome to the forum.
  3. Ole Dollar

    Our new product

    I'm thinking its a civilian version of the C130? I lived on a lot of Air Force bases with my family.
  4. Ole Dollar

    Help line array system at a school

    For $200 the choir mic technique may be the only choice and I have done that with mic's on stands. Unfortunately the issue still remains of the children not projecting well and with the mic's several feet away the problem will still exist. I would agree that this technique will provide some improvement especially for the children that do speak up. P.S. This technique can pick up a lot of unwanted noise as well such as paper shuffling and sounds made by the children moving around.
  5. Ole Dollar

    Help line array system at a school

    While not a professional I have done live sound for 30+ years and learned mostly the hard way. Currently I am mixing sound for my church that has children sing and perform plays and skits, mostly around holidays. We have the same issue hearing the children especially the younger ones. The only solution I have found that works is to mic each of them. I do not work for Shure but I do use their wireless SLX mic's for this purpose - cheap mics are feedback producers. Also some eq'ing is needed but since I am using identical mics the parametrics are almost the same for each. *** One must remind the parents to have children dress in clothing that the wireless mic can be attached too, including the transmitter pack. I very much agree with @DrWho as he is explaining my hard lessons with the laws of physics. Lastly I do "ride the mutes" and for that reason also use mute groups as well - anything to raise GBF.
  6. Ole Dollar

    Bluetooth Not Working

    @mctweed welcome to the forum. Your best bet is to call tech support - their information is on the Klipsch website.
  7. Ole Dollar

    Just purchased Klipsch 535 B Jubilee. Have questions.

    Thanks to your advice yesterday I ordered one from Parts Express this morning. Should be here Friday and I will spend some time learning it before the Jubilees get here. I use a Behringer DEQ 2496 to set up PA systems so I get the idea but REW is much more comprehensive - been reading the help file. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it so my questions on the forum might even appear as "intelligent". I am interested to see how my current system analyses as I was all done by ear except for using a test CD and SPL meter to set the mono amps to have some parity in gain structure. Thanks again!
  8. Ole Dollar

    Just purchased Klipsch 535 B Jubilee. Have questions.

    I heard back from another member who suggested REW, sorry my question was not clear - and after doing more reading realized it was talked about on this thread earlier. So also realized a lot of three way stuff is going on and I am looking at the Xilica XP-4080 so it can be expanded beyond 2 way, if needed. I'll read more before I jump into the middle of a conversation sorry about that too. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if REW is not a good choice.
  9. Ole Dollar

    Tube amp on top of LaScallas

    I agree, don't do it.
  10. Ole Dollar

    150 watts maximum

    150 Watts - is that peak or RMS, at 4 or 8 ohms (maybe 16 ohms ), and all channels driven? The beautiful thing about Klipsch is efficiency - maybe a good thing they don't know to write rules to cover them. There was a day when you could listen to a good sound system in the school library alas those days are gone.
  11. Ole Dollar

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    My thanks to @minermark as well - 123V in Memphis this morning. I agree in that I would have rather met minermark, but the new toy is fun! P.S. @dtel did a good job giving them away.
  12. Ole Dollar

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    @jimjimbo - welcome to Memphis and I hope you enjoy your stay here. So much BBQ and so little time. I'm headed out tomorrow as well and will see you there. If you need bail just post.
  13. Ole Dollar

    your worst case of sellers remorse

    As an MC 30 owner that story really hurts.
  14. Ole Dollar

    Leaving tubed equipment on.

    I thought I would chime in on this one as I had a SED EL34 with ~200 hours on it fail, after an hour or so into listening session, and took on the look of a light bulb. This happened over the weekend and luckily I was standing next to it when it red plated. This being my first inflight tube failure my wife even commented on me freaking out as I first thought the amp was toast. Apparently I was more upset than she thought I should be. I monitor bias when I us this amp and it was normal. So I had the amp shutdown in less than 10 seconds but am worried that if I had not seen the failure happening I don't know how much amp damage would have occurred of if a fire would have been the result. The replacement quad of tubes is working without issue. So my thought is turn it off.
  15. Ole Dollar

    Need new AVR

    +1 for the Aventage line, decent stereo and good surround surround. Good feature set and phone / iPad control.
  16. Ole Dollar

    Solid State amps known to sound good with Klipsch

    As a side note my wife called me last week as she listened to the Epic's while I was at work and asked what the flashing red lights next to the word Powergard means. It means 1200 watts in use and you should turn it down a little bit. I was proud she was enjoying our hobby so much.
  17. Ole Dollar

    Solid State amps known to sound good with Klipsch

    I used to power a pair of Chorus II's with a Mac C31V and a pair of bridged MC2002's with great results. Now driving the Chorus II's with Mac tubes and moved a pair of Epic CF-3's into that spot - the Epic's really seem to like the 600 watts per channel.
  18. I have to ask. What did you have repaired in the speakers? Crossovers by chance?
  19. Ole Dollar

    Chorus II project

    To throw in my $0.02, I do some soldering but decided on new Crites crossovers and the Ti diaphragms on my Chorus II's. It was very easy as it was plug and play. Additionally it allowed me to "back out" the changes easily if I did not like the results. As it turned out Bob's work is spot on and I love the sound of these speakers. So I know I have read a lot about testing and troubleshooting here, which is good advice, but since the Crites upgrades are fantastic and the caps in the old crossover ar beyond their life expectancy I like the idea of just replacing the crossovers and diaphragms. I did the same thing to my RF3II's last weekend and the results were fantastic for them as well. Go for it as the Chorus II's are totally worth it! P.S. I hope the passive repair goes well but think I would be looking for an intact replacement, that's just me though.
  20. Ole Dollar

    Speaker Issue's And Possible Upgrades

    Welcome to the forum from another new member. I agree with Ceptorman also I no longer find much audio stuff at Best Buy that makes me happy. I started home theater with the Synergy series but with the RF3's as the fronts. Mistake. The reference series is a major step up that is well worth the price. I am using one of the Yamaha Aventage receivers and it has proven to be a great match so you are on the right track. There is a Star Trek movie where the Klingon moon Praxis explodes - a great way to test your new subs.
  21. Ole Dollar

    Klipsch Heritage Headphone Development in Japan

    I am interested as well. I miss my Mode M40's. Really like over the ear headphones.
  22. Ole Dollar


    Well I needed to get to 10 posts to edit my profile so please excuse this one.
  23. Ole Dollar


    I am not sure about CSNY opening acts as that was more my brothers music. I must admit I like Neil a lot but a lot of CSN was too slow for me. Probably should not admit this but I was in the Ted Nugent phase at that point, much to my fathers chagrin. He did buy me some Koss Pro 4AA's so he did not have to live through it - still have them. Dad was smart that way as they were better than the KLH speakers he had so he knew I would use them. Now that I think of it those speakers had a 6 connector plug to make them work. Wonder what was up with that? Tim
  24. Ole Dollar


    I too would like to thank you for the welcome. I recently added vacuum tubes to my main system after playing with an ST-70 for a couple of years- really renewed my interest. Of course that led to Crites upgrades to my Chorus II's which I am very happy with. I am lucky as my family gives me 4 to 5 hours of quiet on Friday nights so I can listen. But my wife is getting tired of the Nancy Sinetra SACD but I love the 3D of the vocals, strings, and brass. I would appreciate some advice on getting my 14yo daughter interested as she thinks her phone sounds great. Yes I know that Nancy is not helping but I would have never left the house if my dad had Klipsch. It drives me a little crazy that she is uninterested even when I play her music. On the other side of the coin I understand why she is not a car nut - something about the smell of raw gas and oil but I call it perfume. Thanks again for the welcome and hope to see you at the Pilgrimage!